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Convertible Stirrups for Fall

 Photo Courtesy of Stiruppz

You can't reinvent the wheel, but you can certainly realign it from time to time. Fashion is no exception. What was old is new again this fall: witness the return of the stirrup. Again. Dating back to 500 B.C. as a humble toe loop beneath a rudimentary saddle, who would have guessed the stirrup would evolve into a fashion must-have with regularity? From tights to leggings designers are "stir" crazy.

Convertible fashions (and here we nod to local fave Lara Miller) had a high profile this spring, so it follows accessories will have their moment. Unlike leggings or tights, these detachable stirrups by Stiruppz connect to the base of cuffed jeans to minimize the annoying tugging, pulling, tucking and shifting that goes into your skinny-jean-tucked-boot look. Use them over and over again on your favorite jeans to perfect that clean, put-together look.

You don't have to square the circle to come off polished. Stiruppz arrive in August. That gives you a solid month to source the perfect skinnies ... and just in time to order with your fab new fall boots.

Women's Gladiator Shoes 2010

I thought that women's gladiator shoes were fabulous last year! But - for 2010 there is an even better lineup of gladiator sandals for women in terms of variety of styles and some truly gorgeous looks.

Here is a general look at what can be found for ladies this season:

Brand new look - Nike has made a gladiator shoe/sandal for women! And - it rather emanates "tennis shoe" while having the look also of a sandal. I would have never guessed that a sports shoe company could produce such a stylish look, but it certainly did! This sandal is available in a very nice variety of colors, and is a bit more on the "sultry side" than one might think.

Steve Madden - The Madden gladiator sandal collection last year seemed to lead the pack in overall popularity and it appears that with the new styles available that women will love them yet again! Some of the shoes to keep an eye out for include the Genevvaa, Spaced and a gorgeous and completely unique cuffed sandal called the Devinne.

Sam Edelman - Mr. Edelman again will not disappoint ladies with a lovely new lineup of gladiator sandals. There is one underlying factor on many of the styles - gorgeous details. The intricate beading designs and stone layouts are enough to make practically any woman sigh and reach for her wallet! Truly some beautiful new styles from the Edelman lineup for 2010.

Favorite colors - This year it again appears that "black" and "gold" are the most specifically looked-for colors in women's gladiator shoes. There are some gorgeous styles in these colors this year (as there were last), including designs from ECCO, Sam Edelman, Born, BCBGeneration and UGG Australia.

Overall, the 2010 selection of women's gladiator shoes are not only good, they are fabulous! Likely due to a high demand from 2009, they are back with some serious serious style just in time for warm weather months.

Converse Chuck Taylor “Leather Jacket” x (PRODUCT) RED

This year we have seen several sneaker releases with a zip-up heels. The latest is a (PRODUCT) RED edition of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. The kicks come in red, constructed in leather inspired by motorcycle jackets. On the 1st of December, they will be in stock the (RED) Stores in New York, London, and San Francisco.

Stylish Skate Shoes for Children

Skate shoes can be worn for leisure and throughout the regular activities of the day, while remaining one of the most popular choices for children’s shoes. Skate shoes are seen as stylish as there has been a genuine influx of skater related lifestyle stores, brands, magazines and celebrities that have popularized the designs. Not only are they are a popular choice for young adults, but many parents are choosing skate shoes for infants, as well as toddlers. Through the designs which are available, parents have a variety of choices in the types of shoes that they are choosing from – between various colors, styles and brands of skate shoes and therefore more children are sporting the shoes than ever!

What brands of skate shoes are most popular for children and infants? The most popular brands which can be seen for children and infants are brands like Etnies and DC Shoes. These two most popular brands can be seen on children all over and come in a wide range of colors and designs in the classic skate shoe style. These shoes are preferred by many children, as they allow the child room to move their feet and room to grow within the shoes. They are a comfortable and stylish choice, which also helps to make these shoes more popular than ever.

Through the use of designer skate shoes, parents can find a variety of styles at childrens boutiques offering designer and skate inspired clothing. Through the use of these boutiques, children can have all of the latest styles which are available for young adults and even adults, in smaller sizes! This is a great way to ensure that the child will be stylish, down to the shoes which are chosen for him or her to wear on their feet.

Womens Converse Shoes

Converse shoes are one of the most popular brands of shoes that can be worn for casual everyday wear. Through the bright colors and bold designs that are available in the classic shape of sneakers, you should be able to find a design that suits you through the many styles and colors.

The shoes are perfect for everyday wear and one of the trendiest ways to ensure that you keep it young while choosing shoes.

