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  • grupak
    12-17 12:37 PM
    I have pledged on the funding drive thread to pay $20 monthly through paypal (I have also made one time contribution to the fund drive).

    I am writing this to encourage others to send their monthly payment through paypal for amounts less than $50 if you want to. Monthly payments help plan things better for IV.

    Question to the core, if you feel $20 per month through paypal is too much overhead for IV, I can collect my monthly payments and make onetime contributions instead. Its minimal effort for me either way, really.

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  • punjabi77
    08-21 03:42 PM
    Emailed the letter to GA Senator Johhny Isakson (R-Ga).

    I had got a reply back from Another senatoer Saxby CHambliss (R-Ga) for the same letter when i had sent it last month during the initial campaign. He misunderstood the letter and replied back in regards to increase in H1B Quota. So i replied back to his email and clarified on that and pasted the content of the letter again.
    Waiting to hear from him.

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  • sanju
    07-14 05:43 PM
    navkap, you seem to be glued to this thread as if you are paid employee of RobEnder. You think this useless group of people are more important than the BRAVE men and women who participated in the San Jose rally. I did not see your post on San Jose rally thread, Congratulating the IV members for their success. But you have all the time in the world to sing songs of the greatness of this RobEnder guy. Do us a favor, take this post with you when you logout.

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  • greenkard
    03-17 01:55 PM
    Thanks for inputs in the forums.

    EB3-India cannot be discriminated.
    Anyone in EB3 after 2-3 years waiting is qualified under EB2-I. And we see people waiting for much more. How can we be discriminated then. We have to do something.

    We are able to get very good number of people with like minds in Edison, NJ and other big cities with big concentration. We are planning to start a drive against this discrimination, in about 2-3 weeks from now. We would like to write to the honorable policitians and processing centers like Texas and others and to USCIS to treat all fairly.

    1. EB3 India cannot be treated unfairly, wheras EB3-China is much ahead. Why is this.
    2. EB2-India is Feb 2004, wheras EB3 India is Nov 2001 for many years. Why is this.
    3. Why are allowing family immigration when skilled immigrants are waiting.
    4. Why should greencards be counted head-wise, whereas H visas are not.
    5. On the whole, why backlogs and punishing us.

    These are the lines in which our group plan to drive this.,send more ideas.

    For this we need money and more impo'ly efforts, so please contribute smartly as we request below.
    We have teams in all major software hubs like NJ, DC, Livermore, CA, TX, Detroit, and and will need volunteers. We will soon come up with a yahoogroup to communicate.

    We plan to send 10,000 letters and other awareness programs letters to the concerned people.
    We plan to have our small booths in temples where many people will come.
    We will print all the letters, you just need to buy the stamp from us and mail it.
    Or give us an envelope with the 42c stamp. We need about 5-10 from you all.. So its will be $5.00 per head. That way there will be no quesiton of transparency. But if you want to donate more, you are welcome, instead we will prefer you put your efforts in creating strenghr and pass the word.
    We cannot keep quite like this. There is no reason why EB3-India will move forward in current situations and with current rules.
    We know EB2 will be upset, but based on your contribution, we can fight together, else we will go alone. EB3 is big enough to go by itself.

    We plan to wear white dress with white caps.. for peace.. So we can be easily spotted. Give us a envelopes and stamps.. or we will give you addresses to send and the document.. As you wish...Or buy the stamps from us and take the printed content from us in free envelopes.


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  • rashu_gulati
    08-13 06:36 PM
    I got a new job and joined on EAD. left 3 yr h1 validity for this job
    Current ead expires on sept 5 th, if i don't get renewal by then , i would lose my job as it's big company. I field on June 24th and receipt date is june 25th
    any inputs if i can do anything before 90 days

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  • belmontboy
    01-16 12:45 PM
    Another example my ex-boss in US had. There was a homeless person in his area and he used to see him almost every day. One day he decided to do something, talked to him and asked him to sign-up with his church rehab group, get him a job etc....My ex-boss was serious but the homeless promptly rejected all the offers and instead he just wanted to remain as homeless only. He didn't even want to try....


