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Accessorize This: Exotic Prints, OTK Socks and Fur.

Our Interview with Lori's Accessories Buyer.

We are so excited to take a small step away from our shoe addiction to feed our other craving: handbags and accessories. I am chatting with Nicole, accessories buyer for Lori's Shoes. If you love Lori's selection of handbags, jewelry, legwear, and scarves, Nicole is the woman that makes it happen. Here is what she had to say about our fall line-up in handbags and accessories.

Lori's: What's coming this fall?
Nicole:  There are a lot of trends happening this fall, but the exotic look – snake, crocodile, fur, leopard – is one of my favorite trends for the fall. Guess it's the animal deep down in me, screaming for release through Lori's accessory buys. [laughing]

La Regale 2546
Lori's:  What are great wardrobe pieces to pair with the exotic look?
Nicole:  Well, if we speak about the leopard, it is important to use it sparingly. If you have a leopard purse, for instance, like the new Sandra Roberts clutch – a calf hair with a leopard print – you could pair it with a basic, tight-fitting, black dress and pumps.

Lori's:  So your exotic accessory should be your key piece. Downplay everything else and let that piece be your 'Wow' factor.
Nicole:  If we are speaking specifically about the exotic prints, yes.

Lori's:  Besides exotic prints, what is another favorite trend?
Nicole:  F
ur is probably the strongest trend for fall. We will see it on handbags, shoes, clothing and accessories. Lori's is going to have several different fur handbags from Sondra Roberts and some amazing ones from High Fashion. They have that Marc Jacobs and Chanel look and feel. I just love it.

This cross-body from High Fashion (below) has  Mongolian lamb in ivory, brown trim and a boho feel. Also, I can't forget snake and crocodile. They hearken back to the structured looks we presented earlier in our Accessories fall report.

High Fashion Fur handbag
Lori's: That sounds lovely.
Nicole:  In accessories we are excited to carry fur ear muffs, hats, scarves and even fur mittens. It is going to be a furry year (laughing).

Lori's: I heard, although it is not a handbag, that we have fur boot covers. What are they exactly?
Nicole:  Basically, they are fur leg warmers. You put them over the shaft of your boot to make a totally different look. You can also wear them as leg warmers with a high heel pump, covering the heel of the shoe and create a very high fashion '80s look.

Lori's:  Very Madonna.
Nicole:  Exactly. They are a fantastic way to take a great pair of boots to another level.

Lori's:  So, as we transition into a new season, what can people continue from their summer wardrobe and transition into fall?
Nicole:  Well, obviously fur won't work [laughing]. I would say gray tones and taupe tones. They are already in and work well year-round.

Lori's:  Like the Christopher Kon Croc satchel I love.
Nicole:  Yes. A handbag like that has that classic look, in a neutral tone such as gray and is just a great everyday bag.  It hits everything – structure, color  and transitions into Fall nicely. We're going to see the bags get smaller this coming season.
For the last couple of years you had to have a big bag; there were no other options. But this year you will see smaller options coming available. We are getting some nice snake clutches soon.

Lori's:  So, what is your least favorite summer trend?  You know the one where you said, "Hated it."
Nicole:  Patent! I am very much over it already. [both laughing]

Lori's:  What other amazing trends should we look for this fall?
Nicole:  The legwear is amazing this fall. Leggings, tights, over-the-knee socks with color blocking. So many different looks to create using the same shoes and clothes. Just by adding a piece of legwear you can give your outfit a totally different look. We are still going to see chunky, open-toe shoes this fall, but the outfit will transition with socks and tights.

Interview conducted by Shazza with Lori's Shoes.


Puma Spain World Cup T-Shirt

Here’s a pretty sick T-Shirt released by Puma to celebrate Spain’s victory at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It’s in Spanish and has the colors of Spain’s flag. You don’t have to be a soccer fan to wear this commemorative piece of history, but it certainly helps. Viva EspaƱa!

Puma Spain World Cup T-Shirt

Puma Spain World Cup T-Shirt

Nike Delta Force AC High – Black/White

If you are in search of any Nike high top with a Chuck Taylor feel, the Delta Force AC High might be something to consider. From the Delta Force construction patterned this latest release that uses a very straightforward colorway – white/black. The rendition of such common colors makes a certain shoe look ordinary but what if a special feature such as pebbled material brings a highlight? – No wonder that it will make such a shoe appear extraordinary.

Without so much ado, this Nike Delta Force AC High is one of the special revamps to date with its possession of black textured synthetic leather upper with white Swoosh having black contrast stitching. The ankle collar features pebbled leather while the heel sports large embroidered NIKE branding. It displays a Nike Delta Force label on the tongue while the upper gets a lacing system closure that uses white laces. White inner liner and sole are additional attributes. Last but not the least is the pimpled gum midsole that wraps the forefoot area which draws curiosity and interest from its observers.

