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  • ragz4u
    04-12 12:42 PM
    Yours will be cashed soon.


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  • vamsi_poondla
    02-16 10:20 AM
    Assuming @gc28262 doesnt know this because of his personal experiences and exposure, do you guys think *all* consulting companies charge their employees money for the Visas? I know personally only those who doesnt charge. One of the consultants I know strives to differentiate himself from these. He provides benefits like in a large company.

    One thing guys, if you know abuse and are silent because of any reason (could be you want your spouses/brother's H1Bs to go through or any reason), you are all guilty. So, dont try to be naive..

    I dont want to tell anything about L1B because I dont know if there is anything illegal in anything companies are doing. First this is no slave labor. It is a free will employment. Just because somebody is ready to do some work for less, legally, you should not be worried too much. Instead of worrying about billing, try to upgrade yourselves to become better in skills, capabilities etc...your market value will automatically be upheld if not become more. Being an L1B myself, I dont see any single day I felt like I was abused or I am cheated by my company.

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  • Macaca
    06-16 07:37 PM
    immigrants now pay for 90 percent of the agency's budget. They subsidize even non-paying applicants such as refugees, asylum seekers and U.S. military members.
    (Washington Post (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/05/27/AR2007052701118.html))
    The funds provided to jumpstart USCIS’ backlog elimination project have expired and the total number of pending cases has increased. This result does not bode well for USCIS as it must rely on only its own resources to continue the backlog reduction effort. This could be particularly problematic if there is comprehensive immigration reform.

    The DHS Inspector General’s assessment cited in last year’s annual report remains true today: “[. . .] reclassifications, as well as the strategy of relying upon temporary employees, may benefit USCIS in the short-term, [B]will not resolve the long-standing processing and IT problems that contributed to the backlog in the first place. Until these problems are addressed, USCIS will not be able to apply its resources to meet mission and customer needs effectively
    Pages 11-12
    Last June, U.S. immigration officials were presented a plan that supporters said could help slash waiting times for green cards from nearly three years to three months and save 1 million applicants more than a third of the 45 hours they could expect to spend in government lines.

    It would also save about $350 million.

    The response? No thanks.

    Leaders of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services rejected key changes because ending huge immigration backlogs nationwide would rob the agency of application and renewal fees that cover 20 percent of its $1.8 billion budget, according to the plan's author, agency ombudsman Prakash .
    (Washington Post (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/05/27/AR2007052701118.html))

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  • map_boiler
    07-06 11:03 AM
    What kind of charges may be filed under the following points?

    1. Processing and approving 60K I-485's in 2-weeks (12 times normal speed) just to avoid the flood of applications in July, when you consider that their typical speed is around 10K/month. 25K applications were approved in just 2-days (37.5 times normal speed) over the last weekend.

    2. USCIS requested visa numbers for cases where FBI background check was not completed. In other words, they requested numbers before processing could be completed for those cases and I-485s could be approved. Serious issue of lapse of national security here.

    3. USCIS apparently approved I-485's of some people whose dates were not even current in June, even if their FBI check had been completed and I-485 otherwise ready for approval.

    4. USCIS apparently approved I-485's of some people in July after DOS published the updated visa buletin on July 2nd advising that all visa numbers were exhausted for FY 2007.

    Any other points, and possible charges in the lawsuit using those points?


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  • kittu1991
    07-30 07:22 PM
    From now onwards visa dates will be stable. I mean little or big but most of time forward jump .. Not a big swing that we saw for couple of years.

    How can this be true with all the line jumpers EB3 to EB2, EB2 to EB1, EB1 to EBMillionaire.:p

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  • senk1s
    05-21 01:58 PM
    This is unprecedented - NSC was doing Eb3 140's slowly and now they stopped.
    NSC EB2 140 is July 5th 2007 (my friend got approval yesterday by filing in Aug 2007)

    Clear your cache and then reopen browser - you should be able to see MAY 15th update.


    Unbelievable :(
    If it is any more ridiculous, it'll be funny.
    NSC140EB3 is like a sunk treasure ... we need to send Prof Indy to look for it


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  • sbabunle
    04-09 05:58 PM
    Best post so far on this thread :D
    I will never go back. I'll stay legal as long as I could.
    And then I'll stay illegal and make mone :D :D :D


    You can't get more than 10K people to sign up to IV.
    And you can't get more than 300 people to sign up for $20 per month.

    What makes you think you can convince 20-30K people to move with you?


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  • s416504
    07-20 03:16 PM
    Delivered July 2 @11:34 USPS


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  • NNReddy
    04-19 02:31 PM
    I am confident that Obama will come with some kind of immigration bill like he did with health care. Though the bill will not be comprehensive, it will include some benefits to EB reform. The reason obama will pursue this is to secure his political future and win second term.

