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Ubiq Fatima Polka Dot Pack For New Year’s Eve Party

There are people from some parts of the world who believe that wearing dots on New Year’s Eve will keep their pockets full the whole year through. If you are a believer then nothing could be better than wearing this dotted kicks not only during the Eve of New Year but the whole year through.

The Ubiq Fatima Polka Dot Pack of sneakers comes from a Japanese sneaker brand so you can understand why it is really a fun sneaker to wear, considering their penchant for wearing happy sneakers. The sneakers come in three colorways of black, brown and grey

We particularly like the one in a brown upper with lots of white polka dots. The base of the sneaker is the brand’s Fatima sneaker which is considered a popular high top model. The sneakers come with white shoe laces and midsole keeping the colored base more stunning and the total package eye-catching.

There is no word as to when the Ubiq Fatima Polka Dot Pack of sneakers will drop so you just have to wait and see. It may not be able to make it for New Year’s Eve party though.