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Cydney Mandel Starburst Pearl

This week I'm not sure if I'm losing it or not. I have not come across shoes I like in the past few days and these slingbacks are just too too much. These ugly plaid wasn't enough, so someone thought it would be handy to tack on whatever left over material they had left? Definitely goes in the tackiest shoes department.

Bad High Heel Product Picture?

Not really sure I'd rush to get these shoes. I've been laughing my ass off looking at them, as it seems like the model is about to do be face first on the floor.

Puke Colored High Heel Clogs

When first looking at these clogs by Cynthia Vincent, I wondered if someone had lost a bet and had been forced against their will to design the ugliest shoes they possibly can. Then I started to realize the genious behind this grotesque design. You see if the consumer stares at them too long, they will inevitably be drawn in and hypnotized into buying them. Hidden messages anyone?

Cut Out Ostrich Pump Cognac

When I go shoe shopping, I'm very happy to say I'm not prowling around for Ostrich skin boots. There are so many materials that designers have to make things out of and I often wonder who gets the idea to use these other materials. How soon do you think before we have a rat skin boot? Looking forward to that? Anyone? Oh and let's not forget that for the priviledge of owning such heels you will be paying $395.

Knee High Boot Stretch Fishnet High Heels

I have to say I can't begin to image what I would wear with these heels. Plus I've wondered if the stockings are sewed in, because if they are you can't wash them and those are shoes that will need to be ditched very quickly.

Til The Cows Come Home

Oh my, so wrong in so many ways. I can't even begin to understand why anyone would want a pair of shoes that a cow will look stylish in. The black and white design is just wrong, and the calf of the boots look much to wide. The only redeeming quality? The metallic heel, but unfortunately that doesn't begin to make up for the awful overall design.

Sexy Wrapup Sandals

A very sexy pair of heels are sensualfitters.com. While I don't like shoes that have to many jewels, I really like these. I ordered a pair and they fit well and looked great. The rhinestones were not gaudy in the least.

Gold Blindness

What's wrong with these? Too much color, I just think that someone went overboard on the gold. Besides that I really do like the design, just not the color.

The Wreck That Was A Shoe

With a strange low heel, bizarre design featuring unimaginable holes, leather and canvas as well as a price of $299, I can't say that there is anything at all to like about these very weird low heeled boots.

Sleek Silver Heels By Borgo degli Ulivi

Very chic sandals from Borgo degli Ulivi that comes in four colors. Black, silver, gold and Lilac. The back straps create a double-heart design highlighted by a silver bow on the back heel. Very feminine and sensual, these high-heels will look perfect with a black dress and lend a flattering accent to any look.

Bring On The Disco

There are so many things wrong with these shoes, that I wouldn't even know where to begin. Most painful, the red velvet and sequins. Unreal. I swear some people make things with there eyes closed.

Round Toe and Ankle Strap 4 Colors

A sexy round toe, dress shoe, this high heel from Vigotti Kacy is sure to be that that "one" you've been looking for. My only problem? Trying to figure out which color to choose.

New High Heel Pumps Bruno Magli

There are many classic pumps but one of the things I find is that many are the same, just carbon copies of each other and it is nice to see a change even a small one. This shoe from Bruno Magli is a beautiful gold metallic pump with an added buckle ornament and red belt that just blends in wonderfully.

My Favorite Designer

One of my favorite designers is Michael Kors. He has made some of the most beautiful high heels that I have seen and here is another one. A high heel pump that strays away from the others.

Applique Sandal Sleek and Sexy

This is a Rene Caovilla design and I must say it's very pretty. I don't like overly jeweled shoes, but with the red satin look and feel, I like it.

Of course they do cost $935.00 at Bergdof

Bizarre But Cute

Very pretty but weird and definitely unwearable, for me at least. All in all a very weird pair of high heels.

Ode To the Beautiful Gold

From Sergio Rossi comes a very beautiful pair of gold high heel sandals. While they do cost $479 at Style Drops that doesn't distract from the sheer beauty of these shoes.

Embosses Suede Boots The Ugliest Design

Whenever I come across a pair of ugly shoes I think nothing can be uglier and I am always proven wrong. I first thought these high heel boots were pretty until I looked at the big picture and had to step back. Check out these ugly boots via Vivre. I think they are not just ugly but hideous as well. And how much does a pair of hideous boots cost? They cost $465.99 and if you think that's high well I can tell you that's only the sale price, the real price is $1165.00. Yes I too am still stunned. What won't the rich buy.

Sexy Alicia in Armani

For someone who used to dress like this and even worse, I have to say Alicia Keys cleans up very well. That Armani dress clings to every curve beautifully and the shoes are just an A+. She has finally gotten rid of the school girl braids recently and let her beautiful hair flow. Makeup is superb and I'm glad to see one star that doesn't look like a clown with all the extreme and overally done makeup. Looking very good Ms. Keys.

The Cutest Pumps

One of the cutest pumps in a very long time, C Label has made the classic pump even more stylist than usual. Featuring a a tonue and a strap these pumps are sleek and comfortable to wear.

Look Ma I'm Graduating!

