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  • slowwin
    03-23 04:35 PM
    Guys shx, boreal and others,

    stop this mindless ranting... and pontificating....

    The OP wanted an advise, so please give one , constructively. As far as consequences for anyone's actions they will suffer from it. There will be no escape whether in this issue or in any other issue in life.

    I have noticed many posts in the recent past wherein the forum discussions degrade to personal battles real quick. The persons involved feel the need to respond to an irky post by upping the ante. Stop this game of one upmanship....

    peace............., all of you.

    Isnt the goal of Education to make a person a better person, morally and otherwise? Is this what your education got you to? All of your Education (I am assuming you have four MS degrees, two PHd, as you have twice mine, and about 300K salary) is a total waste, if you stick up your head to support someone who does shop-lifting and have no qualms about it ( i have definitely not seen any statement to that effect from the OP, just seeking "immigration" advise). I can only think of a myriad number of reasons why you want to support this guy..maybe you yourself might have sticky hands my friend? Or maybe you are the same guy posting with two IDs and supporting your shop-lifting by such BS? I have no idea and am not interested either.

    Try browsing the anti-immigrant nut websites and try answering their type-casting immigrants by the acts of few, and then you will understand what i am talking about. Till, then, probably, you can take all of your fancy-a** education, fat salary and shove it up!

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  • skillet
    07-19 11:36 AM
    EB2 Delivered on July 9th / UPS

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  • fromnaija
    07-11 02:25 AM
    Here is the comment I posted to the release:

    The credit for this flower campaign should rightly go to Immigration Voice, a grass-root advocacy group representing the interest of high-skilled employment based immigrants. Immigration Voice.

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  • laborchic
    10-12 01:43 PM
    If you see a guy wearing a black suit and a pink tie in the party today than thats NOT me...

    he he he .. I am getting in party mood already..


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  • casinoroyale
    06-26 03:42 PM
    Our attorney said one can apply for a renewal even from a different country, the clause that one has to be physically present in US is only for the initial I485 and AP application.

    I have applied for AP renewal on June 23rd and am traveling next month to India for 2 months will be back before my current AP expires i.e. Oct 10th. My attorney actually asked me to apply for renewal before I leave for India.

    Thanks for sharing the information.

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  • drirshad
    10-23 09:34 PM
    Just a question, r u from India or ROW .........

    R u EB2 or EB3 .............

    Let us know when u get the gc ............


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  • desi3933
    06-18 03:06 PM
    I am planning to file EAD/AP for my wife who is on H4 along with adjustment of status application. Will she continue on her H4 status till she gets EAD/AP?

    There are 2 ways in which current H4 status changes to AOS Pending status:
    1. By working on employment using EAD
    2. The primary applicant loses H1-B status for ANY reason

    Please check and verify details with your attorney/lawyer. This is NOT a legal advice.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002

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  • tonyHK12
    05-06 01:10 PM
    What we are talking here is whether One holding 3 yr bachelors Degree from India be eligible to apply under EB-2 category after completing Masters Degree from an accredited university.

    If the PERM Job description says " Masters Degree"

    The cheapest place to get a masters is still in India. The IGNOU MCA costs $1000 in India, and they plan to let you take exams in the future in the US. Or maybe you could do everything online and just visit to take the exam.
    MKU, another well known online university has a US branch. I heard an MS is less than $2000.
    Both these are generally recognized in the US


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  • arnab221
    10-05 10:12 AM
    Looks like fruits of the rally are beginning to show up. All of a sudden the GOP is extending support for the immigration bill for the highly skilled . The below news articles reflect this news . Looks like the GOP and Dems have finally found common ground on this one .



    GO IV GO .

    Rally Participant ( 2 + 1)
    Regular $ constributor .

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  • amitga
    06-12 12:56 PM
    There is a saying in accounting world "Figures don�t lie, liars will figure it out." We keep on doing the same thing. Try to make numbers that look good. The truth is the dates for India And china cannot and will not move until some legislative changes are made. The legislative changes will only happen when we all get united and ask for those changes aloud. The key to success is unity and joint participation.


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  • sayantan76
    09-22 12:20 PM
    I agree that asking for complicated changes is a pain. But after meeting the lawmakers, I realized that this is the BEST way. Even the lawmakers agree and attest to this.

    You are doing a reality check without even being there. Which, let's face it, is not really a reality check. It is more of your opinion and assumption.

    Lets also not confuse facts vs opinions. The fact is that meeting lawmakers and educating them about our point of view is the key to this whole GC mess.

    Let me ask you a simple question. What CAN be the "perceived benefit" from a rally like this that would make you think that it would be worth attending? Is it something like a guarantee for a GC in 2 months or a bill that passes next month that does everything we legals want? What is it?

    Bringing attention to lawmakers about our plight. Bringing the issue right up to the Capitol. Bringing the issue up for even discussion in the various immigration meetings that are held every other day. Are these benefits not important enough for you?
    appreciate your comments - but as i said in my post clearly that I accept the probability that my views are wrong.....

