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Pregnant in Paris

This weekend, my mom dug out a bunch of old photos from when she was pregnant with Lucy and me. They were so much fun to see. My parents had just moved from the U.S. to France, and they thought they were having just one baby (they didn't expect twins!). My mom described what the experience was like...

"When we moved to Paris, I was already pregnant and very excited," my mom told me. "We went to French restaurants every night and explored Paris and surrounding towns on the weekends. During the day while Dad worked, I would walk through Le Vésinet, a beautiful residential district, to St. Germain en Laye, where I would have tea and a croissant and write letters home. Some days I would go swimming at a public indoor pool on the way back. I had a fitted black maternity suit--very sexy and French! Once on the way home, I was craving a hamburger, so I stopped for lunch. It was delicious. As I left the cafe, I saw a poster with an outline of a horse, saying that the special of the day was hamburger a la cheval!"

"During my pregnancy, Daddy and I called the baby 'Freddie' and whenever we visited a gorgeous French cathedral--Notre Dame, Chartres--we would always light a candle for 'Freddie.' "

"In early January, I was eight months pregnant. My belly was quite big, and my doctor was worried that something might be wrong. Dad was on a business trip, so I went alone to the Hôpital Américain de Paris for a sonogram...

"I was lying on my back with the cold jelly on my belly and the technician said, 'Je vois un bébé.' I smiled, and he kept working. Then he said, 'Ooh la la! Je vois deux bébés.' I was stunned! Twins! He kept working and then he exclaimed, 'Mon dieu, je vois trois bébés!' Triplets! He was a bit flustered and wanted a second opinion so said he was going to get a doctor and left the room. I lay there thinking, 'Hmm. I only have two arms, but I am going to have three babies!' When the two doctors came back, they took another look and finally said, 'Madame, you are definitely having two babies only!' I thought, 'Only two! That'll be a cinch!' Later I wondered if they had worked some clever psychology on me..."

"When I left the hospital that afternoon, I was so excited. I passed a little shop and spotted this cute mouse doll with two mouse babies! I bought it, and when I met Dad at the airport the next day, I gave it to him. He was perplexed and just looked at it (Why was I giving him a stuffed mouse?). Then it dawned on him, 'Oh my gosh! Are you serious?' He was shocked but thrilled. The next week we lit candles at a church for 'the Freddies!' "

(Next I'd love to share a few from after we were born, if you'd like to see...:)

Happy birthday, Lucy!

My twin sister Lucy and I turn a whopping 32 today (eeps)! I wish I could beam myself to San Francisco to buy her some carrot cake.

(Photo from our wedding by Max Wanger)

Have a fun weekend.

My lovelies, what are you doing this weekend? Alex and I are going to Upright Citizen's Brigade to see some improv comedy. Amy Poehler sometimes performs, I'm crossing my fingers! Meanwhile, Toby's new thing is to sit around holding his feet, like this guy. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thank you again for all your sweetness this week. Here are a few great posts from around the web... xoxo

Like every other blogger, I'm swooning over Steven Alan's spring lookbook.

Puppy love.

French striped baby pajamas.

Iceland wanderlust.

Grilling a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich? Why didn't we think of that sooner!

Bubbles around the world.

Vintage scribble dress.

Yummy, the Minimalist's 25 favorite recipes.

These make me want to play tennis or smoke.

Cutest duck booties.

Plus, a cute video about finding a roll of film in Brooklyn. (Thanks, tvmom)

P.S. Many lovely readers email me for advice on magazine writing or blogging or starting a business, and I'd love to recommend Oh Joy's services. Joy is warm and wonderful (as you probably know from her blog) and can offer genius expert advice on branding your business or growing your career. I'd definitely recommend her if you'd like a little guidance! xoxo

(Photo credit unknown)

Friday giveaway!

Today's giveaway is from Nell's Compass, an amazing candle company run by a mother-and-daughter team in California. I love how the beautiful scents of their soy candles were inspired by their favorite places: South takes you to an aunt's flower garden; East transports you to an Italian hillside orchard, West is a masculine candle inspired by the great outdoors, and North is romantic for the winter, as if you're cuddling by a roaring fire. Alex and I were lucky enough to get these candles as a Christmas gift and love them; the scents are pitch-perfect and truly transporting, and they make the whole apartment feel cozy.

One winner will receive a full collection of Nell's Compass candles ($140 value). For a chance to win, please visit the Nell's Compass website and online store, and leave a comment below. Good luck, my sweets!

