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Converse All Star

The most popular style of Converse shoes is the Converse All Star. This classic shoe is the oldest and most popular basketball shoe of all time and has been on the market since 1917. The first All Stars came in brown with black trim, but in the 1920s, the company began making them in black canvas and leather. The classic black and white All Star hit the market in 1949. By the 1970s, All Stars were in more shoe closets in America than nearly any other sneaker on the market and the All Star logo is one of the most widely recognized logos in the US.

All Stars now come in high and low-top versions and are found in a wide array of colors and patterns, in infant through adult sizes.

If you love Converse All Stars, it is fun to collect them in different colors and patterns. There is sure to be a perfect All Star sneaker out there for you. If you like to wear them, keep cost in mind and search for good sales and discount web stores where you can buy name brand shoes for less.