There are many reasons that people choose converse shoes. Converse shoes are seen as a large part of the casual and skater lifestyle – and they can be easily worn with jeans to run errands on the weekend and swapped out with more appropriate and mature shoes through the work week. Converse shoes are also comfortable. Once the shoes are broken in, many people enjoy wearing the shoes most.

There are many styles that are available, from the classic converse styles in traditional colors to the modern, bright and bold designs that have been created for the bold and youthful trends that are seen currently. You can choose the bright colors to dress up a pair of jeans and create a little something extra for your usual weekend attire.

When choosing Converse shoes, choose a design that speaks to you. With hundreds of designs that are available, it’s easy to choose a design that matches your personality and even easier to choose a design that you love to wear!

Circa Shoes

More streamlined than other popular brands of skater shoes that are on the market, Circa shoes are available for men, and women, in a variety of styles which rival the popularity of the traditional skater shoes.

What are some of the reasons that you should choose Circa shoes? Circa shoes come with a streamlined style, rather than the bulky styles which can be seen in other traditional and popular versions of the skater shoes that are available in the brand. Choosing Circa shoes mean that you can easily have the look that comes with choosing popular skater styles, without the lack of support that comes with the styles of shoes.

There are many styles and colors which can be seen throughout the line. Whether you are seeking youthful and bright colors that can be worn with your favorite Emo attire or you are seeking a way to brighten up the shoe wardrobe. There are many colors that are available in the line of shoes from youthful and bright combinations of colors, to muted shades, like brown which can be worn through more occasions.

What is the price range of the styles of shoes that are available in the Circa lines of shoes? Although most shoes in the designer line are upwards of sixty dollars, this is a very average price of the shoes that are meant to be worn while skateboarding, as well as other lifestyle shoes. Many consumers feel that sixty dollars, for a pair of shoes that is going to last for more than one season is completely reasonable and therefore the popularity of the Circa brand of shoes is ever-expanding.

Converse Brazil World Cup Chucks

It appears that Nike isn’t the only sneaker company getting into the World Cup fever! These limited Chuck Taylors are made to celebrate Brazil’s run to winning the World Cup.

These are so limited that we have NO idea where to buy these or even the price. If anyone sees a pair, please give us a shout.

Big thanks to Complex Magazine for giving us the info.

Converse First String Standard Matchpoint III Ox

The Converse First String Standard Matchpoint III Ox is a court sports shoe with a unique construction from suede upper. The feathery look makes it more rugged but distinct with a simple cut-out star on the heel. It is now available at The Darkside Initiative in Black and Parchment colorways with Blue interior liner.

A Preview on the Brooklyn Machine Works x Adidas’ Consortium

Adidas is set to launch their specialized breed of cycling sneakers. This, in fact, is the collaborative output of the Brooklyn Machine Works x Adidas to which they call the Consortium.

Each Consortium comes in a light, flexible and comfortable approach that’s just fitting for its user to withstand the sturdy and extreme environment in the field of sports. Such Adidas kicks will showcase the combined mesh and leather upper with laces on the tongue tag, finished with an embroidered Brooklyn Machine Works logo in it. Color wise, Consortium is housed in an all red upper with dashes of blue and silver details. This pair is appealing on its simple structure.

Adidas Consortium Unforeseen Drop 2 | Spezial / Gazelle / Campus

In this era, where technologies arise from here to there, every little thing can come in a very surprising deal yet functional on its own right; that the unforeseen events, creations and the like can come to life in just a snap. In the line of sneakers, although it’s a fact that different brands are sure to come up with something new each single hour or day, Adidas has not fail to amaze me with their new set of the Adidas Consortium Unforeseen – the Spezial, Gazelle and Campus models.

This series is actually the second drop from Adidas. This one features three new cool pairs of non-dyed in three buttery colorways. Each of which has their own unique traits to match one’s environment and liking. The Campus boasts the glow-in-the-dark drama while, Gazelle has a translucent sole that tops the navy colorway body with pink flamingo accents. Lastly, the Spezial is a revamped of the 1979 version which now comes in a green mossy textile upper with purple leather detailing. All of these three pairs can withstand outdoor adventures, extreme sports to down south skating gig to casual events. All are gorgeous and worth every dime.