Update: Jacqueline B. is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing. xo

Two pretty things

Oh, my darlings, thank you for all the sweet, sweet comments yesterday. A big kiss to you all! I don't know what I'd do without you. :) On a cheerier note, have you seen J. Crew's spring line? I'd love to nab that dress on the right for springtime picnics...
And wouldn't you like to curl up in this super rad bed? The headboard is made of solid walnut. Stunning.

Hope you're having a good day and have some fun plans for the weekend! xo

Le sigh

My sweet readers, I have to say, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and out of sorts today. Do you ever feel that way? What cheers you up when you're in a funk? I'd love to hear... xoxo

P.S. Winter blues and summery photos.

(Photo by Maple Syrup Only)

The Old Red Hen

Just stumbled across the lovely vintage etsy store The Old Red Hen. (How beautiful are those horse bookends? Someone please buy them before I do!:)

Wedding video

Ooh, what a dreamy wedding video. Also, the bride's veil is a-maz-ing.

(Thanks, Erica)

Baby cheeks

To add some cuteness to your Wednesday.

P.S. More here.

(Photo by Philip Newton)

Matchbook Magazine

Have you seen the new Matchbook Magazine? The first issue launched yesterday and features a bunch of awesome people, including Haley Boyd, the Brooklyn designer behind Marais shoes. Isn't she cute? I love her little black shorts and how she leaned silhouette art on her radiator. Double thumbs up!

See the full Matchbook issue here. Congrats, ladies!

Sweatpants, let's do it!

New York is freezing this week, and I'm loving this cozy outfit, which manages to make sweatpants look cool. (Who knew?) J. Crew has some similar knit pants which look super soft and lounge-y.

Hope you're staying warm today! xo

(Photo by Heart Charlie)

Converse All Star

The most popular style of Converse shoes is the Converse All Star. This classic shoe is the oldest and most popular basketball shoe of all time and has been on the market since 1917. The first All Stars came in brown with black trim, but in the 1920s, the company began making them in black canvas and leather. The classic black and white All Star hit the market in 1949. By the 1970s, All Stars were in more shoe closets in America than nearly any other sneaker on the market and the All Star logo is one of the most widely recognized logos in the US.

All Stars now come in high and low-top versions and are found in a wide array of colors and patterns, in infant through adult sizes.

If you love Converse All Stars, it is fun to collect them in different colors and patterns. There is sure to be a perfect All Star sneaker out there for you. If you like to wear them, keep cost in mind and search for good sales and discount web stores where you can buy name brand shoes for less.

Black Sabbath Converse Chuck Taylors

Black Sabbath Converse Chuck Taylors

Converse Shoes Chuck Taylor All Star by Giles Deacon

Converse will launch its first global product to support (PRODUCT) RED by launching an exclusive limited edition Chuck Taylor All Star African Mudcloth shoe. Designed in collaboration with acclaimed UK designer Giles Deacon and with only 600 pairs available worldwide – the Converse (RED) Mudcloth shoe is set to be this season’s most collectable fashion item.

Converse, in collaboration with Giles Deacon, has designed this unique shoe using authentic African mudcloth as the canvas with contrasting vibrant color options such as neon orange, neon yellow or neon pink details. Blending traditional production methods with modern designs has allowed Deacon to put his sophisticated chic interpretation on the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star shoe.

African mudcloth utilises the technique of Bologanfini, a centuries old process of mud dyed cloth of the Bamana people made by hand-weaving and dyeing the cloth with exotic plant juices, teas and mud. The traditional process creates well-known geometric patterns and colours, which tell stories, reveal secrets and establish social status. Each Converse (RED) Mudcloth shoe is a unique work of art designed to combine fashion and social mindfulness to celebrate and cherish African culture and creativity.

This is the first in a series of exclusively designed shoes. Every season, Converse will collaborate with designers, artists, musicians and filmmakers to create limited edition Converse (RED) shoes on a unique canvas that preserve culture and celebrate inspiration. Depending on the product sold, anywhere from 5% – 15% of net sales from Converse (RED) shoes goes directly to the Global Fund.

The Converse (RED) Chuck Taylor All Star African Mudcloth shoe is on sale in the UK at Selfridges and specialty stores including Offspring and Concept Store at £160.00. 10% of net wholesale sales from the sale of this designer collaboration shoe goes directly to the Global Fund.

Love story, almost

Oh, this little video is really sweet. Go tell someone you love them!

