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  • vbkris77
    06-01 07:50 PM
    Senate judiciary hearing witness list has a familier name Roy Beck - our friend from right side. I don't think he intends talk about replacing the word spouse with Partner in INA. So something is going on there.. God I wish I know whats that????

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  • burnt
    08-28 07:29 PM
    Despite all my attempts, nothing happened at NSC. The last resort, Local Congressman helped. The staff did an excellent job, resolved the issue in a matter of hours. Not only my EAD was approved right away, they also arranged a Letter indicating that my case was approved, so that I can present it to my HR.

    Before I called the congressman's office, I did have very little or no hope, as I went thru many things. This is a very happy ending.

    Thanks, and if anyone in the same boat, pls try all your options.

    Good Luck
    Is it a good idea to contact the Congressman even when 90 days are not over. My EAD expires on 18th September and 90 days will get over on 24th September. I have already put in the expedite request with Texas, but haven't heard since then, whether its approved or not. Please suggest what should I do?

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  • akred
    07-04 11:33 PM
    If both parents are Indian citizens, then the child is eligible for primary citizenship of India.

    This is not true. The Indian citizenship rules were changed sometime in 2003 so that children are not eligible citizenship if the birth was not registered within 1 year or if the child has taken some other passport. These children can get Indian citizenship only after attaining 18 years and renouncing the foreign citizenship.

    I think like many Indian government rules, the OCI rules have not been thought out properly.

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  • Jerrome
    03-19 09:55 AM
    I fully agree to this post. If someone is coming here to asking for help, give it if you want. Don't throw shit or try to judge the person. I think these guys are waiting for chance to throw shit at someone, since they have handful

    Did my post suggest in any way that I was defending the guy? I was only ridiculing those who were bad mouthing him.

    Are you suggesting that my post would have scored more points if I came out with more ammunition? I did not post in order to win your accolades. The fact that you felt there is not enough ammunition, suggests to me that you think it is perfectly fine to do all those filthy things I was referring to. This tells me about your moral standard.

    You had to assume that I probably have a criminal issue too, and thats why I was defending the original poster? Is that the best your mind can think of?

    You are sick and tired of defending our community? Do you imply that most people from our community have turned to criminal acts these days, and so you are tired? Because, I have not seen that around the people that I move around with. Is it all too common in your circles and the people you associate with?

    You most probably have half the education that I have, your salary is most likely half that of mine, and your moral standard is probably half that of mine. If I start ridiculing you more, you will suffer sleepless nights. So I won't do it (after this post, I mean).

    You don't post bullshit in a public forum, just because you can't see the people you are talking to, infront of you. Would you dare call the original poster 'thief' if he is standing infront of you? Would you call him that, if he is a friend of your roommate and your roommate brings him over to your house? The internet must be a new technology for you. Please learn how to use it to spread some love.

    To the poster above you:
    It is true that the law does not impose punishments on backstabbers, womanizers, sexual perverts, etc. Prostitution is legal in a lot of countries. The fact that the law permits some things, does not have any bearing on the moral severity or the lack thereof, of those things. Would you choose a 'prostitute' over a 'shop lifter' for a wife? If these are the only 2 options, I would be content with a shop lifter. Would you choose a 'prostitute' because there are no criminal issues involved and you will get your greencard faster?

    Even though not many people have posted in support of my post, my reputation has gone up, and yours probably went down. Please don't respond just because you want a revenge.

    I will always stand up for the one weak guy who is bullied by a 100 really nice & powerful ones. This can't be called defending the act of 'shop lifting' !!!


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  • EndlessWait
    03-01 07:11 PM
    reality is, a contraction of US growth of this magnitude was never anticipated...there is strong fear of deflation!

    its a do or die situation for immigrants. regardless of the visa status EAD , H1, L1, B1...or Z1.. the only hope of us to get a temp fix which helps the housing/eb crisis..

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  • smisachu
    09-22 10:20 PM
    Why don't we mail copies of our degree certificates, diplomas and other credentials? They will know who is more educated..Lou Dobbs or us !!!

