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  • n2b
    09-05 05:18 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    I am back again. This forum is outstanding when it comes to reliable information....

    I work for a reputed US Consulting firm. They under-pay you and make you over work. They market fake resumes in a polished way. YES... IT is TRUE. Don't just blame the desi consultants.

    I am on a EAD. I wanted to switch to hourly basis and wanted to see if there are any direct vendors who would be ready to pay better rates. Desi Consulting Co. is out of question. From my experience, Robert Half is bad too. Is there a better way to market yourself..to the employer?

    Any help will be appreciated. !!

    It would make more sense to compare and brainstorm if you can post the skillset you have in mind and the rate you wish for?

    I agree that being on EAD or having a GC puts a person in a better situation compared to H1B but the bottom line is the skillset in context, demand for that skillset and expertise that one has in that skillset.

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  • franklin
    06-13 10:11 PM
    Hey bkarnik,

    As the report said that there is a possibility that there will be a loss of 40k visas. My question to you is What will be the I485 processing date in the Visa Bulletin if we assume that 40k visas are not loss by the agency. You guess estimate is also fine.

    I don't think it will make a huge amount of difference. The visa loss is due to lack of manpower in processing applications. Now there will be even more applications and presumably no extra hands to approve them.

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  • greencard_fever
    08-23 12:51 PM

    I have seen lots of posts about pre-adjudication..how do we know if any case has been pre-adjudicated or not?...recently i got an RFE on my spouse case for Marriage Certificate and Birth certificate bonafide..there is no RFE on my case and had an FP done on 08/11/2009 second time and noticed soft LUD on my case on the day of FP...dose this means they are working on my case...:confused::confused:

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  • sorcerer666
    04-19 08:24 AM
    Thanks for the link, planets !
    Tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh........... :(

    haha !! Totally agree! Nothing is going to happen


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  • casinoroyale
    06-25 02:41 PM
    " application is accepted ", just to be sure, you mean, its not " application is approved " ?

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  • Pagal
    01-15 04:22 PM
    Very interesting arguments!

    My PD is Feb 2005 and RD is Oct 2007 (post Jul 07 fiasco). But my application still moved and I had to appear for an interview with IO at local office in Dec 08 (of course, now again it is in pending status).

    So, IMHO USCIS may be using a combo of PD/RD to process the cases...


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  • Macaca
    06-16 06:54 AM
    Is there any information on what an "easy" case is?
    I haven't seen one so far!

    It appears, easy case is a subjective decision made by a USCIS worker based on amount of time needed for the case.

    It is a job scheduler that schedules the shortest job first with a subjective estimate of the time needed to process the case.

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  • lacrossegc
    07-20 04:53 PM
    If you look at THOMAS it actually shows that Yeas are 55 and Nays are 40
    So the bill passed the voting ....
    but it failed because it was ruled "out-of-order" and hence rejected ...
    I dont know why it was ruled out of order ... maybe because it was attached to the defence spending bill so it was not the right place to put in this kind of amendment....

    I hope that Yeas mean YES and Nay mean "NO" or I need to get my head examined


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  • lazycis
    12-06 06:39 PM
    Is it possible to do so ? Can we apply for 2nd EAD application even without first one, and having got the receipt notice for first one ? If yes then this is a good solution, but then who knows how long the 2nd one will take to be approved, making it a worthless effort.

    It is possible, but what's the point? It will have later receipt date. It is better to file a lawsuit to force the USCIS to issue EAD. It will cost only $350 :)

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  • jungalee43
    09-22 06:21 PM
    I've started calling and made first call to the chairman's office. I told the man that I'd called to express my grattitude and thank the chairman. Then I requested the chairman to take a yes/no vote on this bill and to take the bill to its logical conclusion, at least in the Jud Committee.
    Please remember, "thank you" packs awesome power and all members should convery their thanks to the chairman and request a vote on the bill for logical conclusion.
    I have not finished calling yet and I will update the poll only after I have made all the calls. From this thread it looks like the hearing is on 24th. If that is the case I will make the calls tomorrow so that I could actually talk to someone.

    i checked again, the hearing is tomorrow i.e on 23rd itself. I got to make calls.


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  • hopefulgc
    07-04 02:22 PM
    I am not sure how encouraging it will be for you to hear about some of our friends in tristate area.
    Pretty much like you (Desi employers, 80/20 or 70/30 arrangements, found contracts through dice/monster/hotjobs, filed in jul 07 fiasco and AC21'ed off to full time positions). There is nothing wrong with these arrangements but unfortunately they are considered pretty much illegal from the H1b & immigration point of view.

    Employers of many of them who have received their GC and many who are pending are currently being investigated. First they closed the gaping hole called substitution and now they are after all these sketchy employers and the petitions pending/approved through them.

    It sucks for people whose petitions have been approved and are now trying to crystallize their lives by buying homes, etc. Administration holds the trump card in that they can revoke GC/citizenship anytime.

    Few of these desi employers were nice enough to notify the beneficiaries. Many of these cases involve people who filed for EB2 i-140 to capture their EB3 dates after changing employers.

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  • NKR
    01-14 01:29 PM
    I hope that this holds good for existing GC applicants too. When perm was introduced the existing applications was pushed to the BEC black hole. Many of us had to wait for a couple of years while watching the newer perm applications getting approved.


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  • ssd213
    05-22 02:58 PM
    contributed 100 USD via pay pal today

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  • kumar1
    08-01 11:07 PM
    Everyone is going to get citizenship .. yes right citizenship by next year.. no GC business.

    Now everybody say "AMEN"

    Very true, I will be a SENIOR CITIZEN pretty soon.


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  • The7zen
    04-16 02:21 PM
    Is the donation link broken? I clicked on the donate one time button, and it takes me to smiley page. Did anyone else have this problem.

    If anyone knows the link that works please post.

    I just tried and it works, can you try again....also make sure you log in.

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  • sangarmool
    04-06 11:24 AM
    May Bullet will come out when?


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  • gauravsh
    07-02 10:05 AM
    I support this cause. if we go through this path we can also fight for our ssn and medicare. if we are able to get that amount than we can go back with our hard earned money.

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  • tikka
    07-06 12:46 PM
    maybe you can help with other action items?
    you have motivated many folks and we could use help on the contribution fund, media drive, diggs etc

    Thank you

    Is there any Specific date, I mean when AILF is filing the case...USCIS is announced they are gonna reject the applications..but did they rejected any single application?? We will come to know after 4 or 5 weeks abt our applications (As per USCIS rep)....I think there must be some time limit to file a case...and we dont have a base to file a case until they reject it.

    Finally they dont reject application nor they will accept it...

    Guys send flowers with all your comments on JULY 10TH...we may get media and political atten...

    this is just my 2 cents.


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  • zigma
    08-01 07:29 AM
    Looking at this scenario, it makes all the more sense to move to Canada.
    Unless US starts skilled immigration, it is destined to become a 3rd world country. China would overtake it as the largest economy.
    It is estimated that in about 20-30 years the worker:retiree ratio would be 2:1, thereby having a large tax on the employed.

    There are lots of interesting articles on this subject.
    Example of an interesting article (http://www.parapundit.com/archives/002004.html)

    07-30 05:10 PM
    Any idea what could be spillover nos?

    03-10 10:42 AM
    Next time someone questions IV's efforts, I am going to bluntly ask them if they contributed or came for the advocacy day event. If they did neither, we do not need their 2 cents of free comments.

    I would again suggest to go for paid Forum for everyone. Treat desi's like desi's.
    Free means one gets all kinds of public answers hindering IV's efforts.

    Dont mean to start the same conversation again, but Pappu - do give it a thought.