(Thank you, Leigh)

Icebreaker tags

Swissmiss came up with these amazing icebreaker tags. To help spark conversations at a party, you give your guests these tags, on which they write down their name and their answer to a quirky question. Then it becomes so much easier for everyone to mingle, since they have a reason to start chatting! (You can choose your own questions and print the tags here.) Isn't that awesome?

Long dresses

Although I never wear long dresses, I'm really drawn to this one. She looks so ethereal. What do you think, my sweets? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

P.S. An adorable long maternity dress.

(Via Refinery 29)

Converse Woolrich Chuck Taylors and Boots

Converse has just released their latest collaborations with Woolrich. The latest Converse Woolrich Shoes include a pair of All Stars, Storm Boots and Outsider boots.

Converse Woolrich Chuck Taylors and Boots

Converse Athletic BB SE Discontinued

Converse plans to stop production of the Athletic BB SE in late 2010. Word is, they are moving the factory and the molds for this shoe will be scrapped. That means that even if the Athletic BB SE is produced again, it will not be the same. If you love this shoe be sure to stock up. Supplies probably be gone by early 2011.

The Athletic BB High-Top has been a staple in the Converse line. This comfortable and supportive style will be missed.

The Grinch Converse Chuck Taylors

Coming in late November 2011, Dr. Seuss Converse shoes featuring The Grinch. Some shoes feature The Grinch's Face, others have Christmas Gifts.

Have a sweet weekend.

My dears, what are you up to this weekend? My dad is coming to visit, and I'm soooo excited to hang out with him. He seems so debonaire that it feels odd to refer to him as "Grandpa," so we're trying to think of an alternative name for Toby to call him. What did you call your grandpa? Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web...

Ha, well played, Domino.

Kate surprises her sister with a trip to Paris; here's her cute reaction.

Loving this shade of pink makeup...and here's Charlie wearing it!

Stunning photos of statues at the Met.

An adorable way to reveal a baby's gender.

Beer does a body good? Good to know.

Damn, those are sexy swimsuits.

Blue wish list.

Inspired by Harvey Faircloth's inspiration wall.

Ann Taylor, is that you?

Hang art without poking holes in it.

A chewing gum artist, of all things.

And a funny little video: Baby's first audition.

Have a good one! xoxo

Friday giveaway!

Today's giveaway is from The Vintage Pearl, a jewelry studio based in Oklahoma. The lovely designer Erin makes handcrafted, handstamped necklaces and bracelets with your loved one's names and initials. She's giving away a $100 gift certificate so the winner can pick out her favorite piece. Aren't they sweet?

For a chance to win, please visit The Vintage Pearl and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck!

Update: Melissa is our lucky winner. Thank you for playing. Plus, a bonus for all readers: Get 15% off your order with the code CUPOFJO.

Giant flowers

This coming Tuesday, artist Will Ryman will launch an installation called The Roses on Park Avenue -- they're 38 giant pink and red roses, along with beetles, bees, ladybugs, aphids and thorns (which the New York Times says will "stir a sense of foreboding"). Twenty petals will also be scattered on the ground, six of which will double as lawn chairs. The flowers will stay up through May as "the artist's love letter to New York City." Can't wait to see it!

P.S. Remember these waterfalls?

Photos of Toby

Just 'cause. :) He's almost eight months old, I can't believe it!

French slippers

How adorable are these slipper socks for kids and grown-ups? They're made in a small village in France and would be perfect for padding around the house.

(Via Black Eiffel)

Wednesday giveaway!

Today's giveaway is from Mini Mioche, a collection of eco-friendly organic baby clothes made in Canada. They're the kind of soft, comfy basics that babies will live in. And don't you love that they're organic? (Toby has their boogie pants!)

(On a personal note: Toby has a bunch of cute baby clothes that he just doesn't end up wearing, but these are the type of comfy basics that he wears everyday.)

They're giving away a $100 gift certificate, so you can treat your favorite little one to some cute things (or get some gifts for a baby shower). For a chance to win, please visit Mini Mioche and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck!

Update: Sarah B. is our lucky winner. Plus, a bonus for all readers: Get 15% off everything at Mini Mioche's online store by entering the code CUPOFJO15 through January 23rd.

Dunton Hot Springs wedding

Remember Dunton Hot Springs, the Colorado ghost town tucked into an alpine valley? Well, lucky couple Victoria and Sean just got married there! Check out the amazing photos of their wedding, complete with a pig roast, hot springs, wildflowers and s'mores. And those views are incredible!

(Photos by the amazing Max Wanger, of course)