Adidas Originals A.039 Passline

Adidas Originals added a new blue label collection called, the Adidas Originals A.039 Passline. The A.039 is the internal code for the Originals blue color, while the Passline is a brand new style from the A.039 collection. The classic Adidas sneakers has been updated with a casual aesthetic, a slimline upper of grey suede and cream canvas with an off-white midsole, and A.039 branding at the heel. $75.

Converse Chuck Taylor Nylon

Just want to buy a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor Nylon right now? Converse Chuck Taylor Nylon.

It is sometimes hard to believe that Converse has been making the Chuck Taylor since 1917, which is only a few years short of being 100 years in production.Somehow, the shoe has remained relatively unchanged over the years and has still managed to stay relevant in the modern sneaker world at the same time.This is quite a feat for a shoe to accomplish over only 30 years but for it to maintain for almost 100 is almost unheard of.That is why we are always proud to announce new versions of the shoe and today we are going to be looking at this new Converse Chuck Taylor Nylon All Star Pack.

This new pack will be made up of two sneakers and will be made up of nylon to simulate a flight jacket.They will be available in either black or military green colors, so pick your favorite.

Nike ACG Air Mada 2K10 Low – Tan/Black/Purple

Just want to buy a pair of Nike ACG Air Mada 2K10 Low – Tan/Black/Purple right now? Nike ACG Air Mada 2K10 Low – Tan/Black/Purple.

Nike takes effort to enhance an All Conditions Gear model which is the Air Mada. For an updated look with improved performance, this shoe now shows up in its 2010 caliber. It does not require a lot of tricks nor gimmicks to make this ACG look appealing but a simple soldier-boot design will make this shoe captivate the sights of many.

In a mixture of tan, black, and purple, this Nike ACG Air Mada 2K10 Low has a distinctive assembly. The use of tan nubuck along the mudguard through the center of the toe down to the heel panel is a subtle form but the black accent brings tough image and rugged look. And with the purple that hits the Swoosh, lace loops that anchor from the base, and the mesh side panel and collar, the unit resembles a special scene that even glows like the northern lights.

This outdoor foot gear is designed for an ultimate hiking experience, so if you have plans to enjoy the rest of the summer, check for this ACG at a nearby Nike retailer.

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low White/Black/Del Sol

Just want to buy a pair of Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low White/Black/Del Sol right now? Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low White/Black/Del Sol.

If it weren’t such a nice shoe we might already be getting sick of seeing new version of the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse, but thankfully the shoe has been done very well and we are always happy to see new versions of it.We enjoy the shoe in both a high or a low although we do prefer the highs for on the court wear and the lows for casual and street wear.Today we are going to take a look at a new version of the shoe which will be this new Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low in this new white, black and del sol colorway.

The shoe will be primarily white with the secondary color here being black.This will then be accented by del sol which is a yellow color.What do you think of the low version of the Hyperfuse and more importantly what do you think of this colorway?

NES And The Quest For The Perfect Pair Of Boots

Dear reader, it's the same every year. The weather starts turning a little chilly, August suddenly becomes Winter and I still will not have found a decent pair of winter boots.

In my head, I like to think that I'll do it differently next year. Perhaps be super organised and get the perfect pair in the January sales so they're ready and waiting for when the leaves start falling off the trees. But no, because if I waited until the sales then the perfect boot would already have gone and then I'd have to go through the same tribulations and heartache all over again anyway.

So, seeing as the very lovely Alex pointed out this morning that we're already half way through October, I've decided I best get a shift on. Meaning that I'll be scouring THE WORLD* in my quest and sharing the fruits of my labour with you because you are lovely and you obviously appreciate good shoes and boots.

If you see anything you think worthy of note, let me know!

* Obviously when I say 'THE WORLD', I mean a whole bunch o'websites and not an actual physical jaunt around the world though if someone would like to fly me to New York, that'd be fantastique!

NES x x x

The Shoe Addicts Diary: Platforms

Snick: The Clog Alternative
by Anjelica of Mode Junkie

So what does a shoe addict in Germany do when her Jeffrey Campbell Snick Studs finally arrive from Lori's Shoes? SHE SHOUTS LIKE MAD. So mad the boyfriend thinks something happened to our son. Unfortunately he sometimes over-reacts like that. ;)

Seriously, how sick are these platform sandals? As I unpacked the shoes (read: destroying the box and ripping off the tape which holds the box together like there's no tomorrow), I immediately pictured outfits that would go with these babies. That was a bit hard since the shoes are pretty much goes-well-with-everything kinda shoes. But the thought of my leather shorts with my military parka and THESE shoes? I just pictured the most perfect fall outfit. 

