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  • InTheMoment
    08-01 07:36 PM

    Order of processing has nothing to do with PD being current. Now this is not an opinion it is a crystal clear CIS pronounced fact. (http://www.murthy.com/news/n_nsccpr.html)

    Pre-adjudication where work continues irrespective of visa # availability (where everything else is done except visa # allocation) happens as per the RD of the I-485.

    Now even if gc101's I-485 get's pre-adjudicated sometime next year w/o PD being current his I-485 is not "approved" unless visa # is allocated. Now suppose his PD becomes current after his app. is pre-adj., he has very little time to add the spouse name as there is chance like in June that they may quickly assign the visa # and "approve" the file in days.

    So gc101 would be safe if his PD becomes current before his file is pre-adj or get's stuck (!) in something like FBI namecheck after pre-adj. which might allow him time to add his wife's name.

    My company lawyer addressed this part. The way it works is that they will work on your file only when your PD is current. So even if you apply now, they most likely wont work on it after July as your PD wont be current. Then when next time (say in Jan 2008) when your PD becomes current, they will pick up all the files for that month and start working on it. It might be that they will work on your file on Jan1st or Jan 31st. You can send your wife AOS the moment your PD becomes current. So you want to make sure that it reaches there before they approve your AOS. In case you are extremely unlucky, then they would start working on your file on 1st day of the month and finish it before end of that day, making it impossible for your wife's application to go through. Thats rare though. So if you can make sure that her app reaches on 1st day of the month in which PD is current, then they should most likely add her to your AOS and work on those together and make your life go forward....its a chance which you will be taking...But again life is a chance

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  • beautifulMind
    02-15 01:30 PM
    The real problem has been the l1 visa..and ignorant americans do not know the difference and they think everything is h1b but it is the L1 which has caused wages to drop....

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  • laborpains
    08-05 11:20 AM
    If your application is an SRC then:
    call (800) 375 � 5283 then 1-2-1-recpt number-1-1-wait for recorded status-3-4 speak with customer service.

    Thank you for the info!

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  • nivasch
    04-03 12:50 PM


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  • chanduv23
    10-08 04:26 PM

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  • pbojja
    05-21 02:14 PM
    Personally I think these processing dates are crap , It use to be valuble before July-07 but not any more.

    I think if CIS use computers and run a small query they know how many cases are pending which fall under processing dates

    The only advantage with the dates is opening SRs, which dont have any value and complete waste of time.

    My EB3 140 was filed on July 5 th 2007 at NSC and transfered to TSC on April 07 08 , for TSC 140 processing dates are Aug 26 07 . I guess they have their own rules for transfer cases .

    CIS is giving preference to priority date current cases as they need to use the numbers, all others are in limbo .

    God please give us more strength and patience .


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  • belmontboy
    03-15 09:47 PM
    Yes, I do agree with you but he asked a specific question related to travelling, and this case expungementg will help and he need not to declare at the POE about his case but as you said he will have the side effects of this case in various other stages till he is admitted as PR.


    Dude, I am telling you again. Expungement will not help him w.r.t immigration matters (which includes entering USA).

    Even when he gets his criminal record expunged, for all immigration matters, he needs to provide information about his conviction and an explanation.

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  • gc_wow
    05-30 07:39 AM
    Spelling-Improves memory,for a growing kid that excercise is important.
    Pronunciation-Once again it is an excercise which enhances capability to differentiate.
    Root-Gives information on how words are formed.
    Language of Origin- Gives information about another language.
    Meaning-Gives information about the word and provides context to understand a word in better fashion.

    The top 10 kids in the competetion already are equivalent to a phd. It is not complete memorization.


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  • dummgelauft
    08-26 01:46 PM

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  • mchatrvd
    07-31 11:58 AM
    I can understand cases where dates are current. But how they decide on cases which might have "visas available in coming months"? Do they know beforehand the movement of dates for coming months? or does that mean they continue pre-adjudicating cases in an order (probably by Priority Date)?


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  • gccovet
    08-14 11:31 AM

    I am also in the same boat and waiting for the approval as I have recently took a new job with EAD. Yesterday I called USCIS to check what the options are if I don't get my EAD in 90 days. The customer service representative told me to take an info appointment further to get the Interim EAD. I have explained him that local offices are not giving Interim EADs and surprisingly he told me the following thing.

    "You can continue the work with I765 receipt notice provided your employer is OK to continue and told me to provide the receipt notice to the employer as a proof of your application is in pending. As I am surely aware of the fact that in order to continue the work we must have an approved physical EAD. I was totally surprised and asked him "Are you sure?? can we continue the work with the receipt??", he replied "Yes and only if your employer agrees for that!"

