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Adidas Consortium Unforeseen Drop 2 | Spezial / Gazelle / Campus

In this era, where technologies arise from here to there, every little thing can come in a very surprising deal yet functional on its own right; that the unforeseen events, creations and the like can come to life in just a snap. In the line of sneakers, although it’s a fact that different brands are sure to come up with something new each single hour or day, Adidas has not fail to amaze me with their new set of the Adidas Consortium Unforeseen – the Spezial, Gazelle and Campus models.

This series is actually the second drop from Adidas. This one features three new cool pairs of non-dyed in three buttery colorways. Each of which has their own unique traits to match one’s environment and liking. The Campus boasts the glow-in-the-dark drama while, Gazelle has a translucent sole that tops the navy colorway body with pink flamingo accents. Lastly, the Spezial is a revamped of the 1979 version which now comes in a green mossy textile upper with purple leather detailing. All of these three pairs can withstand outdoor adventures, extreme sports to down south skating gig to casual events. All are gorgeous and worth every dime.