Lori's Designer Spotlight: "A Military Fall," says Kelsi Dagger

Kelsi Dagger Fall 2010 Preview

Since launching a highly successful fall collection in 2009, Kelsi Dagger, the sister line to Pour La Victoire named for a fictional femme fatal, has become a very real killer brand on a global scale: a must-have for the international trend set. The line is the latest from designers David Giordano and Jay Adoni. Energetic, creative, eclectic and passionate about his trade, Giordano cut his teeth at Sam Edelman before launching Pour La Victoire and, now Kelsi. We recently checked in with Lori and David to chat about fall trends and what's next for the stylish designer.

Lori's ShoesWhat does a lady's shoe style say about her?
David Giordano:  A women’s shoe defines her style.
Lori Andre: I think a woman's shoes can say a lot about her personality – conservative, trendy, elegant – but also your own: "I want those shoes!," "Gotta have 'em!"

LS:  What inspires your designs for the fresh, young and totally hip?
DG:  Creating products that stir woman emotionally, while not hurting them financially.
LA: How designers merchandise their line with clothing and accessories lets me create an idea of what the trend is and how to capture it in our store. I'm a little bit obsessive about making sure we have the right product. From the two-dollar accessory to the $600 shoe that can make or break an outfit. 

LS:  Originally you designed Kelsi Dagger for the Juniors shoe market. But there seem to be women over 30 who love the brand. Has the age of your target audience changed?
DG:  We want to stay in tune with women who have their own personal style, we feel that the price-value relationship appeals to more of a state of mind then a specific demographic.
LA: It's a very young brand and David's good at developing new product. The Kelsi Dagger girl is also the Pour La Victoire customer: likes the fashion, wants to look good in her shoes, but may not be able to spend the money. All their shoes have David's personality in them.

Kelsi Dagger Fall 2010 Preview

LS:  Why do you think women love your shoes?
DG Women feel a sense of empowerment when they are wearing a great pair of shoes.
LA: I think David's shoes are very current. They have a sophisticated, trendy edge to them but they are still really understandable. Sometimes you can look at a shoe and love it, but not want to wear it. With Kelsi Dagger, you know you will love it and get a lot of use out of it.

LS:  What trends/styles should we look out for Fall 2010?
DG:  French/military inspired boots and booties as well as high platforms and crepe wedges. 

LA: Military boots are happening. We're already selling them. The crepe wedge is a hard sell, personally. It's a very European trend ... it will be very interesting to see if it works here 

LS:  What was your favorite shoe in the Spring/Summer 2010 line?
DG:  The style Monaco, because the chiffon ruffles were the perfect update to a successful sandal. 

LS:  When you visit Chicago, where do you shop?
DG:  Akira, Lori’s shoes (of course), Roslyn boutique 

Fortunately, you can shop Kelsi Dagger spring/summer right from this post. Stay tuned for fall additions, as well as a coming addiction: Pour la Victorie handbags! We are awaiting final confirmation from the designers on the who, what, when, where of these bags. From what we saw at the FFANY show, we think you will be quite pleased. Take a look for yourself with these exclusive tradeshow photos!

Solebox x Lacoste 10789 Boots

There are two offerings from Lacoste and Solebox and you wouldn’t believe that each of these sneakers can give you something to look forward to. The Solebox x Lacoste 10789 Boots is ideal for those who have fallen in love with the boots but like the convenience of wearing sneakers.

The Solebox x Lacoste 10789 Boots comes with the attributes of both the sneaker and the boot so it is hard not to fall in love with them. Among the sneaker attributes of this kicks include the mesh ankle, the neoprene sockliner, the midsole and the mid panel perforation which showcases the 3M underlay.

Take a look at the sneaker’s wax metal lace rings and wax leather upper and you will see the boot aesthetics. The Solebox x Lacoste 10789 Boots is available in a black upper accented by a teal tongue and ankle tag, and a brown upper accented by blue on the tongue and ankle tag.

Each of the colorway of the Solebox x Lacoste 10789 Boots will be available in 30 pairs only. The sneakers will be an exclusive Solebox release which is set to drop on February 20th.

Lacoste Indiana Low | Turquoise / Violet

If you’re used to seeing plain Lacoste sneakers then this one would be a fresh look of the old brand. The Lacoste Indiana Low | Turquoise / Violet sneaker keeps the sneaker looking stylish, while providing the same support your feet requires all the time.

The Lacoste Indiana Low | Turquoise / Violet sneaker is the low version of the Lacoste Indiana High you have seen last year. The sneaker sports a black mid panel which looks interesting with its safari-like print. The same material makes up the toe panel of the sneaker while black leather drapes the heel.

The sneaker sports a grey leather toe box and ankle. It is accented by a perforated and padded turquoise collar. The same turquoise color is found on the lace base and the Lacoste logo on the side panels.

