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Reebok Retro Pop Mid – White – Gold + Black – White – Red – Purple

Colors can make a lot of difference in a lot of things and that include sneakers. Just take a look at the Reebok Retro Pop Mid-White/Gold + Black /White/Red/Purple sneaker and see how a change in colorways can change the sneaker’s appeal.

The Reebok Retro Pop Mid-White/Gold + Black /White/Red/Purple sneaker is one of the latest designs from a brand known for its pump action. This sneaker may not be the typical pump but it does come with foot straps, a sneaker feature which has become a global trend.

The Retro Pop comes in two colorways but with the same design. The first one comes in a black upper with a perforated black toe box. It comes with black foot straps with the red Reebok branding on the sides. What keeps the sneaker interesting is the purple accent found on the inner lining, as well as the multi-colored dots on the collar.

To demonstrate how the same sneaker can look different, take a look at the cooler and more sophisticated Retro Pop in a white upper. This comes with the same foot strap in metallic gold. The same gold color is found on the inner lining and the collar of the sneaker.