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blank map of europe during world war 2

images european map ww2. blank map of europe during world war 2. Europe on the Eve of World War
  • Europe on the Eve of World War

  • chintu25
    03-27 09:32 AM
    I see no harm in such a thread.......... Umeed pe duniya kayam hai dost ........

    We can try our best in supporting all efforts but whats the harm to look/predict the bulletin.

    Dint the USCIS "intelligently" grant most of us here EADs in July 2007 bulletin .:p

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  • world war 1 map europe 1914.

  • chanduv23
    10-03 04:41 PM
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  • europe during world war 2,

  • eb3retro
    10-14 03:18 PM
    not to be pessimistic, nov 3 is really close and I am thinking it may not happen. Here is what i have done and am planning to do..my recd date is july 30th and my travel agent is nov 21st.

    1) already expedited the cases by phone.
    2) just faxed the letter to local congressman.
    3) have an infopass appt for the end of the month.
    4) have a letter ready for the ombudsman, will send it right away after the infopass appt.

    Doing all this, i am still not sure if I can make it to this trip or lose $1800 by cancelling my tickets.

    Me too !! My ticket were for Nov 3 and i am waiting for the last 54 days ..just requested USICS to expediate the AP based on financial loss ...

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  • Causes of europe world war

  • bigboy007
    05-28 06:58 PM
    Your point is very much valid, But ok lets for a min assume H1b is eliminated completely. Do you think these big IT firms or even small consulting firms stop doing their business ? No. if not H1B there will be other way bringing ppl for short term. they will be some other way to do it. H1B is not designed keeping us in mind its designed keeping US Citizen employers in mind. and also it is adding to USCIS revenues. if you see even in current fiscal year i have seen all of my friends who did premium got thier H1b approvals.

    The reason i said H1B outsourcing will start is most H1's are held by Big IT firms of India. If they do some thing that will hurt it they will do something else or reduce onsite avail or make it short term there will be some other workaround but no way these jobs will go back to americans.

    Key point we have to argue and keep on doing it is the fact that , drawing a comparison between us and illegals. Even illegals have marched on streets and expressed their concern of not leaving USA if so why we paying millions of taxes adding source to housing market and GC in a valid stage , should ever even think of losing it ?

    Exploitation is there everywhere. Illegals are being legalized for US employers but this will have disastrous consequences. Now with illegals only working behind the hood and will come out and did these americans ever thought of what will happen to all the ppl who work in restaurants etc and their wages. Yes all desi companies does the same thing becoz thats the only they can be in business. If you see many reasons why corp america is against merit based sys is there is no way its associating it with TIE-UP of h1b with them.

    I dont know about others but saying 50% of h1b can be done by americans is lot easier to say rather make them work like that. I 100% validate your point as every system has its pros and cons. I would say rather 30% only.

    But key point is we are already here . We are in the process of GC and its the key point that is to shed away ppl who are trying to shut doors. Corp america will some how take care of H1B i think [ even though its part of our resp] but key point is GC .. Eliminate or atleast reduce backlog to atleast where it was.

    when it comes to laying off , many companies have laid off in 2000-01 , some are unlucky and most americans becoz of reducing fat in the company there used to be lot of benefits everything got screwed up . But rather they again started hiring but not left and right as they did earlier but very calculated decision. I am talking about Big comp not consulting. Consulting is mere consulting they wont bare the costs of H1b if they are bench more than 3 months even big 5 consulting .


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  • Rusty after world war,

  • HawaldarNaik
    08-28 03:25 PM
    The AP is truly an amazing conundrum. I will try to clarify.

    1. When AP is filed, you need to be in the US. No if's and but's about that.
    2. If AP is used at the border for entry, it DOES NOT invalidate your H1. Only using EAD to switch jobs does that.
    3. Lets assume you have an AP valid till Jan 1. You apply for new AP on Oct 1. However, you need to travel on Dec 25. Now there are two scenarios:
    3a) you return on Dec 30 - you can use your old AP as it is still valid. The fact that you have applied for a new AP and left the country DOES NOT abandon your new AP because your old AP is still valid.
    3b) You return on Jan 3 - You need to have the new AP in hand.

    If there are any more questions on AP, please feel free to PM me :)


    Does that mean that wife can travel after applying for the new AP and then i will post her the renewed AP, which she can use to reenter say after the expiry date of the old one so in this case 3rd Jan ? Cause i had asked this question on this forum and i was informed that when she is travelling to India she must get the new AP approved, i cannot send it to her via mail

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  • nixstor
    10-12 01:45 PM
    [QUOTE=nelsonagn]"So who ever were able to sneak in under that category, will get their GC."

    Not if they are the 50,001st they won't.

    -> I am totally with you on that. I am sure pmpforgc and bluekayal filed way ahead of the 50K limit.

    Only 50,000 Schedule A's will be approved. Any who submitted I-485s above that number will have to be approved under another category.