The Lacoste Indiana Low | Turquoise / Violet sneaker sports an attractive purple mesh tongue and inner lining. The sneaker stands on top of a violet and black speckled grey midsole, with a strip of violet in the middle part, and a grey outsole.

Saucony Shadow 5000 x Bodega from Saucony Elite Still Kicking

The Saucony brand is not as productive as the other sneaker brands when it comes to sneaker release. While other brands come up with sneaker released on a daily basis, Saucony releases this under the new Japan specific sub division, which will focus on premium sneaker releases.

The Saucony Shadow 5000 x Bodega from Saucony Elite sneaker comes in two colorways for this model. This is a joint effort between Saucony and Botega, which came up with four sneakers in all.

This sneaker comes in a red or blue upper in combined materials of leather, suede and mesh. This is a tonal sneaker which comes with the same color on the tongue and the shoe laces. Both however sport a white inner lining and white midsole, with a gumsole to complete the look.

The Saucony Shadow 5000 branding is seen on the tongue, showing the world that the brand still exists. This is great sneaker for those not particular at all with their brand. So if you do not worship other sneaker brands, then try the Saucony Shadow 5000 x Bodega from Saucony Elite sneakers for a change.

Alpinestars Apex Initiative x Fatlace Shibuya

You can’t help but look like a star when you’re wearing this sneaker. For one, the Alpinestars Apex Initiative x Fatlace Shibuya sneaker looks like celebrity sneaker with its sophisticated colorway.

The Alpinestars Apex Initiative x Fatlace Shibuya sneaker is the first venture of the brand into the competitive sneaker world, in partnership with Fatlace. Alpinestars is more popularly known as an Italian but California-based motorcycle and automotive company.

The sneaker looks fabulous with its premium black leather upper and matching leather shoe laces. The sneaker is filled with perforations on the side panels and the toe box announcing the comfort and breathability it provides the wearer.

The electric blue accent provides a great color for the tongue. The white sole is also a god match for the sneaker. The Alpinestars Apex Initiative x Fatlace Shibuya sneaker is all yours for a retail price of $179.
Watch out for Alpinestars in the months to come because the company promises to give the industry good products in terms of footwear and streetwear.

Ubiq Fatima Polka Dot Pack For New Year’s Eve Party

There are people from some parts of the world who believe that wearing dots on New Year’s Eve will keep their pockets full the whole year through. If you are a believer then nothing could be better than wearing this dotted kicks not only during the Eve of New Year but the whole year through.

The Ubiq Fatima Polka Dot Pack of sneakers comes from a Japanese sneaker brand so you can understand why it is really a fun sneaker to wear, considering their penchant for wearing happy sneakers. The sneakers come in three colorways of black, brown and grey

We particularly like the one in a brown upper with lots of white polka dots. The base of the sneaker is the brand’s Fatima sneaker which is considered a popular high top model. The sneakers come with white shoe laces and midsole keeping the colored base more stunning and the total package eye-catching.

There is no word as to when the Ubiq Fatima Polka Dot Pack of sneakers will drop so you just have to wait and see. It may not be able to make it for New Year’s Eve party though.

Booji - Regal One (Womens) Sports Combines Stripes And Dots

Here is one hip and fashionable sneaker design for ladies who love sneaker more than they love heels! The Booji - Regal One (Womens) is a colorful and uniquely designed sneaker, which every woman in town will enjoy towing, not necessarily on their feet.

The Booji - Regal One (Womens) sneaker sports a polka dot and stripes combination design, which will make you look and think hard. This may be the first time you will ever see such designs mixed into one sneaker.

This sneaker comes in a black and white stripe upper with black satiny toe box. It has red laces that create an interesting design when placed on top of the stripe sneaker tongue.

The red and white stripe pattern inside the tongue is quite interesting, especially when you see it side by side the polka dot inner lining. This is one complicated sneaker that will make you think and look.

This may be the first attempt of MDot in the Women’s sneaker market but it has hit a jackpot, if only for the unique and interesting design it came up with.

Polo Ralph Lauren Latton Canvas Not For Ladies Alone

Yellow will be a very attractive color especially among the ladies, but there’s no stopping the male population from desiring this sneaker as well. The Polo Ralph Lauren Latton Canvas sneaker comes at a very affordable price of $59, and yet it even gives you more value for your money because of its looks.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Latton Canvas sneaker is guaranteed to be your favorite companion not only during summer time, but season after season. This sneaker is a true classic, so expect it to be trendy no matter what season and no matter what time of the day you’re wearing it.