    The broken system is causing a reverse brain rain, right? Well How about we:

    1- Each one of us buys 10 bath tub stoppers (you know, the stoppers you use when taking a bath, to stop the water from going down the drain) and mail them to Congress, Media, USCIS, etc- With a letter "Please stop the self-inflicted U.S. Reverse Brain Drain, already 100,000 highly-skilled have left, stop the 10-year green card delays for LEGAL highly-skilled immigrants that is pushing them out of the country in frustration and lured by the boming economies of their home countries. Retain these highly-skilld immigrats that the U.S. needs while American universities train more Americans in the sciences, math and technology that the country does NOT currently have and desperately needs to retain U.S. global leadership and competitiveness"...or something like that

    2-At the same time, we ALL send WHITE roses to Congress (Roses are now IV's trademark, we are known for them and the peace they mean, and roses should probably be on IV's logo too) Attach same note

    THAT will send a strong message!!! (trust me)


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  • mbawa2574
    11-17 08:36 PM
    Hello Guys,
    I need your advice here. Six month ago i joined one of the many blood suckers -Desi cosulting company in new jersey. As you all know, they ask me to sign their contract in which its mention that if i leave their company before 1 year then i need to pay them 15k. Thy also charge me 3k for my H1-B which i am still paying everymonth from my paycheck and we have 70/30. In just six months i am so much fed up with them. These people are so rude...always show their arrogance over phone. I have no libarity to find job by myself. They always looking for higher pay rate sp that their big money tummy get filled up.and i also feel that they didnt told me the right pay rate for the project i am working on right now.

    I really want to leave them, Even before 12 months. Is there any importance of that contract letter i signed with them?. Can they Sue me? What are my options? Please suggest me.....i am in stress.


    Expose these filthy cockroaches @ ur desi bodyshop. They should all be packed and deported from this country. Not only they are blood suckers but give us all the bad name.


    If you On your H1 - What they made you do is illegal. Go ahead and switch the job. In case they come after you, threaten them that u r going to report them to USCIS. No dirt bag will come after you...guaranteed

    Someone wrote in aonther thread about the "greatness" of a blood sucking bodyshops. Can you feel the greatness here................hmmmmm:mad::mad::mad::mad:.

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  • rdehar
    05-02 05:12 PM
    What is this OBC battle you are talking about?
    There you go:



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  • miguy
    05-15 09:22 AM
    How do I find out the processing dates for Montreal Consulate just in case I choose to go CP route.

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  • chi_shark
    10-03 02:12 PM
    even if IOs dont know and even if they reject it, we can at least enforce it through MTR, courts etc if they ever walk into this grey area and actually decide to deny the case based on non-intent to undertake permanent employment... right?

    this is great...

    so does this Q8 and the response mean that the intent of continuing with full time employment applies at the time of applying for I-140 and not at the time of adjudication?????? if that is the case, it will be GREAT!!!! hip hip hurray.. then i really dont need a green card... in a way at least...

    Do you believe IOs understand any of these complex rules? Few days before someone posted that at the time of final GC interview IO even didn't know at all about July fiasco!


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  • The7zen
    04-16 02:21 PM
    Is the donation link broken? I clicked on the donate one time button, and it takes me to smiley page. Did anyone else have this problem.

    If anyone knows the link that works please post.

    I just tried and it works, can you try again....also make sure you log in.

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  • bluez25
    07-23 12:02 PM
    Hey Payton.,

    Once you receive your DS230 form from the NVC you can find the NVC case number on the bar codded sheet. After you submit your DS230 to NVC using that NVC case number you can dial a number and check the status. Mine after 4 weeks says that NVC has completed the processing and forwarded to the Madras consulate on June 5th. Thats how I came to know.

    By the way mine is EB2


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  • sj2273
    08-20 09:09 AM
    Sent emails to:
    Senator Carl Levin (D- MI)
    Senator Debbie A. Stabenow

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  • vinodp1978
    06-28 04:05 PM
    Obviously i was wanting to know what the law states...and not a democratic answer. I dont always expect forums to quote the law correctly - use your judgement!

