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You Don't Want this Shoe.

Only a few times in your life do you meet that special someone – that *gulp* moment. We're glad that Sam Edelman could provide the introductions. Meet Quinly. She first caught our eye at a shoe launch in February. We were smitten. We can't stop talking about her ... and facebooking her and tweeting her and photographing her and tearing out her ads from magazines and taping them to our beshrined walls. Restraining order, you say? Our enthusiasm is uncontainable.

Just look at her in Vogue's April ad campaign. She's our Summer Stunner (a little pet name we coined ... four syllables stumbling down the tongue). She is definitely the shoe you want, the shoe you must have. But hands off! She's ours. Every lady should have a little bedazzle in her shoe collection. Just, you know, find your own. Quinly's ours.