This sneaker has a yellow canvas upper, with white laces, inner lining and sole. However, the attraction for this sneaker comes in the form of the embroidered signature pony detail, which will show everyone what you’re wearing even from afar.

The sneaker has a textile lining, allowing your feet to breathe even with long periods of wear. You will also start to believe you are one lucky sneaker guy or gal, since it comes with a non-skid sole.

Onitsuka Tiger Vickka A Rework Of Art

If you have to be on your toes all day long then better get something that will make your feet comfortable the whole day through. The Onitsuka Tiger Vickka sneaker can easily respond to that need.

The Onitsuka Tiger Vickka sneaker is actually a rework of the 1976 Vickka XL. This is an updated version so you will notice a lot of changes including the shape, which is now narrower. However, the sneaker still sports the original elements that made the sneaker a hit wayback in the 70s.

Soleheaven in the UK have the Onitsuka Tiger Vickka sneakers available so you can check them out if you want these sneakers on your feet pronto! The sneaker comes in a grey suede upper accented by the yellow Tiger stripes on the side panel, the laces and on the inner lining.

Leave this sneaker in all-grey and you will not even get a single look. But look at it now with the vibrant-colored accent and you will agree it does make a difference in the attractiveness of the sneaker.

Reebok Zigtech Aesthetics And Function Asset

Get some Shark’s teeth on your feet with this sneaker. Take a look at the Reebok Zigtech sneaker and see if our description is off the right track.

The Reebok Zigtech sneaker comes in many colorways and you just have to find the one nearest to your heart because we are the first ones to admit that this sneaker looks great no matter in what color it comes in.

The sneaker is touted to be one of the most exciting sneakers and will be up for release by March 11th. The Reebok Zigtech sneaker will sell for $100, such an affordable price for something that looks this great. The design of this sneaker is not only for aesthetics, but it is aimed towards achieving a springy and soft ride for the athlete.

What keeps the sneaker unique from the rest is the zig zag sole that absorbs any impact encountered by the wearer every step of the way. With this technology, your key legs and muscles like your hamstrings and shins will experience 20% less wear and tear.

Reebok Talkin’ Krazy II “Harlem Globetrotters”

The land of milk and honey, the good old US of A, will be ale to g where you are when you have this sneaker. Take a look at the Reebok Talkin’ Krazy II “Harlem Globetrotters” sneaker and see how it looks much like the American flag.

The Reebok Talkin’ Krazy II “Harlem Globetrotters” sneaker is a follow up to the Reebok Talkin’ Krazy II sneaker which was a hot issue and was even worn by various players in different colorways. This Globetrotter is however “for your eyes” only as it will not be available for public release.

The reason behind the name is of course the Harlem Globetrotter, which is responsible for the sneaker’s American flag inspired design, The rd and white stripe design can be found on the side panels, just beside the red Reebok logo. The blue heel panel sports the white stars, reminiscent of the ones found on the US flag.

The Reebok Talkin’ Krazy II “Harlem Globetrotters” sneaker comes with an attractive white midsole with some red on the front portion, but with an all-red outsole.

Basquiat x Reebok Affili’Art Collection Preview - Winter 2010 Sneaker Graffiti

If your sneaker was an artwork, would they look like this? Take a look at the Basquiat x Reebok Affili’Art Collection Preview - Winter 2010 sneaker and get a glimpse of how your sneaker can look like when you apply your personal touch.

The Basquiat x Reebok Affili’Art Collection Preview - Winter 2010 sneaker is set to drop in winter. The sneaker collection is expected to make everyone happy as it will offer two sneaker designs for women namely the City Jam 2010 and Ree Down, and two silhouettes for men namely Court Victory Pump and the Ventilator.

What is so exciting about the Basquiat x Reebok Affili’Art Collection Preview - Winter 2010 sneakers is that they will come with matching apparel. The inspiration for each of the sneakers is of course the different Basquiat paintings, and you will be able to see the exact design right on the sneaker’s insole.

Both the designs you see here actually look more like a representation of graffiti or wall markings. The sneaker even looks like it has been scribbled on by a child.

Reebok Retro Pop Mid – White – Gold + Black – White – Red – Purple

Colors can make a lot of difference in a lot of things and that include sneakers. Just take a look at the Reebok Retro Pop Mid-White/Gold + Black /White/Red/Purple sneaker and see how a change in colorways can change the sneaker’s appeal.