    I have no clue???? What to do, friends please share your thoughts on this.

    Hope you noted the officers's ID number. if not, call again and see if you can get similar reply with some other officer. If you get the reply, try to get it in writing and also get the officers ID number, note the date and time.

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  • sravani
    05-14 10:28 AM
    I would only say "Hang On", or move on if you can. A lot of people in same situations, never want to discuss issues openly.
    Patience does help, and maybe all the good is stored for future.

    yeah... sometimes trying to be diplomatic and patient is the only way out in this depressing immigration situation.

    I also realized, we should never talk about these visa issues with co-workers. It will make them bully you even more.


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  • unitednations
    08-16 02:40 PM
    As I see it, hiring a lawyer is still cheaper than losing 20K per year because you are working for a exploitative consulting company. But if the company is treating you well, there is no reason to leave.

    I never understood this "exploitation thing". This is America...

    If someone is exploiting we all have a choice. We can change employers; go back home, etc.

    It may not be a totally open market but it is not like you have handcuffs around you. This type of talk of exploiting, slavery only hurts everyones cause.

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  • memyselfandus
    08-04 11:02 PM
    Sorry, if you didn't like my comment. I am of Indian origin, and recognized/enjoyed your poetry and thoughts well. We can surely talk to our peers in any language, but writing for general information exchange on a public forum in our language may lead to regional labelling of our forum, which we don't intend.

    First up all I am not that poetic; so I want to discredit the credits bestowed up on me by you. What labelling r u talking about? Why are you so afraid about things that have no bearing on anybody. Being Indian/ Chinese/ Philippine has nothing to do with it as long as the comments elicit positive energy among peers. I am not talking about blantaly jotting down everything in a non-english language; I am only talking about poetic stanza's people pen that removes some sadness or frustration about the whole immigration fiasco.

    As far as talking about peers, I consider IV folks to be my peers too. ;)


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  • mirage
    06-25 04:16 PM
    They hushed up and approved my EAD in 20 days. Why ???? 'cos So they don't hit Jun'30 and give 2 years. They wanted to milk another 680 from me so they hushed up and sent me the 1 year EAD in 20 days.

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  • kshitijnt
    08-16 03:23 PM
    Are there any implications of leaving my employer now who sponsored me for GC? I got my GC on the first week of July. I plan to leave on the 1st week of September. Thank you very much.

    Addendum: I applied for AOS for my spouse this July. Will there be a problem with her AOS?

    I am not sure if you GOT GC or you filed 485.

    Based on AC21 law, you have to stay atleast 182 days after you file 485. More so if your I-140 is still pending.

    So I would say 182 days from the receipt notice of 485 is mandatory to avoid complications. It should not affect your citizenship. I have 100s of friends who have invoked AC21 and quite frankly I dont care about citizenship. One thing at a time :)


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  • Green.Tech
    09-13 11:07 PM
    I heard that if one is on H-1/EAD, it is tough to secure a loan with 5% down. Any truth to that? Also, what are people's thoughts on paying PMI? Is it better to avoid PMI with a 20% down payment?


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  • gcisadawg
    03-27 01:12 AM
    I got red with a message "so negative" for my post where I tried to be realistic.
    I guess people dont want to hear the truth! :(

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  • 21stIcon
    02-19 04:37 PM
    Cash Surrender Value
    The sum of money an insurance company will pay to the policyholder or annuity holder in the event his or her policy is voluntarily terminated before its maturity or the insured event occurs. This cash value is the savings component of most permanent life insurance policies, particularly whole life insurance policies. Also known as "cash value", "surrender value" and "policyholder's equity".

    Cash surrender value applies to the savings element of whole life insurance policies that are payable before death. However, during the early years of a whole life insurance policy, the savings portion brings very little return compared to the premiums paid.

    09-15 04:10 PM
    Low cost markets like atlanta, Tx can support rent. But high cost markets like boston,ca , your rent will not be sufficient to pay mortgage and other costs.

    04-12 12:40 PM
    I think this has been discussed on some other thread.. would it be a good idea to make the contributions public.. may be, this encourages others to contribute, when they realize how much more is needed to reach the monetary goal.

    In January, IV already said that they raised nearly 200K in 2006. Also, there are federal reports on www.opensecrets.org and senate's office of public records about how Immigration Voice spent money. They spent nearly 140,000 in 2006.

    I think that is enough transparency. There will be more when they file tax returns.

    Its not that people dont trust IV with money. I think people are just fine with waiting for 10 more years for Greencard. That's why, the core group should shut down this nonsense and do something better with their time.