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  • sac-r-ten
    02-11 12:03 PM
    Sorry for this buddy. this denial is so confusing for me. i think you should post it on the attorney forum and talk to a attorney personally.

    all the best. i hope things work out for you.

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  • Macaca
    10-06 09:35 AM
    Macaca, don't get me started on your name

    Dr Ona stands out

    I wish they hadn't closed the blog, I wanted to post on there. I don't see any posts on the link you have provided for the H2B blog on WSJ. Am I looking in the right place?

    No one commented at this H2B blog. This blog appeared without an article as compared to the other which had an article + a blog. BTW, WSJ has more articles on H2B then on EB GC issues.

    Some blogs come and go like immigration bills on the Hill. Have writeups for all occasions.

    Mercury News blog (http://www.mercurynews.com/politics/ci_7091661#recent_comm) is still open. Blog your issues/opinions; needs account. Keep in mind that Mercury News has published EB GC articles but more articles won't hurt!

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  • lazycis
    05-01 09:24 PM
    Actually...with India growing up fast....i do not know if I am wasting time here.....want to go back .....
    If there is no growth in India...then it makes sense to stay here....

    GDP - per capita: India $2,700, US - $46,000
    GDP total: $1.09 trillion v. $13.79 trillion
    Inflation rate: 5.9% v. 2.7%
    growth rate: 8.5% v. 2.2%

    It may make sense for you, I am not completely aware of the situation in India. I agree that the situation with GC is bad for EB3 India, but I think there are plenty of opportunities here as well. Just do not base your decision on emotions, keep your cool...

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  • franklin
    08-22 07:38 PM
    Thanks for your reply. Everybody else is just teasing and making fun instead of answering a simple question.

    (1) Are these steps taken in a sequence?
    (2) Does USCIS update the status of our file so that we know where we are i.e whether our file is stuck FBI Name check or FBI Fingerprint Check, etc..

    I didn't think my answers were making fun or teasing anyone - sorry if you felt that way, I didn't mean them to be interpreted like that.

    The main problem is that no one really knows for sure whether these steps are taken in sequence. There is little to no transparency. There are procedures, but we can not guarantee that they are followed.

    To answer your second part. No, I don't believe there are any standard updates that indicate this, but I could be wrong. I think that there is an update if you clear it, but not if you are stuck in it. Make sense? Pappu has an excellent post that details the name check process http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=12000

    To answer nlssubbu with the query about the "pre-approval" - I don't think it is a 1 time thing. Its a fairly standard USCIS practice. I have a link somewhere to the IO AOS processing manual. If I can find it I'll post it here.

    Do I think they have enough resources to process them all? Absolutely not, but I doubt there will be a rush considering PDs won't be current for a while (esp eb3)


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  • logiclife
    01-06 03:01 AM
    So you want a Greencard? Before you are too old to actually do something with it?

    You've worked all your life to get something decent back. Went to decent schools, worked hard in your 10th and 12th grade, earned your bachelors. Now what?

    "Hey, Look, US is hiring IT people". 24 hours of flight. You land in America. Life is one sweet deal. You are making money in dollars. Japanese cars. Japanese cellphone. American salary. Italian food. Camcorders. Big Screens. Nice laptops. Las Vegas. Cruises. Pride in work. Pround parents at home.

    Life is swell.

    But then its temporary. You need green-card to make it permenant. Then our of nowhere, the word "Retrogression" hits you and ruins your party. You start praying. Look at visa bulletins. Make sure you stop browsing too much internet at work and start working harder to make sure your project lasts longer and you can keep extending your H1s forever.

    There is ANOTHER WAY. Its called REACTING to the problem by DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    People like you and I, who have lost our sleep due to retrogression have gathered together and joined hands to pool resources and hire a professional lobbyist to help push legislation in congress that will raise EB Greencard quota and allow you to file for I-485 even if priority dates are not current.

    The organization is www.immigrationvoice.org.

    Go there. Read the mission of the org. Its non-profit. Its free to join/volunteer and contribute your thoughts. See if its something you can relate to. If you feel comfortable and can trust, then contribute money. If not then you can still post on threads and forums and contribute your thoughts and give ideas. It still beats sitting and doing nothing about something that hurts us so much. After all that you have been thru, why stop now and sulk? Why not act?

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  • srisri007
    05-06 09:44 AM
    GO home and stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself if your 3 year degree and a masters bought for 4k will get you a greencard in eb2.

    That is what exactly I am trying to find. Not in front of a mirror. But searching in forums where I might get correct answer.

    It is not about 4K Masters or 14K Masters.

    I am looking for information on what credentials does USCIS look for when evaluating Masters degree. Is it the Accredition of the University, reputation of the University, Length of the degree.

    I just need a well thought-out answer.

    I can get Masters from well reputed south african university for well below 4K. OR there are diploma mills who sells masters for 8K which are of no worth at all.

    Why r u guys looking at the cost of the degree. Give a thought about why USCIS might deny I-140 when one applies with an US Masters Degree.

    If USCIS does not accept Masters Degree from Aspen which is (Nationally Accredited by DETC). then USCIS might not accept Masters Degree from any university which are acrredited by DETC..

    Let me know if I am thinking anything wrong..


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  • 21stIcon
    02-19 02:40 PM
    You can try @ www.ehealthinsurance.com, but they may need GC to process.

    talk to one of the desi agent who would would help you to get one.