The Reebok Retro Pop Mid-White/Gold + Black /White/Red/Purple sneaker is one of the latest designs from a brand known for its pump action. This sneaker may not be the typical pump but it does come with foot straps, a sneaker feature which has become a global trend.

The Retro Pop comes in two colorways but with the same design. The first one comes in a black upper with a perforated black toe box. It comes with black foot straps with the red Reebok branding on the sides. What keeps the sneaker interesting is the purple accent found on the inner lining, as well as the multi-colored dots on the collar.

To demonstrate how the same sneaker can look different, take a look at the cooler and more sophisticated Retro Pop in a white upper. This comes with the same foot strap in metallic gold. The same gold color is found on the inner lining and the collar of the sneaker.

WMNS Puma First Round “Leopard”

We have to give it to Puma for responding to our challenges about their lack of creativity in most of its models. Now here comes the WMNS Puma First Round “Leopard” sneaker, the brand’s tae on the animal print sneakers going around the market today. Puma has chosen to honor the agile animal instead of its relation the Tiger whose year we are observing now.

The WMNS Puma First Round “Leopard” sneaker is evidence of how animal prints have become popular these days not only in clothing but also in sneakers. Too bad most of the animal-printed sneaker we have seen this week seems to be made for women, just like the Nike Snake Skin Vandal.

The sneaker comes in white leather toe panel, tongue and heel panel. The attraction comes in the form of the black leopard pattern surrounding the canvas side panels. It sports the ever-present Puma stripe in black and neon green, to match the black shoe laces with neon green highlights.

Tae a closer look at the lace base and you will realize it is made of smooth black suede which nicely contrasts with the upper’s leather material. The tongue sports a purple branding and the iconic Puma logo.

Vans Alva Legends: Mid Skool 77 & Era Pro Brings Back Skateboarding Era

Most of the sneakers from this brand have almost the same look; except of course for some which have been painstakingly designed to come out as an innovative model.

The Vans Alva Legends: Mid Skool 77 & Era Pro sneaker is among those that pretty much look like its siblings. Despite this commonality in its looks, skateboarding enthusiasts still patronize the brand as it is able to provide the comfort they are looking for in a sneaker.

Take it from skateboarding legend “Alva”, who pioneered the art of skateboarding in the 70s. And take it from a brand that has been there since this sport started. The sneaker was designed in Alva’s honor and it comes in his first signature sneaker, the Mid Skool 77.

The Vans Alva Legends: Mid Skool 77 & Era Pro sneaker was made using eco-friendly materials. This includes recycled gum rubber, recycled PET bottles for linings and water-based adhesives.

The sneaker comes in tonal colors of green and blue, accented by tan on the shoe laces and the inner lining. It comes with a vulcanized sole for more ease when walking along the hard pavement.

Stussy x Vans Sk8-Hi “Black Sheep” Not Bad At All

If you liked the Stussy 25th Anniversary Project sneakers then you will also like the new Stussy x Vans Sk8-Hi “Black Sheep” sneakers. But if we are to believe the connotation brought by the name, could this new sneaker model be the baddest of the pack?

The Stussy x Vans Sk8-Hi “Black Sheep” sneakers come in two colorways, all dark and brooding. One of the sneakers come in a black and grey suede upper. Solid black is used on the lace base, the toe box and the toe panel, while the grey portion comes with the black and white design.

The other sneaker comes in a primarily olive green upper particularly on the lace base, tongue and heel panel. A faded olive green design is found on the side panels. Both sneakers sport white midsoles and shoe laces. The sneaker’s moniker “Black Sheep”, is found on the tongue.

Get the Stussy x Vans Sk8-Hi “Black Sheep” sneaker is priced at $152 and will be available at selected Stussy retailers starting next month.

Vans Vault Standard Issue Hi LX

Luck comes in threes. The Vans Vault Standard Issue Hi LX sneaker is a good example of this maxim.

The Vans Vault Standard Issue Hi LX sneaker is geared towards sneaker lovers who want to own a piece of the original SK8-I but just couldn’t find anything that fits the bill. This sneaker may just be the answer that will end your search for that sneaker, except that this one is more durable.

The sneaker comes in a premium suede upper depending on your choice of color. The sneaker is available in black, blue or red suede uppers with an immaculate white midsole and vulcanized sole.

The Vans Vault Standard Issue Hi LX sneaker sells for $70 is basically the classic but with new panelling. Suede is also used on the toe, heel and mid panel, with bits of canvas here and there. You may find the sneaker looking like a boot, which is not surprising at all as it comes with boot-inspired features particularly the eyelets and the coiled shoe laces which come in the tonal color as the upper.

