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I'm back

Finally back, I miss my baby like crazy. We're inseparable now, she's holding to me so tight like Koala. She even cried frantically whenever I left her to the toilet. Poor baby, she must be horrified that her mommy is not there for her for the week. Raysa at the airport

Lunch with my baby

Cha, Mom and Aunt Nd pick me up today at the office for lunch with Kang Imam. We stop by at Clairmont before going next door for lunch. I picked a Chocolate Mousse cake which look really delicious and would be excellent for a dessert, but apparently my Mom forgot to pay for it so I ended up with nothing for dessert.Had lunch at Mbah Jingkrak, a javanese restaurant which have hideous name on

Cha is 9th months today

She's already 9 months old today, how fast time went by. Next time you know you'll know I'm probably at the airport sending her for college. My god Im getting old, Im doing too much what if nowadays.Went for a monthly visit to the doctor, apparently she's not gaining too much weight this month. Only 10 ounce since her last visit, that means she's now 8.24kg and 70cm in height. Not bad for a girl

The Sportsgirl lookbook

I love checking out Sportsgirl lookbook cause they update it regularly and the way they mix their outfit never fail me. These 4 looks really work for me, why? From L to R1. I've own a perfectly fitted red jacket which I adore so much but I always pair it up with black tank top. Seeing this picture I would love to venture into the vintage inspired top or dresses. Im recently in love with black

The man with the sword and arrow

As mentioned previously, I finally managed to watch the Pirates of the Carribean at World's End on Sat and havent I told you I love Orlando Bloom in this movie? I guess I have, but I want to repeat it again. Of course Johny Depp is stunning as usual, he's perfect for Captain Jack Sparrow but Orlando Bloom is doing much better with this movie. And he looked damn good, espescially toward the end