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  • GCVictim
    08-20 10:36 AM
    Is there anyone who went out of US with old AP and returned with new (renewed) AP?

    Please share your experience.



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  • Mr. Brown
    09-13 09:10 PM
    I own a house and haven't even applied for I-485. My PD is Sep 07. It's been almost 2 yrs since my purchase and I couldn't be happier.

    I am thinking of buying a home without waiting for GC approval. I am EB3 I with PD 2006. No hopes of GC in near future. Just want to see the trend....

    Please vote yes if your GC is pending and you own a house.
    Please vote no if your GC is pending and you are renting.

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  • slammer
    01-14 09:29 AM
    well said :) ..months and years are passing by ..it seems more hopeless for EB3 - I. for those who have hopes ..nothing will happen for eb3 till june bulletin ..even then it is a big if. all the world needs to get their green cards then all of china, India eb2 applicants will get their GC's ..and then when US loses all its charm ..and EB3 (I) applicants are in their 50's / 60's - they will get their stupid cards

    I hope there's some movement for WW EB3. We go through CP and cannot apply for EAD/AD or so as we live in Canada and not in the US. Our only chance to legally live and work in the USA is that we will be current an get our interview in Montreal.

    Our PD is Feb/06, do you think there's hope for us to get the interview this year ? We've been current a couple of times in the last 3 years but never got an interview. That really sucks !



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  • red200
    02-06 02:47 PM
    were you able to contact the first employer ? abt this 140
    Hope fully its a mistake

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  • Immi_Chant
    08-03 07:50 PM
    Anyways, thanks RDB for your response.

    But as USCIS is putting so much "efforts" in preadjudication 1000's of cases, can't they say whether we are preadjudicated or not? They Only worry about milking us by increasing visa fee, delaying processing time and all other means...


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  • eb3stuck
    05-11 12:53 PM
    So bottomline is we are stuck as usual ...watch for Bulletins releigously on second week Fridays...and get ready to pack your Bags....as Sept,2006 approaches...

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  • potatoeater
    07-31 08:40 PM
    My inside sources tell me that EB1-I is going to be scrapped, and all those waiting in this queue are to be declared "illegal aliens".

    But cheer up EB1-I, immigration reforms are on the horizon, with big sops for illegals.

    EB1- U (Always)
    EB2- Sep 2010
    EB3-Sep 2010


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  • mhkumar
    06-03 02:57 PM

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  • jsb
    01-15 10:31 AM
    Disagree, the reason you see lot of cases with (older PDs but later RDs) still awaiting approval is because when the PDs were current these cases were still not ripe (e.g: they were waiting name check clearance)....

    My argument was on when your file will be looked at the first time. Of course, to get visa number numerous conditions, such as PD Currency, name-check, various documents, etc., have to be met. What I meant is that your file will be looked at the first time, only after cases physically received at the center reviewing your case (no matter what RD is shown on your receipt) before your case was recieved, have been looked at.

    Thus, even if you name check is cleared, your PD is Current, and you provided all required documents, if there are cases physically received before your case was received (no matter what RD is shown on your receipt) which are still to be looked at (at least once), your file will not be looked at.

    Note that when you call Customer Support, they recognize Receive Date what you see in your online status as "...your case was received on...", which may be quite different than RD on your receipt.

    Processing Dates published in monthly reports for each center are manually entered by their staff, and do not tell whether those dates mean "no case is pending older than this date", or "at least one case has been dealt with past this date", as the truth is something in between.

    Of course, internal processing and handling of physical files could be anything but known to the outside world. For example, it is possible that an officer was given a bundle of cases to look at, but then he/she proceeds on leave for 4 weeks, leaving them on desk to work on his/her return.


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  • fall2004us
    09-22 05:34 PM
    called them all..lets hope for the best:)

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  • mksusa
    12-19 05:25 PM
    My wife's EAD was applied on July 30th. She didnot recieve her EAD for 90 days, hence we took a infopass appointment and went to the local office on 92 nd day. They have informed us that they had sent a RFE on 88th day of filing and we need to wait for another 90 days after we send a response to the RFE.

    Strangely the RFE that she got is for Birth Certificate which is not a required document for EAD.

    I did not read anywhere that 90day count starts from the day when a response to the RFE is sent.

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  • waitingmygc
    02-11 08:17 PM
    Correction : US Masters (18 years) instead of 16 years as mentioned in previous post.

    10-04 05:11 PM
    Any AP renewal approvals from Nebraska recently?

    E-Filed Date: 8/17/2010
    Service Center: TSC
    Supporting Documents Received by TSC: 8/25/2010
    Soft LUDs: 8/25, 8/26, 9/22, 9/27, 9/28
    Approval Date: 9/27/2010
    AP Received Date: 10/1/2010

    Date of approval on the AP is in the future...it is the same date as the expiration of the current AP.

    05-06 01:10 PM
    What we are talking here is whether One holding 3 yr bachelors Degree from India be eligible to apply under EB-2 category after completing Masters Degree from an accredited university.

    If the PERM Job description says " Masters Degree"

    The cheapest place to get a masters is still in India. The IGNOU MCA costs $1000 in India, and they plan to let you take exams in the future in the US. Or maybe you could do everything online and just visit to take the exam.
    MKU, another well known online university has a US branch. I heard an MS is less than $2000.
    Both these are generally recognized in the US