    Thanks anyway for that answer. My situation is different beacuse with the I-140 PP going away for now...and my H1B expiring Feb 2008...I am left with approved I-140,Labor and retrogressed dates to be eligible for 3yr extension.

    Now that if 140 is pending ...then I am left with EAD as the only option to continue manitaing my status.

    Correct my intrepretation of law if wrong..


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  • srt57
    02-10 07:35 PM
    Thanks styrum. That sheds some light on the issue. From that I deduce that the only way to file an EB2 for jobzone 4 /svp 7 occupation, while minimizing the risk of audits, is for the advertised position to require an MS+0 and nothing else. If someone happens to have a BS+5 then they can use that as a substitute for the MS+0.

    If anyone has been able to successfully file under circumstances negating the above, please do share the specifics with us .

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  • boreal
    08-26 07:09 PM
    Looks like 25% of those still waiting are in 2005 - this blows away the earlier predictions that the dates will advance quickly through 2005 - looks like pre perm cases are considerable! I was hoping that it would reach my PD atleast in Sep 2010, but now, it looks only 50-50 chance (dont ask me how i arrived at the 50-50 number, just pulled some numbers from the air :) )!


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  • raydhan
    04-26 08:30 AM
    A true Masterpiece indeed. I am just honored to be a part of this.

    Have we silenced our critics yet?

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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    10-10 04:22 PM
    Actually, the analysis of numbers and the "math" that you refer to was also done on the prediction threads. So it wasn't really all that useless.

    BTW, I am one of those others who are all over the prediction threads. I don't have a big problem with prediction threads. My PD is Dec 2004; so I do need some comic relief once in a while.

    You want some comic relief? About this one: a friend of mine (from England) applied at the same time as me. We both filed 485 in 08/2004 and our PD is 01/2002, meaning it is current since 09/01.
    We both did FP but he never did the physical (I did it in 05/2005).
    Guess what happened today? His wife (the dependent) just got her GC in the mail!!!! About his? No news!!! Anyway, I told him it was a complete aberration: how could a dependent get GC before the main applicant was approved?
    And how can you get approved when you haven't taken the physical (neither of them has done it yet)!!!
    What do you guys think of this?

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  • anai
    04-03 10:29 AM
    Looks like the guy we engage for our cause gets a shot to speak about immigration on WSJ and guess what he forgets us all together. Great job for picking QGA core team.

    I am just reposting my post from yesterday just so that the people on core can read my thoughts�

    I don�t mean to insult your intelligence, but who ever came up with ideas to ask, celebrities, a noble laurite and other accomplished folks from the immigration community to send faxes does not have the slightest plan on how to make this succeed.

    If this is the kind of ideas the �lobbyists� QGA is giving us, may we need some fresh blood in helping us out. I completely agree �eb3retro� in working with AILA.org in helping us get our message across. PLEASE STOP THIS INSANE IDEA OF SENDING FAXES all the time either from members of IV or asking other people to do it on our behalf. We are hurting ourselves and don�t even know it. As I have said in my earlier posts �We need the Erin Brockovich of immigration to help us on this, and I am the AILA or similar organization can do this for us.�

    Good Luck.

    Other than saying "we need the Erin Brockovich," couldn't you do more for our volunteer organization? Why don't you put on a halter top and become the Erin Brockovich.

    It is easy to criticize what others are doing. You can modulate what IV does simply by becoming more active and involved yourself.

    Also, I don't think QGA ever asked IV to get celebrity endorsements. That idea was from some other member like yourself.

    07-02 11:27 AM
    If DOJ agress what is being done based on country of origin is unjust, in what way can they help?
    Can they ask congress to act? can they order USCIS to recapture lost visas?

    DOJ does not ask congress to act. They directly give orders to executive branch that is USCIS in this case, based on their judgment..

    01-14 12:59 PM
    It appears form the wording in the text that, anyone who has maintained a continuous stay for at least 5 years preceding and up to the date of enactment of this bill, gets to apply for AOS and be granted permanent residence.

    so with respect to EB folks, this provides GC aspirants (with 5 year stay) an immediate relief. The total quota numbers are not modified. Everything stays as is. This appears to be a one time relief to free up the choke in the system (at least for EB).