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  • Nil
    04-25 11:35 AM
    Blood donation and organized rallies together seem to be the best way for getting attention.

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  • KRS
    05-14 10:55 AM
    but i will donate some money specifically for this purpose. Let me know when and how to do it.

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  • sriswam
    06-28 03:21 PM
    I live in Tx..If I file today...would it help if it reaches tommorrow....for PP-I140??...Where is tjhe form for applying PP-I-140...somebody plz answer....

    I believe you can e-file form I-907. I am trying like mad to get the attorney to call me back.
    Does anyone know if there is a problem with the employer directly filing for premium processing bypassing the lawyer?

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  • gcformeornot
    02-15 09:45 AM
    that something is done to stop abuse of employees. I think they should also look at L1 visa also. There is no salary stipulation for L1. Companies pay what ever they want..... place L1 holders where ever they want....


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  • dionysus
    01-04 05:33 PM
    Really a revolutionary idea. I like the idea of redrawing middle east map. It is over due now.

    While talking about rederawing of boundarie, there is another interesting proposal doing the rounds in the global political discourses. This one is not a prediction, but a proposal to redraw the boundaries of the middle east. The idea was initially proposed by someone called Ralph Peters in the Armed Forces Journal in an article titled "Blood Borders" .

    The core idea behind the proposal is that the state boundaries of middle east are unnatural, and it has given rise to artificial, nonviable and oppressive states. The only way to permanently solve the problems of islamic terrorism is to redraw the boundaries of the entire region.

    The idea has been floating around on the Internet for a couple of years now. No wonder, the nationalities set to benefit from this proposal (Baluchis, Pakhtuns, Kurds, Shia Arabs etc) are enthusiastically rooting for it, while the ruling elites of the so called artificial states like Pakistan and Sunni Iraqis are adamantly against it. Nevertheless, it is an interesting read.

    I am posting the links to the original article, as well the some sites which displays the altered map of middle east. For more information, the curious can do a google search for "Blood borders" phrase.


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  • hindu_king
    05-29 03:55 PM
    What are the chances of this bill getting passed? 10% or less? When is this bill going to be voted on? one good thing is Sen Kennedy is one of the co-sponsors and he's got some pull in the congress.


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  • raj3078
    10-10 03:31 PM
    Movt is not very bad for EB-2 India, but EB-3 India does not move!!
    How much did EB2 Ind moved? I think EB-2 china moved too? correct me if I am wrong

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  • frankiesaysrelax
    11-04 09:20 AM
    Check ICICI. I think it is called a NRE account. You can fund it in Dollars and Rupees and it could be repatriated in Dollars. So just open the account and have them deposit the monies India, you can draw it here. This kind of account is for NRI's who earn an income in India and want to access it here.
    There is a limit I think but it must be like $25K..

    Good Luck

    Two years back the limit was $25,000 per year. It seems substantially higher now. I did it through a one stop process at ICICI. Not cumbersome at all.

    I am not sure if it is as difficult as is everyone's impression in this thread.


    BTW, I repatriated money from a resident Indian account (account that I opened when I was a resident). I did not personally get an RBI clearance etc.

    There were strict repatriation rules in the days when $s were in demand in India. These days RBI wishes there were less $s in the market. One of the reasons why the outflow is liberalized.

    Good Luck.


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  • truthinspector
    07-09 02:42 PM
    Aaj nahin uthogey toh kab uthogey....
    If not today, when shall you wake up????

    as somebody was suggesting in another thread, can you please post your comments in English for non-hindi speakers like me. Thanks.

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  • immigrant2007
    06-30 12:54 PM
    Visa recapture cannot happen with an administrative fix. Anyone who is telling you that visa recapture can happen by some admin fix or through a lawsuit is simply lying, possibly just to grab your attention. We have been repeatedly told by the administration that recapture cannot happen by an executive order.

    A few days back a group of disorganized folks were writing to USCIS Director asking him to recapture. That is just a waste of time because CIS director cannot do recapture. Even Presidential executive order cannot recapture unused visas. It has to be done legislative because recapture will require change in the law.

    We do not mean to dampen your enthusiasm but please do not expect for something that cannot happen. Recapture cannot happen with an administrative fix. In this admin fix initiative we are working on other possible good provisions that are possible.

