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  • srisri007
    05-06 09:29 AM
    $4000 sounds like a good deal for a Masters degree. Do you know which company hires people from Aspen though?

    Come on.. we are not talking about hiring.. No company is waiting in line to hire anybody coming out from Aspen University with Masters Degree.

    What we are talking here is whether One holding 3 yr bachelors Degree from India be eligible to apply under EB-2 category after completing Masters Degree from an accredited university.

    If the PERM Job description says " Masters Degree"

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  • mikesin
    04-07 06:08 PM
    Thanks Karthik but I am just an MS :)
    But one thin I enjoy is problem solving and this is one of the hardest out there as it is dynamic.

    With Eb3 India the Horizontal spillover methodology kills most hope as there is the large Eb2 India backlog. In 2007(I think) the vertical spillover methodology was followed and Eb3 India got 17000 or so visa numbers. So with Horizontal spillover and no number increase I am sorry to say movement is limited.

    Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on ROW EB3?

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  • h1bmajdoor
    04-28 11:19 PM
    Then there will always be people like Lou Dobbs who will say that "potential immigrants will get points only if they make 240K a year and are 25 years of age". The UK is also restricting people by increasing the point based system. Now people who make 35,000 GBP a year do not get any points in the HSMP.

    the problem currently is that the system is full of lies. when you came here did you know that only 10,000 indians, by LAW, are allowed to get employment GCs per year? No. They gave you all that green grass story about how your math skills are needed here. how they don't like to study math here (and why not? all the books I studied math from were by American profs. ).

    They don't want to study math because it doesn't pay. Lawyers, doctors and MBAs (bullshitters) make money here. someone has to do the work. that's where the illegal mexican and WE come in.

    Let them make whatever rules they want. If the rules are bad people will stop coming here. But BEFORE a company makes an offer for an H1 employee, it should provide all the fineprint. How long the queues are, how many people get added per year, the expected time for GC processing, the fact that changing employers is almost impossible.

    You know what they used to tell the africans on the ships when they were brought as slaves? "american dream, liberty and all that BS".


    "If I'm an African brought to Virginia, brutally mistreated, there's no way that that negative feedback can return home to alert my relatives of the problem. And that lack of communication means that the exploitation can continue."

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  • mpadapa
    06-12 12:46 PM
    Most of the folks are missing the point about the prior years approval numbers. All the approvals from 2004 - 2008 are padded with huge visa number from FB spillover and the recapture provision of AC21. From this year onwards we have to live with the usual ~3K per country per category limit. This is the reason why Charles Oppenheim is predicting decade long wait for EB2 I/C and all EB3's. We continue to beat down Oppenheim claim with our own numbers, but he knows more about visa numbers than any one of us.
    Let us dream about recapture being a panacea to the problem. There is only limited amount of visa's to be recaptured (~180K) even with that not all categories can become current. Also during that last recapture debates there where lots of suggestions to stagger the usage of recaptured visa over a long time frame like 5 yrs. Even with recapture, the date movement will not be rapid, but it will be remarkably better than what it is now.

    As per replies to senator from USCIS

    EB2 india has 50k and Eb3 india has 70k apps. See last 10 years with horizontal or vertical fall none get more than 15k in a given year.

    If they do get same spill over then Eb2 india needs 3 years and Eb3 india needs 4 years after Eb2 get clear. OR USCIS stop receiving app from any one for next 1 and half year and then start accepting agian. ( Which is not possible as per law ).

    So bottom line is

    Either Recapture or removing counrty cap will end current backlog , both will end current as well future backlog and none will make situation worse if more demand from ROW.


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  • v2neha
    01-17 03:31 PM

    I've been reading about iv.org on Rajeev Khanna's immigrationportal.com since last few days. I just enrolled and contributed a little something thru Paypal. I am however curious about Rajeev Khanna and his office's role in this new org. Leaving aside costmetic details - the forum is more than similar to the forum on immigrationportal. Please excuse my ignorance here - both websites could be using something readily available, but I would like to know if both sites have common administrators.


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  • ravise
    08-24 10:55 AM
    PD Mar-2005

    I will keep trying


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  • funny
    09-22 01:59 PM

    Lets start posting the messages "I Called.." (of course you have to call first..:D)

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  • smuggymba
    01-01 09:20 PM
    He called it garbage can out of bitterness and perhaps a little sarcasm. Obviously this is very important to him, otherwise he wouldn't have vented to perfect strangers on the internet. Have you never really wanted something and lashed out at it out of frustration?

    I understand and respect the feelings of people in similar situation.


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  • StarSun
    05-17 06:20 PM
    The Training on Sunday June 6th will be held at Hyatt Regency near Capitol Hill (http://washingtonregency.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/index.jsp?src=agn_smg_hhc_ppc_google_ss_propertysp ecific_wasrw_hyattregencycapitolhill&k_clickid=5a3402af-3df6-af68-63e2-000060fa8023)

    The closest airport to the capitol is the Reagan National Airport. The other two airport are Baltimore International, MD and Dulles International, VA are options too - if you can get good deals.

    Priceline can offer good pricing for hotels.