Vans Authentic: Gothic Grape/White/Black

This is one colorway that will never become stale no matter where it is used. This is especially true when such colorway is used on a nicely-executed sneaker much like the Vans Authentic:Gothic Grape/White/Black sneaker.

The Vans Authentic:Gothic Grape/White/Black sneaker is everyone’s dream sneaker. The fact that it is a low sneaker guarantees the comfort that it can provide the wearer. And even if the sneaker comes with black shoelaces, it is pretty easy to just slip your feet on and off.

The sneaker comes with a Gothic grape canvas upper which looks too delicious. Even the tongue comes in gothic grape. A white cotton drill inner lining, a die-cut EVA insert and a white midsole with a black strip completes the look. Add the traditional gum rubber waffle pattern outsole and you’re on.

The Vans Authentic:Gothic Grape/White/Black sneaker is an ideal companion for teeners who want to be dressed properly without overdoing it. This sneaker keeps you in sync with the cool hip youngsters without adding years to your age.

Vans Sk8 Hi / Patent Leather Collection

If you prefer tonal sneakers then this bunch would definitely give you a lift today. The Vans Sk8 Hi / Patent Leather Collection of sneakers is a response to the modern sneaker lovers’ demand for plain colored sneakers which rocks.

The Vans Sk8 Hi / Patent Leather Collection of sneakers come in four attractive colorways of black, yellow, purple and red. All these colors are expected to make your New Year bright and wonderful. After all, what better way to start the year right than by decking yourself in colorful outfits.

We admit to being bias towards the Vans Sk8 Hi / Patent Leather Collection sneaker with yellow patent leather upper. The one with a purple patent leather upper rocks too. But no matter what color you opt for, you will get a clean white midsole with a stripe that matches the upper. If you want to get them now then go visit Invincible.

The Vans Sk8 Hi / Patent Leather Collection of sneakers come with matching tonal shoe laces and metal eyelets.

Comfy Vans Vault x Donny Miller | Slip On for Spring 2010

If you think you’re seeing another set of plain sneakers from Vans then better take a closer look and you will be proven wrong. The Vans Vault x Donny Miller | Slip On for Spring 2010 sneaker will interest youthful sneaker lovers who want something new on their feet for a change.

The Vans Vault x Donny Miller | Slip On for Spring 2010 sneaker may look like they belong to the Vans Era collection thanks to the misleading shoe laces. However, take a closer look and you will realize that this is really a pair of Vans Slip-Ons cleverly designed to look like the Era!

The sneaker sports a faux lace-up system to satisfy those who want the traditional sneaker, but who wants comfort and ease when wearing and removing their sneakers. The Vans Vault x Donny Miller | Slip On for Spring 2010 sneaker provides you an attractive-looking sneaker that’s comfortable as well

Thanks to artist Donny Miller from Los Angeles, we now have the Vans Vault x Donny Miller | Slip On for Spring 2010 sneaker to keep us company as we trek from one destination to another. The sneaker comes in a red and blue colorway with the same black accent.

We particularly like the denim effect given ff by the sneaker in a blue upper with black accent providing that denim look. Both sneakers come with white midsole and white shoelaces. They both come with a stretchable white band on the sides making it easy to wear.

Nike Blazer in Mid-cut and Turbo Green/White – Navy

Nike is known for their sought after pairs of sneakers, running shoes, and the like. They have always been consistent in delivering awesome and delightful hoops, all in timeless and impressive styles and designs. Nike Blazer is just one of the brand’s classic silhouettes that did not go overrated neither did it fade. In fact, it’s one of the selected designs to come about in different colorways in line to the changing needs and demands of the shoe enthusiasts over the years.

For this year, Nike Blazer will come in Mid-cut and Turbo Green/White – Navy. A refreshing style that houses a full turbo green upper accented with navy blue and white hues visibly seen on the laces, tongue tag, heel and its midsole. This Nike Blazer Mid is an ideal warmer shoe matching a casual outfit. It’s wearable, modish and classic.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star “Year of the Tiger” Pack

The New Year is expected to bring lots of luck for people worldwide. Among those who can claim to this are sneaker lovers who are benefiting from the simultaneous releases of sneakers carrying the Year of the Tiger theme.

First in line is the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star “Year of the Tiger” Pack sneaker which has shown several interesting models to choose from. One of those we have been salivating over in the past days is this Chucks, which is all decked in the Tiger attire. The Tiger is a pretty interesting animal especially the Golden Tiger which is the choice animal for this year. The year of the Golden Tiger happens only every 60 years.