    USA is land of opportunity.
    Moral of the story, homelessness in this country is by choice not by chance!


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  • Michael chertoff
    04-21 01:49 PM
    A Quick Question.

    Can parents stay here for 5 1/2 months go back for say a month or two and come back again for 5 1\2 months? Would this pattern be suspected during visa renewal?

    No problem, my parents are doing this from last four years. Six months here and six months in India.

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  • gaz
    08-26 04:22 PM
    i do wonder if the poll results from earlier polls if used to compare with the current one would help get an idea of the trend - kind of overlaying the snapshots in different points in time and then determining what the situation was and what is and then extrapolating based on data that is already known/ published by uscis applied to the trend. question is if we have the poll data from earlier polls?

    I have also been wondering how to extrapolate this to total numbers. Its probably a good reprsentation of spread. (ie. 1% is 2003 and earlier, 20% are in 2004). but actual numbers???
    if you choose to multiply 2004 by 10, we should also multiply the total votes (300) and assume that wehave only 3000 pending485 applications... that does not seem right. More like x75 or x100 based on whatever we have been hearing...

    Note that in some cases this is just one person who responded to the poll in a family of 2 or 3. Their PDs are the same (most probably) but the count of cases would need to be adjusted.


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  • chanduv23
    07-08 02:31 PM
    One of my co-worker was in same boat. His desi employer revoked his I-140 when he took fulltime employement in 2005. He got his GC finally.

    I am in same situation. As of yesterday, my previous employer would have revoked my 140.

    I already sent the AC21 letter, there are no LUDs. My attorney says, chances that the letter may not go into the file are high and the reason we send AC21 paperwork is to keep a record that we sent. I took a screen shot of the DHL tracking info too.

    Any ideas how to ensure that AC21 paperwork is getting into your file.

    The answers I see on this forum is
    (1) USCIS is overwhelmed with documents so mail can be trashed
    (2) USCIS clerk does not know how to handle the paperwork
    (3) USCIS certifying officer is not well educated about AC21

    Any idea on how to ensure AC21 paperwork really goes into your file.

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  • jgh_res
    04-15 06:55 PM
    Sorry to hear abt your situation. But buy some insurance either thru COBRA or just generally. Dont go to emergency room without insurance. Not a wise idea.

    The last thing you want to worry abt is medical insurance.

    I know couple of states like atlanta & texas with out having insurance also they will admitted the pregnent people.

    In atlanta



    Ask them if they have any chain system or else you can go for atlanta (That is the worst situation.) I know they charge only very less amount..... Please let me know if you need any thing else.


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  • ssingh92
    11-01 08:05 PM
    I only see 3 approvals in Oct...

    I asked my attorney he said that I need to wait at least 1 more year. The Nov and Dec are gone in holidays. These Gov emp are worst then Indian Gov Emp.

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  • H1b Guy
    11-15 02:12 PM
    Thanks Everybody..........for your suggestion and advice......you guys are great...


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  • walking_dude
    08-15 10:49 AM
    There is nothing in the USCIS memos to suggest that USCIS has implemented any such policy. CR you talked to may be ignorant and giving wrong info. Or it may be deliberate to reduce the number of (repeat) calls.

    I would suggest recording the conversation with CRs so that we have proof of this conversation. Don't forget to ask his/her name and id number while doing this.


    The customer service representative told me to take an info appointment further to get the Interim EAD. I have explained him that local offices are not giving Interim EADs and surprisingly he told me the following thing.

    "You can continue the work with I765 receipt notice provided your employer is OK to continue and told me to provide the receipt notice to the employer as a proof of your application is in pending. As I am surely aware of the fact that in order to continue the work we must have an approved physical EAD. I was totally surprised and asked him "Are you sure?? can we continue the work with the receipt??", he replied "Yes and only if your employer agrees for that!"

    I have no clue???? What to do, friends please share your thoughts on this.

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  • dilbert_cal
    04-05 11:45 PM
    P.S: Just to be clear, I am referring to Regular Updates to DONORS i.e CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS

    Cant help but chuckle on your choice of words - DONORS = CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS.