Prom is in few months depending on where you live and all the girlies will be starting their prom shopping, if they haven't already. About has a great list on cute and sexy high heel prom shoes for you to take a look at. Via About.com

What Kind Of Shoe Are You?

So I'm surfing the internet and I decide to take a quick at Glam. The is called "What kind of shoe are you?" and I dove right into it. Twenty seconds later I get my answer, I'm a flip-flop of all things. I have to tell you I was completely and absolutely horrified. I've been keeping a pair of my favorite high heels near me ever since. A flip-flop? Nooo not me, never I tell you, never.

Ode To The Ugly

I know that there are women that have bought this shoe or they wouldn't still be selling it.

This is one of the times that I would like to be able to see this shoe through their eyes. Because through my eyes I see one butt-ugly clunky high heel. I'm not crazy about the color, the sharpness of the heel and especially the extremely square tip. This shoe screams ugly to me, plus the fact that it's all pulled together with a suede finish doesn't help matters. Also they have the nerve to sell this uggo $99, but that's just the sale price, it's actually $179 at 6pm.

The Sinful Mule

I have as of right now four pairs of mules. I don't wear them often and have wondered why I bought them.

I just keep having this nightmare that I will be face down on the ground one day, when I take a step and leave that mule behind. I just find it to easy for your feet to slip out of them and I'm one clumsy gal. I do know that I will be adding to my mule collection because they are just so cute and beautiful. This high heel mule from Sexy-Shoe is one such shoe that draws my attention. There's nothing overly exquisite about it, but it's just cute.

Bizarre One Boot At A Time

My question is what was the designer smoking when they created this boot?

Ok to be fair, I had a boa constrictor a few years back, so snakes don't bother me. But look at this high heel boot, what was on their minds to make them think that this is a good design. I feel like I'm waiting for a snake to strike. This is not something that I would buy even if I could afford it. These boots cost $1199 at Shoes USA and if you buy or actually like these, please drop me a comment and tell WHY? Because I find these to be absolutely hideous.

Breeze Black Angel Spike High Heel Shoes

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Oozing Queen

Manolo has a very nice picture of Queen Latifah oozing her way out of her high heel shoes. I also think that Latifah should have dressed much better than she did there. I have previously seen her in a white pantsuit that was gorgeous and for this lovely event she really should have had a much better outfit.

Oozing Queen
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Silver Spike Angel High Heel Shoes

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Frye Boots Katie Ring

• Heel height 3 1/2 inches
• Boot height 11 inches
• Boot opening 11 inches
• Stylish leather ankle boot
• Studded strap detail
• Dainty buckle feature
• Inside zipper feature
• Smooth leather lining

Not for bikers anymore I can be worn by any woman looking to spice up her look. Throw on your favorite jeans and go break me in.

Women's Katie Ring 12

How to Clean Suede Shoes & Boots

Spilled water on my suede heels yesterday then had to spend a few hours trying to find out how to clean it. This article has some great tips. Check it out.

How to Clean Suede Shoes

Be Center Stage Wearing Me

Center Stage Heels

I am called center stage, and for good reason. Wearing me you will feel like your on a stage, towering above everyone you pass. Throw on a beautiful top and sexy pair of jeans and your all set for the time of your life.

Here are my features:

6 3/4 inch stiletto heel
2 3/4 inch platform
Camouflage Upper
Black Platform

Aren't I delicious?

Rhinestone Lucite Heel

Rhinestone Lucite Heel

My designer is Annie Marlene and she did create one gorgeous shoe. Ok I may be a little biased, but I am beautiful aren't I?

A lucite heel of over 2", criss cross design and rhinestones galore.

Red Spike Angel Heels

Want to look like hell in heels? Well slip me on and strap me up. My sexy stiletto heel and elegant crafting is all you need when you into that party and strut your stuff.

Steve Madden Sabrina Pump

Sabrina Black Pump

I am Sabrina, sleek black and with scalloped edging I am more an everyday pump. Comfortable and with a great fit I also come in a more "natural" color.

Bon Bon Heels

Gold Bon Bon

3" tall, ankle strap and stylish wedge heel are only a few of the things that you will love about me.

High Heel Eel Skin Boots

Eel Skin Boots

Eel skin, that's what I am made out of. My color is camel, eelskin camel, and I am soft as a cloud. In my back there is a zipper, and I come in black, winter white, and brown. My heel is 2" and the glorious pattern on me is amazing. Look at the streaks.

Sexy Leg Wrap Open Toe Platform Sandal

Sexy Ankle Wrap

Who will enjoy the way I wrap around your luscious legs? You will and so will anyone watching you.

Envious Open Toe Stiletto


Why do they call me envious? Because when every other woman sees you wearing me, envious is axactly what they will be.

Blue Round Toe and On Sale

Blue Round Toe Pump

A sinful lapis blue is my color, my toe is rounded and I stay on your shapely feet with an elastic ankle strap, my heel is 3 3/8", but the best thing about me? I'm on sale at 71% off, and who doesn't love that?

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Madia

Madia Pump

I'm waiting, patiently until my new owner takes me home. I watch as all my sisters are picked, but when will it be my turn, who will take me home with them. Will it be you?

I'm feminine and I will go great with your jeans.