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Alessandro Oteri Collection

I was recently alerted to Alessandro Oteri and I'm glad that I was. I found myself looking all over the website coming across many different heels that I loved and would also love to buy. Take a look below and tell me that these sexy heels don't grab your attention?

Nina Ettora Open Toe

My color is Power Sand and I am from the Nina collection. As you glide across the ground with me on your feet, what will you wear me with? Where will you take me?

Strappy Queen of Color

The style beautiful, the color I find to be very unique.

The thing I love best about this shoe is definitely the color. When you look around their aren't that many combinations of gree and gold and this high heel shoe definitely pulls it off.

J Lo Betty Black Suede

I just recieved these heels that I ordered. They were true to size and width and were very comfortable to walk in.

Unfortunately. Like I have said before about black hiding details in shoes, the black definitely hid the contours. I thought it had clean lines all over but ugh it didn't. Check it out in another color that brings out the details.

Besides the whole crinkle look on the sides they are nice shoes. Wore them for a few hours and they still comfortable, only problem I would say is your feet gets very sweaty but that's about it.

The Color of Sickness

The design of these Terre Peck boots are lovely. The heel isn't too high or too low and the buckle is a nice touch. The color reminds of puke however and the name of said awful color is "Vesuviana Suede". Lovely not only is the color ugly but it's also hard to pronounce.