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  • princealfie
    Apr 7, 12:26 PM
    Too many updates. hopefully my Verizon iPhone will stay up. I like it the way it is.

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  • GGJstudios
    Apr 22, 10:20 PM
    Install Pacifist (http://www.charlessoft.com/) to extract the app from your Mac OS X install disk.

    quotes about friends changing. i love you friendship quotes.
  • i love you friendship quotes.

  • iphone3gs16gb
    Apr 26, 11:26 PM
    What makes lesbian porn so likable?

    Dude....are you serious?

    Has your hypothalamus been damaged?

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  • gr8whtd0pe
    Feb 16, 09:18 AM
    No ass and ugly legs? Terrible! :(

    Ill agree with you man. :cool:


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  • Metatron
    Sep 27, 01:22 AM
    sad that old people dont want their children having sex when they are both old enough, or sad that those two are haveing sex?

    Both. I won't pass judgement or defend that because the gov't sees someones as an adult that they are wise enough to make responsible decisions. What I personally think could matter less.

    Simply put, he might be an adult, great, but if you live under my roof and I don't want you to do something you will not do it, or you will leave. Your an adult right? So provide for yourself.

    A person can be old in age and have no wisdom. And I haven't heard of any wise young men, but I do know a few old wise men.

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  • funny quotes about change.

  • simsaladimbamba
    May 5, 07:15 PM
    Build To Order according to some www searches, but your results may differ.


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  • MacGeek7
    Oct 14, 07:59 PM
    Background from somewhere in InterfaceLift

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  • ksz
    Jan 9, 06:03 PM
    I loved the keynote and am quite excited about the Widescreen WiFi iPod Video (which also happens to be a phone and an internet communicator). Even the price is fine with me. I was expecting it to be more expensive. Since I'm a Cingular customer already and my contract expired 4 months ago, I'm pretty happy with the announcement!

    The spotlight was entirely on the iPhone today, and I'm okay with that.

    We'll hear about Leopard, iLife, iWork, and Mac updates soon enough, but the real excitement is no longer in annual incremental updates to these products.

    If the keynote had featured only these existing products, that would have been horrendously disappointing.

    Instead, Apple delivered a great show and they will deliver updates to existing products soon.

    But for today the spotlight is on only one thing: iPhone.


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  • jessica.
    Aug 7, 03:34 PM
    I don't recall where the WP came from but it would be easy enough to crop I'm sure.

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  • vader_slri
    Mar 31, 12:05 PM
    That's like throwing away your computer because GarageBand is also available on the iPad, and attempting to produce an album on an iPad. Impossible.



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  • Quick Growing Up Quote

  • macAllen
    Sep 1, 04:04 PM
    So Futuristic

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  • Rower_CPU
    Oct 20, 12:47 AM
    Need a lot more info to help you out. The embed code would be a good start.

    Any idea what version of QuickTime is on the PC?


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  • change friendship quotes

  • iApples
    Mar 28, 01:17 AM
    everybody makes foolish mistakes ... I just don't understand you wishing the buyer gets ripped off.

    here's hoping you never make a foolish lane change while driving and have to pay the sort of price you wish on others

    I never said I wanted the seller to lose his life or be seriously injured. Show me where I said that.

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  • Super20
    Dec 17, 09:16 AM
    I have a black apple pro mouse. Works fine. Just don't use it. Other than some dust, it looks and performs like new. Price is $10 shipped. I'll even dust it off for you.


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  • kultschar
    Mar 26, 09:45 AM
    It needs offline maps. Without that, it's pointless on an iPod Touch, or any WiFi-only device. If I could save just one city at a time: say I'm going to London, and I will need a map of London all day, then I could save a given radius of a London map and it would be handy.

    What I do now is take screenshots of maps while I still have WiFi, but that's totally annoying to do.

    Yup - offline maps with the maps on iTunes allowing you to downlaod countries or cities of choice.

    I was in NYC last year and had to use hotel wifi to get the map up before I walked out into the street. Was great with the GPS but offline maps with info updates for places etc would be fantastic

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  • opinioncircle
    Dec 13, 04:40 AM
    Here is mine...

    Seems like rockinthejoint beat me to the punch :)

    http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/3121/screenshot20101213at114.png (http://img171.imageshack.us/i/screenshot20101213at114.png/)

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us)


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  • jessica.
    Mar 27, 03:15 PM
    Ah armchair lawyers ... I thought something like this came up a long time ago but I couldn't find it through a search. Regardless, the auction clearly intended to deceive a buyer and for that alone, PP would side with the winning bidder.

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  • Gurubarry
    Nov 11, 02:10 PM
    For feature films and television these days, Final Cut is ABSOLUTELY the industry standard. Oh and in the 8 years I've lived in Hollywood, I never met one person in the industry who uses a Windows PC (maybe a writer or two).

    I never killed anyone (maybe a fanboy or two) lol

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  • gkarris
    Apr 4, 12:13 PM
    1) It's an early upgrade. Do you really need to upgrade your phone sooner than every 18 months? If you do, that is your decision as a consumer. You certainly have no God given right to a cheap upgrade though. Stop whining.

    Well, Apple upgrades every year... ;)

    May 1, 10:32 AM
    The key area of your problem is highlighted in red.

    Based on what? YOUR opinion? It's a vanity issue. His/her email address is given on business cards, membership directories, etc. and so a matter of self-expression. His/hers is a valid opinion, as yours is as well.

    Nov 15, 02:25 AM
    Here are mine:

    WeatherMenu - menu bar weather app (shareware but I think with a free trial)
    Mail appetizer - mail preview
    Synergy - iTunes controller (shareware but I think with a free trial)
    SafariSpeed - removes lag in loading webpages

    Those 4 I couldn't live without and I usually don't like installing many other apps.

    Oct 5, 05:26 PM
    i'm a webdesigner and totally agree with psychometry.

    the new textarea feature is the worst way to resolve one of safari worst layout problems. current textarea doesn't show the scrollbars everytime it's necessary and sometimes resizes horizontaly while you're typing, damaging some page layouts.

    if the new feature allows users to resize both verticaly and horizontaly it's probably a bad sollution apple found to the scroll problem.

    if you don't design pages you may not understand, but sometimes its necessary to fix a size to a textarea and other components (height and width), otherwise it will push other elements and images would look like a puzzle. fixing size is one of the solutions to make pages working in different browsers, once each one show form elements diffrently.

    even if the resize feature doesn't push other elements, override them would be terrible as well. if you have links and other text fields for example, how would it behave if you use tab key to swich field in a form?

    Aug 1, 07:21 PM

    Epic wallpaper is epic. Link please?

    Aug 2, 02:58 PM