    -> I was refering to people who have filed in Jul of Aug of this year under Schedule A. Do you think that their 485 will be frozen as well? I dont think so. I know a PT who filed hers in Aug. I will ask her what USCIS is gonna say.

    Just because someone submits an I-485 when a category is available does not mean they are guaranteed to see it through to end.

    -> So what you are saying is, If a person whose EB2 PD is Jun 02 files 485 by the end of this month and lets say EB2 retrogresses to Apr 02 after 5 months from now, his/her application will be left at that point. So an Analyst will basically check if the PD is current every time they take up the file.

    How ever, I doubt thats the same with Schedule A as it is a one time category. They will mark the 1st 50K apps into schedule A and give the overflow back to the applications for reg processing.

    Remember that when Sched A started, those who were already in the system (in EB2 or 3) were switched to that category, if their petition was considered Schedule A.

    -> Sure, lot of nurses and PT's might have jumped into Schedule A from EB3 and as you said all of those applications from 50,001 will go into EB3. I mean nurses and PT's. Who ever filed under Schedule A EB2 will go to EB2.

    USCIS will just as easily switch those left to another category when the 50K are used up.

    Your earlier statemement that 'once you have a receipt number your I-485 will either be approved or denied' is also misleading. Mere issuance of a receipt does not guarantee continuous processing unless until the cut-off for that category is later that your PD (and yes, even those who don't go thru LC have a PD: it's their I-140 RD). If not, your I-485 just sits.

    -> My understanding of PD's being current is you can file for 485 and can get some decision sooner or later. I am not aware of the fact that 485 processing becomes stop and go as PD for that category oscillates back and forth.

    That's what retrogression does: it takes I-485s already in the system and freezes them.

    -> may be you are right. How ever my post wasnt intended to mislead any one. I felt that the 2 members who filed in Jul and Aug under Schedule A should be fine.

    So what do you think will happen to these folks who have filed for 485 when Schedule A is removed from the VB? Does that mean that their PD's have become current? From what you are saying, all the unadjuciated 485's filed on after the cutoff date in VB (in this case 10/05 for schedule A as of now ) will not be processed and will be freezed. What will happen to the 765/131 that were filed along with the 485?


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  • World War Europe Map. map of

  • WaldenPond
    01-07 10:20 PM
    Thank you WaldenPOd. I am a pharmacist and I am always extremely bz with my work and two kids. but my wife is actively participating in this effort. She has already posted flyers in Indian store and restaurant. I will ask her to post it in Chinese and other store.
    She is actively sending email to friends and relatives to join IV. Also, we are planing to visit universities around our area during this weekend and post flyers
    .Let me know what else I can do.

    Thank you guys for your brilliant efforts :)

    Hello Rayyan,

    Thank you for your support and encouragement.

    In our conference calls and one-to-one working sessions, we all remind ourselves everyday that this effort has started and will be successful one day because of silent hero�s like your. It is a long way to go �. I personally salute everybody who have been supporting this effort diligently.

    Please convey gratitude to your wife for all the good work. Her good work will help all of us suffering due to retrogression.


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  • european map ww2.

  • supplychainwalla
    05-22 12:46 PM
    Are they processing based on received date or notice date???


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  • On highly researched could you learn asia,world war question how Out a

  • priderock
    05-24 11:56 AM
    The pro immigration group wants these benefits given to illegals, Anti (any) immigration groups wants no immigration to begin with and want to curtail the current immigration options (H1B and GC for legals etc.) , therefore the compromise is that the pro illegal immigration group lets them cut the current LEGAL immigration channels and anti immigrants let the illegals get all these privileges.

    There is no one to argue our cause , there goes our fate :(

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  • anu_t
    06-19 10:14 AM
    Your lawyer seems to be incorrect on this. You may want to consider getting second opinion.

    AC-21 can be invoked on H1 as well as on EAD. Your choice.

    Many times, joining second employer is relatively easy on EAD as it involves no H1 filing (less paperwork), but using EAD requires one to travel ONLY on AP.

    Using H1 is more peace of mind. If for some reason I-485 is denied, one can in US (and work too) until H1 status expiry date and handle appeal more effectively.

    Hope it helps.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002

    Nice information. Could you tell me what precautions I have to take now while filing my 485 if if I have intended to use AC21.
    Like what documents I need that time? Do I need 140 copy that time too?
    Again thank you very much for your responce.


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  • lank map of europe 1919. lank

  • test101
    06-28 01:30 PM

    I filed I-40 on June,1th 2007. My lawyer will file my I-485 & I-765 by July 1st. I'm currently on F1- status , When i can start working? do i get an authorization to work before approval of the I-40?

    I'm sorry but does anyone know the difference between EB3 and schedual A? I'm an RN and i was filed under EB3!