    I am not sure about this but one thng can certainly happen with Admin Fix.
    Porting of applicant who have stayed long enough in (EB3 to EB2). EB3 15 years experience and still counting and stuck and uncertain porting rules and AC21 doesn't make sense at all.
    AC21 rules or some other fix giving relief to people stuck in GC unnecessarily.
    USCIs can make these fixes but they dont want to do it. Its simple


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  • InTheMoment
    07-11 11:16 AM
    Guys the news is from Yahoo India website. The reporter is for sure homebred for the Indian Express newspaper and you also have to note Immigration is spelt as Emigration there. The reporter must have been an amateur who must have takes notes while on phone without bothering to verify the spelling!

    Also note the spelling of Program is spelt as Programme in the article, which shows the roots of this article. Maybe we are blowing things out of proportion.

    Just relax, drop it an move on !

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  • gcnirvana
    06-18 12:36 PM
    I agree that EAD renewals will take longer than usual because of our sheer volume. And there is no interim EAD. Do you guys think its safer to be on H1B (mine is valid till 2010) rather than EAD/AP?


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  • baladev
    07-14 01:16 AM
    <I know Robinder Personally for a long time.> :D :D hardly anyone knows you in this forum dude....stay cool in india

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  • pappu
    01-22 11:12 AM
    I felt there were too many fields to fill in. It might help if we can take out some fields. Like RFE etc.

    in the current system it is not mandatory to fill out all the fields. if you want to leave out RFE, you can do so.

    We felt that some people want to track RFEs and see how it affects the overall progress of the case. Even though we do not have such calculation, I think it would be worthwhile to have an analysis done on that. It would help people know when an RFE is generated how far their case is pushed back. RFE information will also help people in the same boat and they can make such people as buddies and monitor each others cases and contact each other to figure out what is going on or how the RFE was replied.


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  • kumar1
    09-25 09:17 PM
    "problems if generating paystubs"..is this a pure speculation or do you have to anything to back this statement....


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  • nrk
    08-11 08:47 AM
    There is no chance of moving forward in October, But I believe there is every possibility of the dates staying as it is and move forward in December Visa bulletin.

    I might be wrong that is my wish.

    Its 26May. I don't think they will move something in Oct right???


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  • learning01
    04-26 12:57 PM
    LINK (http://news.beltwayblitz.com/blog/_archives/2006/4/26/1912840.html)

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  • chanduv23
    10-03 04:41 PM
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  • coolstonesa
    03-28 12:13 PM
    Looks like you forgot the intense pain of what you claim to be "agonizing 5 years" in no time. If DOL were so particular in doing things on time and keeping up their promises then it wouldn't have taken 5 years for your labor to clear. With all due respect, please stop telling us about DOL deadline...it holds no ground.

    We understand Immigration Reform Bills being discussed currently and the need to focus on them...however, only thing we (BEC victims) are trying to put across is that if someone from IV does get the opportunity to speak infront of the congress, please don't forget to highlight the BEC mess (PBEC in particular). Labor certification backlog is one big part of the whole broken immigration system. It can not be isolated. Even if it is administrative problem we need the lawmakers attention to get it fixed.

    Ladies & Gentlemen
    I can understand the emotion and commotion among my fellow beings who are stuck with BECs. I waited agonizing 5 years to get my labor cleared. We all clearly understand what are you guys going through.

    But the thing is that Labor Certification issues are taken care with PERM implementation. Also the administration set up 2 BECs to take care of them back logs. Now the issue is purely administrative and not law making. Also BECs made it clear that by Oct 2007 all the back logs will be cleared.

    Right now big things are happening in the immigration law making. So I think we should concentrate to get the best out of it and achieve our goals on the Green Card Visa issues. As Tom Tancredo is going to fight with teeth and nail against Immi Bills, we have to do the same.

    There are many others issues we can lobby for such as

    1) Starting H1B stamping inside the US again( Which was stopped in 2005)
    2) Allow H1B spouses to work. etc etc

    But I believe our priority for the time being should be Retrogression. I request all of you to use this thread for finding a person to testify.


    08-22 02:27 PM
    If there is an answer, it is closer to Franklin's estimate of 7 years than to 3 years!
    Well said Franklin, it is getting harder & harder not to attend the rally:)

    Aadimanav, please attend the rally if you aren't already planning to.
    As someone has said...

    Attending the DC rally... even a caveman (Aadimanav) can do it... no offense... just kidding buddy:)

    Go here and submit your vote


    08-11 08:38 AM
    congrats redcard. all the best for you as the bulletin is current for your date

    Thanks Nrk.. infact we got our approval email this morning. We had two sets of I-485 applications..my wife's date of Oct 2005 was earlier which got approved today. Thanks again.