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  • ondreaming
    01-10 09:29 PM
    Your good fight on the retrogression issue kind of kept us going without giving up. In just a few days what some of you have done with www.immigrationvoice.org is amazing and it truly deserves a lot better than the faint response they have got so far from all of us in this legal black hole. Honestly, I do not care if we are not able to raise 100K dollars for the lobbying efforts for the next immigration bill on February. I don not care if this money is finally lost. It will be money well spent if we all realize that we have to do something instead of waiting years and years and years� Any money is worth the effort regarding our goals, even if our present intention does not succeed. Is worth it!!. Lets move on, hoping for the best� It is worth to try this next immigration bill. Any money spent on this is worth it� Can not you guys see it? More and more years on this black hole!! More years paying our lawyers for H1B renewal, more years for renewal of our driving licenses, more years for our wives to wait, more years for our employers exploiting us� This next immigration bill could be our last chance in many years to get our unfair and sad situation known and probably solved. We would at least raise enough concern about the absurd situation of the legal immigrants� It could be a new Quixote tale, I do not care� A good part of my next paycheck will go to immigrationvoice� Whatever� Keep America growing� America is not just them�. It is all of us� It has always been� It is what America is made of�
    Keep it up�

    Still on dreaming...


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  • webm
    05-22 09:12 AM
    Processing times are based on Received date or Notice Date?

    Its a mixed talk..i believe its based on RD

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  • snathan
    04-21 02:48 PM
    no need to stop laughing....ur loving kids will be laughing more loud than yours in future, when you become old.

    if you have no parents...or no good parents...please don't post stupid comments.

    i know, all honest people will support this.

    this is not new...i saw a website for this....which was signed by 100's 1000's people...could not find it now.

    May be all moved back to home country.........:D


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  • snathan
    04-21 02:23 PM
    Dear Friends,

    Please stay together....we will get this permission.

    If our parents stay in US, US economy will improved. We will be buying health insurance and food for them.
    We will stop sending money to our native country. All money we earned will be spend here. We will be travelling more. Shopping more. etc.
    This will help to improve US economy. I want to see US become super country like how it was when Bill Clinton was president.

    We have a great present now. I was impressed by his speech about family value and raising kids together as family. I am sure, we will get help from him.

    You know, How J2 visa holder got permission to work in US. A person fight for it and got it for many.

    Don't bother about a negative persons comments here.

    If we stay together, we will get this permission. Anyway, after you become citizen you got that permission. We can request gov to give permission to GC holders too.

    Please call the White house and talk to President directly...May be we should be able to get this done by May 1st. Keep us updated.

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  • belmontboy
    02-15 10:56 PM
    2. How many consulting companies do you know do charge their candidates for filing H1 ? I haven't come accross any. It is illegal to do that. If someone is doing that, ICE is after them.

    I am amused by your ignorance. :)


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  • unknown123
    03-24 06:11 PM
    Thanks unitednations,

    The information was very helpful for me and others as well.

    I think my education evaluation and MCA degree doesn't specifically state that my Master's degree was a three year degree course.

    I now have a letter from University stating that it was a three year degree course and we are going for a fresh education evaluation.

    I think the lessons learned here is to make sure that the degree and/or EE should clearly state the duration of course.

    Any other suggestion or past success is highly appreciated.

    Also, my RFE respond date is April 22, 2011 and not March 22nd as mentioned in my orginal post.

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  • lskreddy
    03-17 02:58 PM
    I have listened to a couple of speaches by Bernake in NPR. Basically that guy is completely in the blank on how to handle the economy. He simply says, we are in this mess, because the lenders were very lenient.

    Had you left your first paragraph off, may be people would have paid more attention. To say that the fed boss is clueless shows that you have simplified the problem way too much.

    Have you seen the BearStearns tumble and do you understand the cause and effect it may have had if Fed/JPMC had not come to its rescue? There is a very valid speculation that it may still have a ripple effect on all mortgage brokerage firms. For now, the Fed with its tourniquet with help from JPMC seem to have tried to stop the bleeding.

    And regarding your solution, the market is in a deep trouble with the 30 year loan rates around 7%. There is a very high chance that it may go up because of the risks involved in buying mortgage bonds. This is amidst news that the housing market is yet to bottom out and it may continue to fall at least for another year.

    Good try, even if I had a GC, I would be a little careful to jump into this market. Ofcourse, if I had a 30% down for a 250K home, may be I might get a good deal, but not many can afford a 30% down...

    All the best for all who can and thanks for trying to take the reigns from the fed chief....


