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A Beginner's Guide to Finding Women's Golf Shoes

There's nothing quite like the satisfaction you get from finding the perfect pair of shoes. Especially when you have been searching high and low for a specific kind shoe and you finally find it. It doesn't matter what sport you enjoy, there is a pair of shoes that will (improve) your performance. Golf shoes are no exception. The right pair can transform your game and give you many hours of comfort on the golf course.

There's little argument about the importance of a good pair of golf shoes. The right pair of women's golf shoes can drastically improve your performance on the golf course. The perfect pair will keep your feet comfortable, supported and stable during the many long walks around the golf course.

If you are looking for the perfect pair, read on for some great tips that are guaranteed to improve your golfing experience.

The basics:

1) Good fit: These shoes are made for walking, and make no mistake; you will cover many miles in your chosen pair of golf shoes. Look for shoes made of breathable materials that will keep your feet dry and aerated at the same time.

2) Solid spikes: Even though the days of metal spikes are over, there are many robust plastic blends that are perfect for providing the traction you need to have a powerful swing.

3) Waterproof: Many of the first golf shoes were made of leather, because they were durable and waterproof. Today, they come in a variety of materials. Each choice has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

4) Good quality: If you are spending a fair amount of money of a pair of shoes, you want them to last for a few seasons at least. Read up about the various brands and try to get a sense of which ones are the most popular.

5) Some more advanced features: If you are prepared to splurge a bit on your golf shoes, you might want to look out for those that utilize some of the latest advances in design. There are all kinds of great climate control materials and designs that are guaranteed to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature, no matter where you are golfing. Also look for anything that adds stability, such as a midsole frame, as you want as much stability as possible in your chosen golf shoe.

Finding golf shoes can be challenging, especially if you don't particularly enjoy the shopping experience. When buying them there is no way around the fact that you are going to need to visit a few stores and try on a few pairs of shoes. In the world of women's golf there are a few brands that stand apart from the rest. The Footjoy range is especially popular with female golfers, but there are other brands that have fabulous models too. Nike, Ecco, Crocs, and even designer labels like Ralph Lauren all make fantastic ranges that are both stylish and functional.

Use these tips to find the best pair of women's golf shoes for yourself, and enjoy the sensation of happy feet on the golf course for many seasons to come.