Maybe I'd throw on some tights if it gets a bit chilly or a pair of ruffled, white socks (I love socks with sandals and am totally in to this trend; please don't hate me!).

I can't stop wearing my Snicks with my dresses, my skirts, my chinos! As I said, they go well with everything. The olive suede is even a perfect match to my taupe colored nails! (Yes, I plan the colors of my fingernails according to what type of shoes I am wearing!)

In my opinion, the Jeffrey Campbell Snick Stud is the best alternative for people who hate clogs (not me of course; I am a shoe addict, remember). They are comfortable and they don't look too cloggy (if there were such a word). Know what I mean? I LOVE these shoes and since Jeffrey Campbell is not available in Germany these shoes will definitely be cherished and positioned top shelf in the new shoe closet.


The Nike Dunk model has been seen more than any sneaker this year in multiple styles, texture makeups and colorways. However, there are always a select few Dunk colorways that we will never forget no matter how many follow. The LIVESTRONG x Nike Dunk Hi “FLOM” is a perfect example of this. This 2009-released sneaker ultimately became one of, if not the best Dunk release of last year.

This time last year, (July 18th, 2009 to be exact) the LIVESTRONG x Nike Dunk Hi “FLOM” released at select Nike Sportswear retailers nationwide. Were you lucky enough to get your hands on this sneaker and was it worth the $150? If you did not pursue this Dunk, are you wishing you would have now seeing that they’re going for outrageous prices now? Lastly, was this one of your favorite releases of 2009? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


Nike Hyperize “White Men Can’t Jump” Pack

Around this time last year the Nike Hyperize "White Men Can't Jump" Pack released and introduced the Hyperize to the market. Two colorways released, one honoring Billy Hoyle and the other honoring Sidney Deane, in what was one of Nike's most nostalgic and creative launches to date. The pack first released in Australia and eventually hit Niketown and selects retailers in the United States. Over the past year the Hyperize became one of the most talked about and most worn basketball shoes by players of all levels.

Did you buy the Nike Hyperize "White Men Can't Jump" Pack? If so did you scoop the Billy Hoyle's, the Sidney Deane's, or both? Was this a shoe that you wore casually or on court? Let us know what your thoughts are a year later on this particular pack.

Nike Hyperize "Billy Hoyle"

Nike Hyperize "Sidney Deane"

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Blue/Black

The Nike Zoom Hyperfuse is easily one of the most highly-anticipated basketball sneakers in a very long time. Within the past week, we have shown you multiple colorways of this sneaker including the FIBA Basketball lineup that is set to release at the beginning of August.

This particular Nike Zoom Hyperfuse, along with Rondo’s green/black pair, has been considered the best colorways so far. It features an electric blue synthetic mesh-like upper and sits atop a black sole. Accents such as the swoosh and inner lining coincide perfectly with the sole. Ty from Leaders 1354 is sporting his pair in the photo above; however, you will soon be able to rock a pair as this shoe will release in the coming months.

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

Fall 2010

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

Jordan One6One7 White/University Blue

Earlier this month we showed you new pictures of the soon to be released Jordan One6One7 White/University Blue. We have just learned that this colorway of the new JB hybrid will release in September. The One6One7 blends features from the Air Jordan 16 and the Air Jordan 17, seen most notably on the outsole and perforated upper. This particular colorway pays homage to Jordan's playing days at the University of North Carolina. The One6One7 will retail at $115. Will the One6One7 be on your feet this coming basketball season?

Brooks x Vans Vault Era

In yet another unforeseen collaboration, Vans Vault has linked up with Brooks Saddles on this Era and bike seat combination. We’ve now seen Filson work on this silhouette and it looks as though Brooks put in just as much thought and effort on their pack.

The shoes simply uses premium black leather for its upper, with the exception of the heel panel, which uses a copper leather. Matching that heel are the eyelets, which are also copper. Included the group is an exceptionally detailed saddle with embossed graphics.

Brooks x Vans Vault Era
Fall 2010

Brooks x Vans Vault Era

Brooks x Vans Vault Era

Brooks x Vans Vault Era

Brooks x Vans Vault Era

Nike Hyperdunk 2010 “Angola”

When you think of Angola, basketball isn’t likely to be the first thing that comes to your mind. Still, the African nation has long had a quietly successful basketball team, who this year will wear these Nike Hyperdunk 2010s at the FIBA World Championships. Bright red Flywire used for the upper, while black and yellow work as accents throughout the midsole, heel and ankle areas. Given the color scheme of this shoe, don’t be surprised to see a Miami Heat player sporting these or a similar colorway this coming NBA season.