    Thank you

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  • World war ii the

  • pankaj_n
    04-20 12:09 PM
    Not appeal but rather re-filing as a fresh 140. The labor doesn't expire as long as you had filed an i-140 in the past when the labor was valid.

    So i am going to talk my lawyer about it . we might have to change our approach this time.
    Just want to clear about path. We will file again and they will denied again due to 3 year Bachelor then we will appeal and show the case reference

    "Admininstrative appeals office decision approved it saying that it didn't matter how long
    the combined study was. As long as foreign masters equals us masters then that is all which needs to be proven."


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  • go_guy123
    06-30 01:14 PM
    Agree 100%. Atleast when Bush was in office there were bills introduced that encouraged skilled immigration Eg: Those who have been around for a while would remember the Cornyn-Kyl bill from 2005.

    Everybody likes to talk about the Clinton era, but don't forget that Republicans had majority then. So we may see good things happen after the November 2010 elections if dems lose majority in both house and senate. And it will be good for Mr.Bamster to govern from the center going forward than to hang out with the far-left, may even fetch him another 4 years.

    Very true last relief AC21 was passed when republican party had control over Senate and Congress. That time the deomcratic party wanted amnesty but "their" version of the bill never got a chance to be heard by the repuiblican leadership who had control over teh agenda. Now with Pelosi et al in change they do not allow any piecemeal bill to be tabled unless its part of the CIR

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  • snathan
    03-17 03:40 PM
    We want to do this as IV right?

    Sorry for my ignorance but just curious, why exactly this guy is banned?

    Might be some anti...trying to create/divide people here.


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  • sanju_dba
    09-15 11:32 AM
    I am not sure any one one of the people who made the above posts have their GC......... I would actually agree with mihird.

    if you plan your life, you can overcome most obstacles, not having the GC included. it is folks who do not plan long term that are in trouble
    Have it... and
    -> Solid confidence of generating Income by...
    -> jumping jobs if you dont like it / payraise,
    or you got fired inspite of planning.
    -> A side/primeline business if you need a career switch.
    -> Buy house and dont get forced to sell house when u loose H1 job
    -> Have "NO H1" job options in the list
    -> Have your spouse eligible to work
    -> Reap more entertainment...
    -> No restrictions on International travel due to visa-
    revalidation,renewals fear. Dont giveup for your closeones lifetime
    events, attend n involve in it.
    -> Now you have confiedence, so buy GOOD,BIG house and have luxury
    time with it, kids room , entertainment room,pool , gym etc.,you
    wont get this when u r in apt-living-dueto-h1-job-loss-fear.
    -> Now with better house you may have short commute to your job , a
    big PLUS.
    -> Or if you are a moving person, then move around the nation every
    year with new jobs and enjoy the world.

    -- lots to say...

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  • gc28262
    01-23 01:14 PM
    I hope they do that ..
    Can i apply for 485..with 140 pending? and then switch to EAD after 6 months?

    I will be completing my 9 yrs for H1 in Jan 2010...;)

    I think there is a way you can file 485 when I-140 is pending. One of my friends did that during July Fiasco.

    Check with a lawyer and be prepared for that moment.


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  • sroyc
    07-30 06:17 PM
    No its official. From Feb 2008 federal skilled worker class is restricted to people with 1 year Canada work or student experience or 38 occupations only.

    Now only people who have studied or worked in Canada on work permit are eligible.

    That doesn't contradict anything I said. I was referring to the 38 occupations where you do not need Canadian work experience. I agree that the list is much more restrictive than before. The other way around it is to have a job offer. All I said was that Canadian work/student experience is not mandatory.

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  • n2b
    07-21 10:16 PM
    EB2 July 2nd 9:00 AM delivered

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  • sledge_hammer
    02-23 04:48 PM
    Pot calling the kettle black! (or should I say brown?)

    my dear.. pretentious pseudo middle class desi...
    i know ppl like you...
    you wear an armani to office but still carrying curd rice and pickel for lunch...
    you rejoice the success of slumDOG..with your liberal friends...with a martini glass filled with water..in hand..because ur amma told u not to drink alcohaal..;)

    according to u ...we are losers because we dont like being called a DOG in 21st century...

    if you want to wag ur skinny brown ass ..eveytime SlumDOG is uttered..thats ur problem..

    07-25 01:48 PM
    Delivered on July/19th.

    07-20 03:09 PM
    How come we didn't have any phone campaign? What were our lobbyists doing?

    I'm glued to C-SPAN whenever anything related to immigration is going on in the senate. This time I wasn't aware of it.

    We need to be more alert this time. Maybe a phone campaign or web-fax campaign would have turned the scale! We gotta be more alert.

    Don't worry. This is not the complete defeat yet, since this ammendment ties into the troops withdrawl bill. The president would have definately vetoed the bill.

    The bigger thing is the SKILL ACT, which has yet to be at the floor. If we really want any success, we have to ensure that the immigration act is passed a a standalone act and not an ammendment to any other bill regarding defense.