    ""on the other hand if one day it so transpires that this rally was the historic starting point of major immigration reforms triggered by a group of pioneering individuals - i would have no choice but to eat my words and hang my head in shame that i did not attend.............""

    But look at it this way......i already have my GC but i share the pain and frustration of folks who do not..if a 7 month wait process for me was frustrating - i can understand what a 7 year process would be to others like me....if people who are waiting saw the utility of the rally....there would have been more than 2,000 in DC.........but clearly they did not.......i was willing to give it a shot - but unfortunately could not and did not want to specifically postpone something else to make it to DC.......

    People have been quoting Gandhi and his South Africa protests.........those were different times and different issues.........colonialism, racial discrimination etc.......if the american govt is non-responsive to the demand from 60% of its own citizens to withdraw from Iraq - how can we realistically expect it to react with super haste to our requests....besides gandhi had the courage to stand up to police brutality, get arrested etc.....in today's days and age - as white collared professionals - do we have the guts and will to do that? For example - we cannot even strike (non cooperation/ civil disobedience movement)....because we get paid by our respective private sector employers.....and our grudge is against the Govt - who do we strike against......?? and if we do strike or court arrest or adopt other forms of civil protest and by chance run up a police record in the process.......who would employ us in the future...in Gandhi's days - they did not have electronic background checks......!!

    Another take - if US can have an endless source of temporary workers coming in, paying into income tax and social security taxes and medicare taxes for a few years......and going back without claiming a single dime of social benefits......its the best possible situation for US....a forever young, qualified, minimum wages (i.e prevailing wages) earning tax paying transient population supporting/ subsidizing an archaic and otherwise struggling social security and healthcare system.

    another point people have been harping on (apologies for bringing this up but this is my only pet peeve amongst all the other wise great things that happen on this forum).......america's competitiveness and risk of reverse brain drain........personally - i think most people dont care two hoots about these issues - these messages and slogans are not out of a new found love for america but to create a nice "politically correct shield" for people's own private agendas (and the collective agenda of all of us) - to get a GC. Are we here to improve america's competitiveness (if that was the primary purpose of our coming here - shame on us for not staying back and improving our respective motherlands' competitiveness) or our own future - if the latter - lets call a spade a spade.........

    so - whats the "so what" from my post? is it to critique what IV is doing - no! The "so what" is - unless there are drastic and dramatic measures - concrete changes are not possible........small procedural victories - maybe........drastic change.....no way!

    just to take the "popular" Gandhian analogy a step further......There was Home Rule League and Congress in existence in India for a long time.....their objective was to petition the British Govt for small changes........and their ultimate goal was to get dominion status for india......only when Gandhi came on board plus supporters of other proactive forms of protest.....like Subhash Bose.....Tilak etc and the armed freedom struggle started (Bhagat Singh, Azad et al)......did Congress wake up and ask for "purna swaraj" (complete independence).......so from 1885 (founding of congress) to 1930 (Lahore Session of Congress when purna swaraj declaration was made) - nothing happened......british empire went from strength to strength.......then in 17 years - India got independence.......

    pl think about what i wrote objectively......and dont jump on me just because i am playing devil's advocate

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  • rav_234
    09-22 03:28 PM
    Hello To the IV Core Committee,

    Thanks to you all for the tireless efforts in pushing the immigration reforms forward .

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to give my thoughts on this important Bill HR 5882 that is due for hearing on the 23 Sept'2008 after several postponmetns / adjournments.

    I guess that we are fortunate that our Honbl Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is visiting the USA during this week and is scheduled to meet the President George Bush to discuss various issues related to US - Indai Relationships / businessess etc.

    I feel that if the IV Core committe makes use of this golden opportunity to meet up with our PM and request him to also discuss on the pending immgt bill that would help several of us.

    I'm not sure how best this advise of mine sounds,but i think there is nothing wrong in trying out.

    Hope the IV core committe consider this view of mine.

    Thanks again to one and all and in particular to the IV folks.




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  • gc_bucs
    06-04 03:13 PM
    We applied for our sons PIO card in NY in person and we notarized the photo copies to be safe.

    Haha... Typo.... Anyways, any idea on my original question?

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  • geesee
    07-16 11:01 AM
    It shows your knowledge about life insurance, go check it out on web for senior citizens quote and why life expectancy is beyond 65 and how to pass wealth to heir

    Please! do let me know if you find any insurance company offering a million dollar whole life insurance for $100 a month!! :eek::eek::eek:

    As someone said, you really need good luck finding one!


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  • gg_ny
    04-03 02:32 PM
    Hi Ragz4u,

    This is THE time to stop answering negative mails,and convincing chronic doubters. It definitely distracts. Maybe until the bills gets to voting on the Senate floor, we should all unilaterally stop spilling out our doubts and apprehensions on to the forum. Any serious chronic and obsessive doubters should write a PM to Ragz4u or any other internal contacts.