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  • paragpujara
    07-19 02:03 PM
    (EB2 - 02/05) / Reached NSC on 2nd July Via DHL at 8:30 am


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  • qplearn
    10-10 06:37 PM
    Remember, 245i cases were the NOT the same as the mexican illegal aliens that are being spoken of in relation to CIR .. lots of educated, legal H1-Bs lost their jobs (and their legal status) during the dot com burst of 2000 - 2002. Some of them stayed on even after going out of status, and then became eligible to file for GC under 245i.And needless to say, many more of those H1s came from India than mexico.

    These people are illegal nevertheless, and I am ashamed that they are from my country.

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  • zoho
    08-27 02:42 AM
    my spouse is in india and her AP is going to expire in a week .
    What are the option to apply for AP from while she is in india.



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  • ufo2002
    05-12 01:57 PM
    I have been reading the CIR Bill (PDF file, dated April 24, 2006) from this website

    Under Title VI - Work Authorization and Legalization of Undocumented Individuals.

    I will just digest and summarise the interesting points:

    For illegals who entered the USA before April 5, 2001...

    Immediate Adjustment of Status after paying fines and any additional amounts
    Must be employed for at least 3 years during the 5 year illegal presence
    Employment requirement not applicable to those under 20 years of age
    Employment requirement of 3 years can be reduced if proven physical or mental disability like pregnancy
    Alien shall not be required to complete employment requirements with the same employer!

    OK, I am not going to go on as I will leave the rest of the reading up to you all. But I need to ask this: "The adjustment of status" above... does this mean those illegals don't need to go thru LCA and I-140? Also, they don't even need to stay with the same employer at the time of applying for AOS....
    Sounds like a very good deal for these people.

    So could someone explain to me why we in the retrogression queue should accept this bill even if it increases H1B and promises to reduce backlogs for GC when illegals who have been here for more than 5 years (many of us also have been here that long) get special treatment? It's a really bad deal for us.

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  • number30
    02-12 09:01 PM
    You said Labor do says BS+5 year Exp. is OK.
    If nothing comes up...Check if your original employer files New I140 to consider you in EB3 instead of EB2 using same labor.

    Even for that Nebraska expects a single source degree apart from 16 years of education for bachlores.


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  • miththoo
    11-07 02:01 PM
    Does any of you trade in Indian shares? If so, did you have to open the PIS NRE account to do trading in Indian shares ? I heard that NRI from USA can not use the normal demat account to do the trading in secondary market in India.


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  • perm2gc
    08-22 09:58 AM
    I am not able to find the form needs to be submitted for this purpose. Is there any format that I can type and submit them?

    I found that I need to send my request to the following address :

    United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
    Magda S. Ortiz, Director
    FOIA/PA Program
    111 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., 4th Floor
    ULLICO Buiding
    Washington, D.C. 20529
    telephone number: (202) 272-8269
    fax number: (202) 272-8331

    Thanks in advance.
    Are you sure that you can request the copy.. The Classified information may not come under this act.Call the USCIS and they will guide you.


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  • eb2dec2005
    09-22 02:13 PM
    My I485 is still pending (> 180 days filed on July27th '07). I have my renewed EAD valid for the next 2 years. I have been out of project for 4 months and my employer , who filed my GC, terminated my health coverage too. Iam using my COBRA option.

    Recently, i have applied for a perm position using EAD . I explained to the client about by current status of GC. They wanted to know what they are supposed to do for it. I told them i need to 'invoke' a law called AC21.(pardon my ignorance if iam wrong) inorder to transfer my pending application.

    Now the big question is, how do i initiate this whole process?

    I really apreaciate all your suggestions.

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  • gc28262
    02-22 08:12 PM
    Hi All,

    I filed my I485 in 08/05 and my labor date is 07/05 in perm. My I140 got approved in 2007.
    I was in bench for around 6 months in 2008 starting from Jan 1st to 06/20th. I took full time position in last week of 06/08 and continuing in the same job. I got RFE on my I485 and asked for employment verification in 12/09. My attorney replied with presnt employment letter and applied for AC21 also at the same time. Now i got another RFE asking for last 5 years employment letter, w-2 forms and tax returns.

    Can some one please let me know how i can handle the period that i was in bench in 2008.


    If you entered US on a valid Visa through a POE after June 2008, you are covered. You need to prove your legal status only since your last entry to US (Entering using AP does not count). If your employer didn't pay on bench, that is your employer's problem.

    Some links:



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  • rajuram
    04-08 03:26 PM
    Most likely this saga of retrogression will be decided in the next 2 to 3 months when Senate / House discuss the CIR. If by July end nothing happens, it will be a signal for us to leave. I know this will be a good news for some since the queue will get shorter, but who cares. This country "was" the best, but the next "best" country is likely to be from Asia. We all know it is either India or China...

    10-12 02:08 PM
    Thanks NYC gal for taking inititaive on this. your help is very much appreciated. i have changed the name of this thread to include 'contacting media'. members can use your letter template/modify it and contact news organizations they list on this thread.

    this is a great resource to find all news org contacts


    just enter a zip code and it will show you web addressed and media contacts of all people in your area. I suggest members NOT USING the form and submission on this site. the submissions might get filtered by AILA. However you can pick up the web addresses and email addresses of all editors and imp reporters from this tool. use these addresses in your own personal mail id and send emails via your own personal email ids and not via this tool..

    Lets Roll !!

    09-20 03:34 PM
    Agreed - everyone, lets put this to rest.

    I did not mean any offense to people who couldn't attend attend for valid reasons, more those that didn't care at all to help.