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  • crazymish
    03-06 08:39 AM
    Online application usually warrants a fingerprinting , it's best to apply in paper if that needs to be avoided.

    Thx guys, this should do it for me here. All the inputs are much appreciated.


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  • sunny1000
    01-09 02:44 PM
    I would agree.

    it is not advisable to leave US while your extension is being processed. I would suggest waiting for it to get approved and then schedulingan appointment (in India) or in canada before leaving for india and get the new visa stamped.

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  • masti_Gai
    01-05 03:58 PM
    that might stop ppl from visiting the site and contributing their views in regards to the various immigration issues

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  • quizzer
    11-10 02:22 AM

    My case is EB2. I have a B.Sc Physics degree + 1 Year PGDCA + 19 years of experience in software development field. USCIS issued an RFE on my case, requesting the transcript of my degree. Before my lawyer responded to the RFE, surprisingly, my I-140 was approved. I wish the same happens in your case, too.

    Can you tell me ur dates:
    I140 RD
    RFE received date?
    final approval date?
    Service center?



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  • dexter
    12-16 02:45 PM
    Hi Charles,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. Do you think that the appeal has any chance to succeed?

    The current perm was applied for senior developer. While the appeal is pending, can my company apply for a new perm for a different position like enterprise architect?


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  • LC2002
    10-26 03:25 PM
    Picture on this is scanned image of original picture you sent.

    It is like h1 aproval notice with a photograph in it


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  • dhirajgrover
    10-16 01:42 PM
    ..to both of you (AShkam and tnite)!!. It helps!

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  • transpass
    02-19 05:44 PM
    Your lawyer does not know what he is talking about. There is no need to do anything. If you were on H1-B and still working at the same company, you are still under H1-B not under EAD no matter how you entered the USA.
    You will lose H1B status if and ONLY IF, you use EAD.

    AP is only a re-entry permit and has no effect on your immigration status.

    Vivek Dude, I don't know about that...

    After speaking to my lawyer, it is my understanding that when you use EAD or AP, you are no longer on H1 and it is considered AOS. However, you can reapply for H1 after you use your AP...As far as I know AP does have an affect on your immigration status...Please someone correct me if you know for sure that AP does not affect H1/H4 status...

    For the OP, please consult with other lawyers or chat with someone on free immigration lawyer chat forums...


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  • StuckInTheMuck
    04-29 10:24 AM
    Yeah, the virus is about to mutate and leap out of this page to infect me - the next big thing in sci-fi genre :)

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  • abdulazeez77
    08-11 10:18 AM
    I think she has an I-797 for herself. Regarding I 539, do we need this? My new H1B will be valid until 2009.


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  • kaisersose
    11-13 04:13 PM
    Thank you all for your valuable input. I have a follow up question :

    Will I be breaking any laws if I just do voluntary marketing and promotional work for my company in India.

    Here is the situation :

    My clients will be in USA and they will be paying my company in India. I will be on the board of the company , and will be doing voluntary marketing and promotional work for the company while residing in USA.

    Thank you for your time.

    Your H-1b must be sponsored by a US company. H-1b terms require you to gainfully work only for that employer. As long as your US tax returns do not show any other source of income and show you have been working fulltime for your sponsoring employer, you should be fine.

    They do not bother with foreign wages or what you do with your free time ( as long as it inot a second job).

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  • GCEB2
    06-24 10:34 PM
    Thanks for replying.

    For question number 3 can you give more details. What is AVR.
    Basically when going to neighbouring countries we give our I94 card and when entering the country(USA) they give a new I94card and stamp and put the date on it.

    so is it advisable to go out of country and reenter that way i will have new I94 card with new date on it, My only concern i got my ssn does it mean i lost H4 status as H4 are never given ssn, so in this situation if i go out of country and enter again will they put me questions as i have valid visa, i never applied AP and applied EAD but never used it.


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  • GCapplicant
    07-12 10:31 AM
    Oh Boring ...they dont have anything else to do...Just throwing stones.
    What does he mean tighter restriction on legal immigrants...Jealous people Hatred hatred hatred...on us.
    He cant be a native either.

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  • rajuram
    02-15 11:17 PM
    Lucky you�you can make plans like these. Most folks visiting this site are stuck in retrogression. Most will be willing to do AOS or Consular Processing, even if it means going to US Consulate on the north pole, if only it were to be allowed....Best of luck, hope you have fun making this choice

    260 views and not even one single opinion?


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  • krithi
    02-18 05:05 PM
    I recently returned from India, had a valid H1B visa, but the immigration officer insisted on using AP, my attorney suggests i need to change back on to H1B, any thoughts on this?


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  • sam2006
    01-22 06:27 PM
    THANKS A MILLION for the Effort

    god bless


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  • FinalGC
    08-15 09:28 AM
    I used to work for Claremont Tech and later CBSI purchased them. CBSI had to do a transfer of H1b and I did get a new H1 Make sure you follow up with your lawyers and have them do a new h1. Also keep all records like newspaper clippings and web postings of this new purchase, so that if ever you need to prove to USCIS that you are in the same company, you would have all documentation to prove it.

    I would wait for sometime, until the dust settles in your new B company before you move to C

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  • shivaniraina
    03-24 02:21 PM
    Can anyone tell me if the MBA degree will also be considered STEM.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-30 05:16 PM
    If they dont have the option of having old one till Aug 17th, then they made mistake as usual. They will pull this new one down tomorrow or later or they will keep the old one in parallel with instructions for the July beneficiaries.

    Do not worry much. We know how USCIS works.

    09-16 10:58 AM
    [QUOTE=copsmart;289590]My case is little bit different.

    EAD was approved on August 11th and I got the card in mail couple of days after I received the email. But, I haven't received the approval notice for my EAD yet. The status on the EAD shows that the approval notice was sent on August 13th. I had no issues with AP though.

    Am planning to apply paper based AP, can you give the list of docs required for the same.


    10-09 09:04 PM
    not yet.