    Now, coming to more useful part: Many of the universities and research institutions employ chinese and Indian postdocs and researchers on H1. Many of them sponsor GCs via EB2 and rarely EB1. Although many members here in the forum are under EB3 (isn't it?), the retrogression affects both EB2 AND EB3. The catch is, these institutions come under (many of them if not most) a category called non-profit, no cap etc. Looks like they cannot, as institutions, lobby against retrogression. I personally tried to do this in my institution but I was turned away; also my institution is very small unlike for example: University of California schools, or University of Texas schools. In all these institutions, the affected researchers work for individual Nobel laureates, accomplished professors (both chinese and Indian origin AND native born Americans) who can support the efforts. That requires a nodal point for information exchange. One side, IV can do this and on the other end, there are somethings called: postdoctoral fellow associations in many universities.
    They are cataloged at: http://www.nationalpostdoc.org/
    It will make more sense for an organization like IV trying to convince NPA to raise this issue than individuals like me. I have been in science for 14 years and I say from my experience.

    There are two renowned science journals that talk about career issues.

    The journal Science www.sciencemag.org has a portal called NextWave that deals with career issues of scientists. They frequently write about many visa issues but they need to be dealing with a resource to write about retrogression etc.


    Another equally good portal belongs to Nature journal:

    Eveybody talks about retaining best talents back in US but there is no support heard from academic communites on this. So instead of answering
    chronic doubters, IV should try to reach out to these organizations.

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  • belmontboy
    03-15 09:56 PM
    Thank you for all quick replies.

    It's been about an year the case has been closed. I can't expunge it for 4 more years. The attorney said it may not be under CMT. I think even though we expunge it, in future where ever we go, if asked that ever got arrested, we need to say YES right?

    My attorney says it should be OK.. I am not sure what to be done as you said it all depends on the VO

    I am praying god for the silly thing have done and help me in this..

    Never repeat a mistake again...

    Guys, please help me if any one knew any info...

    Thank you very very much!!!

    When the VO asks, you would be pretty much justifying why you are "not inadmissible"

    Just write down the facts that support your case, and have documents ready (like court disposition, may be a written statement from immigration criminal attorney that your conviction doesnot render you inadmissible).

    While i don't know whether you did intentionally, but certain silly things like this can change somebody's life forever. I hope other wouldbe immigrants learn lesson without actually having to go through this personally.

    While i have no vested interests, but money to immigration attorney is worth for such things.

    Good luck


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  • riva2005
    04-12 12:40 PM
    I think this has been discussed on some other thread.. would it be a good idea to make the contributions public.. may be, this encourages others to contribute, when they realize how much more is needed to reach the monetary goal.

    In January, IV already said that they raised nearly 200K in 2006. Also, there are federal reports on www.opensecrets.org and senate's office of public records about how Immigration Voice spent money. They spent nearly 140,000 in 2006.

    I think that is enough transparency. There will be more when they file tax returns.

    Its not that people dont trust IV with money. I think people are just fine with waiting for 10 more years for Greencard. That's why, the core group should shut down this nonsense and do something better with their time.

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  • Hassan11
    02-08 03:44 PM
    I am in a similar situation. I applied for my first LC based on Skilled employee (Category 3) because my first job financial analyst only required a bechelor degree even though I have a masters degree then I filed for the I-140 (priority date May 2005). then I got a promotion to a senior financial analyst which requires a masters degree. so I automatically could apply file a second LC to file under (category 2 which is current). however my cecond LC was denied because the DOL thinks that there is no difference between the 1 job (financial analyst) and the second job (senior financial analyst) with the same company. so I checked with my lawyer and he said that I can file for appeal so the DOL will review their decision and realize that it was wrong. I did file for appeal in Sep 2006 and I ve been waiting since then. does anybody know or have any idea how long the appeal normally takes so they can make a decision on my case?? please advise. Thank you

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  • EndlessWait
    02-24 03:03 PM
    There have been several threads on this. I know IV was looking into it. Any update on this ????

    I can't see a better time to help the US economy if we can buy houses for faster GC.

    IV should make this top priority and discuss with the President staff directly.

    01-26 05:06 PM
    I was not optimistic about EB3 situation a while ago but the situation has changed, i think we are fast approaching the end of this dark tunnel and we will soon see light :)

    Only for a little while after that agian dark for an year.

    12-06 09:54 AM
    I have not tried it myself, but a couple members did and it worked. I also know about folks receiving EADs after filing lawsuits. There is still rule of the law in this country. Try follow my instructions and see the results.

    I was at USCIS this morning, followed every thing you suggested. My IO officer was actually a desi guy.

    1) They completely refused to look at the received date, I had my EAD (765) receipt, but the IO said he only cares about the receipt date. I even has the print out from USCIS.gov in which they have mentioned that they will honor the date on which applications were received in the mail room but he did not budge. His argument was " That update is in the over all scheme of things, but for EAD they have specific instruction to follow only the date they entered the data in the system"

    2) I was not allowed to see a supervisor, the IO did talk to the supervisor but did not let me see her.