This Chucks is a high top sneaker which comes in an all black leather upper, with the gold tiger stripe print. The sneaker has matching black tongue and shoe laces, but more interesting is the tiger face printed on the tongue in lieu of the tongue tag.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star “Year of the Tiger” Pack sneaker, which has been released January 1st, comes with a white midsole which comes with a black strip.

Shoes or Art

During fashion week in Stockholm there was Shoes Mania, and these beauties were just a few on display.

“The shoes express the contrast between heaviness and lightness, elegance and brutality, complexity and simplicity, movement and anchorage. To create these contrasts, we have chosen to work with metal chains at different stages of aging. Chains function as both structural design and the developer of the illusion of not reaching down to the ground or mastering a given form. “

Lori's loves Oprah in Sam Edelman

An escape from the ordinary: we are elated to see the Chicago Queen, Oprah, in Sam Edelman Gigi (coral) on the cover of the July 2010 O issue.  Perhaps not quite as exciting as the iPad and $10,000 check she dished out to her employees yesterday in celebration of 10 years in publication, but exciting enough. (Now how do we get on that payroll ... or at least a BFF). 

Oprah's colorful, casual, summer beach style suited her role as whimsical storybook teller in head-to-toe citrine (note the Gigi) as she announced her 26-book summer reading list.  Oprah's casual style was the perfect platform to showcase Gigi's versatility in various looks.

Sam Edelman Gigi is the most affordable and comfortable summer thong all-around this season. At $48 you could probably afford a pair in every color to match your summer outfits: dresses to shorts, jewels and handbags. Or a matching iPad ... ? We can't help you with the gadgets (hint, hint, Oprah), but we got you covered with the rest.

Photos courtesy of Sam Edelman Public Relations

Nike Blazer SB CS “Metallic Gold / Gold Dust”

Usually, sneakers come in black uppers mixed with any complimenting colors. But Nike has got all the confidence to offer high class pair of kicks in bare shade such as this Nike Blazer SB CS “Metallic Gold / Gold Dust”.

This Nike SB is one of the brand’s new silhouettes. It showcases three different tones of beige on the upper, swoosh, and midsole and houses a mid-cut style. Its overall fa├žade is looks classy in simple package having a metallic gold upper with gold dust accents that’s not too eye catching either too dull. This new Nike Blazer SB CS is an ideal pair to wear on a day out with family and friends that can withstand all your activities yet keeping a stylish and comfortable mode.

Nike Dunk High Skinny “Black” for Women

Girls who can wear sneakers in a girly, funky, playful way, is just so fascinating. They simply display a youthful aura that’s so mesmerizing and inspiring. This is a fact, regardless of the person’s age, just as long as they exhibit a decent and smart fashion. Nike can make this all possible and their Nike Dunk High Skinny “Black” for Women is just one of their awesome treats to brag about.

Such cool dunks are created and designed with unique mesh-like, synthetic material housed in the speed yellow swoosh, a grey nylon-textured tongue, a white midsole and a translucent, grey outsole surrounding the predominantly black upper. This pair is simple, just like any other Nike sneakers, but its simplicity is just so striking and irresistible.

DC Life-Cement Pack: the “Sector 7 WT” and “Admiral WT”

If you were not able to treat yourself last holiday, maybe now’s the best time for you to splurge on something that you will find useful and trendy all at once. Whether you are a fashionista or not, you deserve to receive the best treat for a job well done at work or at school. Now if you opt to have a cool new pair of kicks, why not have any of DC’s Life-Cement Pack series?

These two pairs of DC shoes dare to look good and present sturdy yet modish street essential. Each pair is integrated with a honed stone effect on the collar and straps. The DC Admiral WT has got fancy touches of buckled ankle lacers and printed straps while, the lows (Sector 7 WT) are equally embossing. Any of these two can actually be teamed with party attire to dayshift glam outfit.

Nike Dunk High “Mayer Hawthorne“

If I am to spend some penny this week for a pair of shoes, I’d probably spend it on for this awesome Nike Dunk High “Mayer Hawthorne”. Unfortunately, they aren’t and wouldn’t be on sale.

This cool and hunk pair of dunk high is designed and created solely for the singer-artist Mayer Hawthorne. It has got sweet and a soulful detail that somehow reflects on the singer’s personality. This dunk high, that can’t be ours, is housed in a white & khaki colored canvas, and features an awesome digital pattern along the sides and a printed name of Mayer Hawthorne. The cushions in the insole are well put together that ensures comfort and high feeling when worn.