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  • aadimanav
    08-20 04:42 PM
    Source: www.immigration-law.com

    08/20/2008: Immigration Reauthorization Bills and Senate Needs a Political Push

    * There are four reauthorization legislative bills in the Congress. (1) Conrad 30 NIW bill , (2) Regional Center Pilot Investment bill (EB-5), (3) Nonministerial Religious Worker R-1 and Special Immigration bill, and (4) E-Verify Electronic Employment Authorization bill. The E-Verify reauthorization bill is very controversial adn currently facing a stong political opposition from political forces. The House passed the first three bills and forwarded to the Senate quite some time back, but as we reported on 08/02/2008, the Senate floor referred the bills to the Senate Judiciary at the last minute before the Senate left the Hill on August 2, 2008. These bills are currently presented to the Senate in two different formats: One is the format of the Senate's consent to each of these House bills separately. The other is Senator Specter's consolidated bill that put together all of these four bills into one bill. Obviously, Senator Specter's strategy must have been to tie the reauthorization bills to the controversial E-Verify Reauthorization bill. We reported that he apparently changed his mind and was pressuring the Senate Majority Leader to introduce E-Verify bill in the Senate first. Accordingly, it is unclear which strategies will work better to get these reauthorization bills passed in the Senate before they return to the election recess in early October.
    * The Senate is scheduled to return to the session on September 5, 2008, Friday, and to pick up the defense appropriation billl debates. The House is not scheduled to return to the session until September 8, 2008, Monday. Procedurally, unless each of the reauthorization bills is consented by the Senate floor without amendment, they will have to go to the conference committee or the House just consent to the Senate's amendment. The problem is the House bills were referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee just before the recess and unless a sufficient political pressure is added to the Judiciary Committee Chairman Lehey, they are destined to go nowhere when it comes to the time frame. On the other hand, Senator's consolidated bill faces its own problem because of the E-Verify reauthorization proposal. Besides, even if the Senate floor quickly takes up this consolidated bill, since it is a Senate bill, it will have to be presented to the House for their consent for the Senate versions. The question is how and when all of these actions will be taken up by the leaders of the Senate. The answer appears to be obvious. The relevant immigrant communities must recharge themselves and act quickly to add pressure on the Senate leaders to take up the bills quickly as soon as they return to the session. Probably it may be too late to attach these bills to the defense appropriation bill which they will pick up on the first day of their return to the Senate.

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  • wahwah
    09-12 09:49 PM
    welcome to the world of retrogression. it is only going to get worse from here on out.
    with the deluge of filings in june/july and aug. this year....the retrogression will get worse. USCIS will not make the same mistake again.

    How the hell can all the catagories after EB3 be current yet EB3 be back logged???? By rights they should be unavilable until we are current.

    This is just so unfair.

    i can not put in to words just how anoyed i am right now.

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  • webm
    05-13 03:46 PM
    One interesting point that came out of that recent hearing.

    PD movement results in both 485 approvals + new 485 filings. CIS blames backlogs partly due to the policy that allows 485 filing whenever PDs are current. if PD movement results in 5 approvals, it also results in 10 new 485 filings and thus a backlog is built over which they have no control.

    So in their opinion, PD movement should only control approvals & 485 filings should be controlled separately. If this happens, there would no backlogs and no one will ask them any questions or drag them to court for hearings!

    I agree with you!!:)..

    Question is when this can happen..a big Q to uscis..Obviously we know they dont respond it for such proper processing and fair justice..

    04-07 02:08 PM
    There will be no movement in May bulletin, but June bulletin will be Jan 1 2006 for EB2. I'm guessing this based on last 3 years, where there was no movement in May but had significant jump every June.

    04-08 02:11 PM
    Gandhi was in S Africa for how many years before he returned to India? If he hadn't been humiliated in S Africa and didn't decide to perform Satyagraha-who knows what shape our freedom movement might have taken?S Africa made Mohandas a "Gandhi"
    Maybe, we all need to go to our home countries-and free them from "beloved politicians":-)

    Gandhi was never an immigrant and was in SA for solving a legal case on a temporary contract. He was always wanting to go back to India but because of the conditions of Indians, he was urged to stay back and help them, he actually went back in between and again came back to SA for a more organized effort.

    The situation now is different. The Durbin Grassely bill lobbyists are basically doing what has been happening in UK where local population do not want Asian immigrants taking high paying challenging jobs in their own soil. They don't seem to care if these jobs go away because the effect will be long term and as such it is a known fact that in these days, we seldom see the immigrant community having a good cooperation, every immigrant feels that one less immigrant, it is good for him.

    This has been happening in every country where highly skilled migrants take job positions in countries like Aus, NZ, UK, Germany etc..

    The US system is harder to crack for anti immigrants than these countries. So they follow this slow bleed approach. On the long run their objectives will be met though it would force out high skilled jobs abroad.

    One good thing is that developing nations must capitulate on this and make their labor laws good and also copyright laws and patent laws so that innovation and products are developed in developing nations and so called developed nations will bleed technology and innovation.