Nike Hyperdunk 2010

Nike Hyperdunk 2010 "Angola"

Nike Hyperdunk 2010 "Angola"

Filson x Vans Vault Sk8-Hi & Era Detailed Photos

The Filson x Vans Vault Pack was immediately taken to by readers when we first debuted it a few days ago. Dressed in rich brown leather and heavyweight tan canvas, the Filson rucksack, Era and Sk8-Hi included in the group are already winners.

Both of the sneakers use the aforementioned leather on their respective forefoot, while the canvas fills out the upper on the heel-most area. Special badges and branding appear on the insole and tongue. All three items will release in the coming months, though no word has been given as to their worldwide availability.

Filson x Vans Vault Sk8-Hi & Era
Fall 2010

Filson x Vans Vault Sk8-Hi Detailed Photos

Filson x Vans Vault Sk8-Hi Detailed Photos

Filson x Vans Vault Era Detailed Photos

Nike SB Zoom P-Rod IV High Pine Green

The Nike SB P-Rod lineup has seen both High and Low sneakers for several generations, though the Zoom P-Rod III saw only the latter cut. This colorway of the P-Rod IV has surfaced and will release in the coming months.

Pine Green suede covers the upper completely, with the exception of the plastic heel cup and perforated leather Swoosh. A Zoom sole sits beneath, so don’t be surprised if the official name of this sneaker adds a “Zoom” before “P-Rod” come its release.

Nike SB P-Rod IV High
Pine Green

Nike SB P-Rod IV High Pine Green

Nike SB P-Rod IV High Pine Green

Nike SB P-Rod IV High Pine Green

Nike SB P-Rod IV High Pine Green

Adidas x Kazuki Originals Bracken

Adidas Originals by Originals with design by Kazuki releases new style series for Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. This Adidas Kazuki “Bracken” one of the series which is a mid top sneaker/boot that comes with a nice mix of premium leathers and details on the upper. A white grid pattern on the black upper colorway with print on it. This will be out soon, stay updated for more.

Nike Toki ND White / White – Spice

Nike recently dropped a new colorway with a perforated leather upper in tonal white, the Nike Toki ND White / White – Spice. Simple but Clean, and definitely one of the best summer getaway sneaker for this year. It has eyelets and sole that are both white, with the latter receiving an additional hint of ‘orange spice’ on the mid-soles. This was made available this month in all Nike retailers nationwide. $68.

LIVESTRONG x Mr. Cartoon x Nike Air Force 1

We have, and will continue to witness major Nike Air Force 1 releases this year such as the “Jones Beach” Nike Air Force 1, the “Hamptons and the Foamposite Nike Air Force 1s; however, last year was an even bigger moment for the iconic silhouette. The LIVESTRONG x Nike joint effort became one of the best sneaker collections of 2009, and this LIVESTRONG x Mr. Cartoon x Nike Air Force 1 was one of, if not the best release from the aforementioned collection.

Around this time last year, (July 4th to be exact) the LIVESTRONG x Mr. Cartoon x Nike Air Force 1 released at select Nike Sportswear retailers nationwide. Were you lucky enough to get your hands on this sneaker and was it worth the money you put up for it? If you did not pursue this Air Force 1, are you wishing you would have now? Lastly, favorite releases of 2009? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!
In Retrospect: LIVESTRONG x Mr. Cartoon x Nike Air Force 1

In Retrospect: LIVESTRONG x Mr. Cartoon x Nike Air Force 1

In Retrospect: LIVESTRONG x Mr. Cartoon x Nike Air Force 1

In Retrospect: LIVESTRONG x Mr. Cartoon x Nike Air Force 1

Claw Money x Vans Hadley

New York based graffiti artist turned fashion designer Claw Money joined forces with Vans for a truly unique capsule collection. A highlight from the collection comes in the form of the revamped Vans Hadley. The Claw Money x Vans Hadley features an all white vulcanized sole beneath a green and yellow tagged upper. Black detailing is used on the toe box, lining, tongue and laces. A chain linked Claw Money logo drop tag adds effect for this standout shoe. This shoe, with a price of $62, and the rest of the Claw Money x Vans collection is beginning to pop up at select retailers nationwide.

Claw Money x Vans Hadley

Claw Money x Vans Hadley

Converse Blackflag Star Player Skate Mid Green

The most recent addition to the Converse Blackflag line is this Star Player Skate Mid. Sporting a dark green suede upper, this shoe features a black-striped sole and white leather chevron and star design along the side. Contrast stitching works as an additional accent on the upper. These are now available at select retailers, including DQM.

Converse Blackflag Star Player Skate Mid

Dark Green/White
July 2010