    So, others who volunteer their time, ideas ... are not CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS if they haven't paid 25 dollars in March ( since DONOR status started from March and 25 dollars is what is required to be a DONOR )

    From a person who is in senior management position I'd expected better choices of words.

    Now on to your point of more regular updates -- let me ask you this - do you give weekly updates to your subordinates every week ? Do you share your strategy plans every week ? I believe whenever their is a material update to be shared, IV core will share it - predicting the frequency of it OR assuming that you will get an update every X days and see a progress is not a good practical idea.

    My apologies to you for my reply here and given your PD and the wait you had been through I can understand sometimes its hard to have any more patience but asking for more regular updates or calling DONORS as the Contributing Members is not going to help us in achieving our objectives.


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  • lazycis
    05-01 09:24 PM
    Actually...with India growing up fast....i do not know if I am wasting time here.....want to go back .....
    If there is no growth in India...then it makes sense to stay here....

    GDP - per capita: India $2,700, US - $46,000
    GDP total: $1.09 trillion v. $13.79 trillion
    Inflation rate: 5.9% v. 2.7%
    growth rate: 8.5% v. 2.2%

    It may make sense for you, I am not completely aware of the situation in India. I agree that the situation with GC is bad for EB3 India, but I think there are plenty of opportunities here as well. Just do not base your decision on emotions, keep your cool...

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  • chanduv23
    07-09 12:11 PM
    I am not saying that it is working on the USCIS. We dont know yet coz the flowers start reaching there tommorow. If it is working on USCIS, we would know by the end of the week. Not now.

    But it is working on the media.

    What I am saying is we are getting a good amount of attention from a lot of newspapers - which is important to create more awareness on the plight of half a million law abiding immigrants and the backlogs they are facing.

    Make it as visible as possible in the most peaceful manner. Thats the idea here. I think we must keep the flower campaign going and encourage more members.

    I sent mine out on Saturday and is scheduled tomorrow.

    Folks - employers, lawyerss. etc... everyone have backed off. AILF lawsuit is a fragile attempt, we are on our own


    Get as much media attention as possible. Get international media attention. Let Chinese, Indian, Australian media be all over this .....


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  • sriramkalyan
    05-28 06:26 PM
    It is getting clear now why Legal Backlogs are not touched in this present Bill.
    Because Home Land Security Dep budgets depend on them..If backlogs are gone .. Budget is gone ...

    So our backlogged cases will not get relief ..Looks like this will remain unfair reality

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  • black_logs
    01-24 09:57 AM
    Guys we are seeing some contributions like 20$, 30$ anything is better than nothing, but please understand the cause we are fighting for. It is very urgent for all of us(including yourself). Volunteers have allready contributed/spent $500+. Your life and not even your monthy budget is going to change with a contribution of 100-200$.
    So please come forward and make your contribution.

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  • cjagtap
    08-27 04:35 PM
    I will be facing the same prob if i dont get my extension in-time. At least EADwill work,meanwhileI am filing for my H1B extension ,but dont want to spend another 1000$ just to expedite the process for DL...
    let me know what is the best plan in such case...

    10-30 01:19 PM

    Like I said earlier I pretty much feel the same way as you do. I want my spouse to be able to work for a couple of years before I think of moving back to India. But in reality having waited so many years do you think either you or myself will move back 2 years after getting the GC? Don't you think you will be tempted to wait 3 more years get the US citizenship and then move back? I have a few friends who are pretty much just waiting to get citizenship to move back. their argument is that we waited several years to get a GC and we don't want to just throw it away.

    As for making H1B more humane I think it will never happen.

    Most H1B holders get very good offers when they move back to their home countris after say 10 years. But the H4 spouse who spent al these years rotting in the USA again have to continue rotting....Their prospects are dim. So I want to get my GC. Let my spouse work here for couple of years and move back to my Own country.

    So why not H1b made more HUMANE ?;) ;) ;)

    10-03 07:37 PM

    This is indeed a gloomy and (in my view credible) story. The only thing possibly that can help us within the current laws, is the visa overflow from EB1 and EB2 ROW.

    Lets hope for the best. The Nov. Visa bulletin will be confirmatory.