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Booji - Regal One (Womens) Sports Combines Stripes And Dots

Here is one hip and fashionable sneaker design for ladies who love sneaker more than they love heels! The Booji - Regal One (Womens) is a colorful and uniquely designed sneaker, which every woman in town will enjoy towing, not necessarily on their feet.

The Booji - Regal One (Womens) sneaker sports a polka dot and stripes combination design, which will make you look and think hard. This may be the first time you will ever see such designs mixed into one sneaker.

This sneaker comes in a black and white stripe upper with black satiny toe box. It has red laces that create an interesting design when placed on top of the stripe sneaker tongue.

The red and white stripe pattern inside the tongue is quite interesting, especially when you see it side by side the polka dot inner lining. This is one complicated sneaker that will make you think and look.

This may be the first attempt of MDot in the Women’s sneaker market but it has hit a jackpot, if only for the unique and interesting design it came up with.