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  • pappu
    03-10 03:54 PM

    Why would we have an exam after dropped out of school?

    I thought dropping out is like going back to home country

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  • go_gc_way
    05-11 11:06 AM
    :) This is good news, I believe our amendments would be carried in.

    Kindly elaborate what this means to us and if any of our amendments would be carried for voiting. :)

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  • theMan
    06-13 08:26 PM
    I don't remember many a choice at the stage of I140. I guess the lawyer made it for me. I did not bother to even find out more details, given the hopeless situation so far for EB3, India.
    My I140 says " The above petition has been approved. We have sent it to the Department of State National Visa Center(NVC). The NVC processes all immigrant visa petitions that need consular processing. It also determines which consular post is the appropriate consulate to complete visa processing. The NVC will then forward the approved petition to the consulate"

    From the above statement, it appears that this is Consular processing. Could someone confirm if this is indeed CP.
    Any idea , what needs to be done to change it to AOS. Is this a good idea?

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  • bkarnik
    05-11 10:23 PM
    You mentioned this in your message 'if the SKIL bill provisions are also included as amendments' , where did you get this ? are you making a guess ? If it gets included then nothing like it. DOL backlog gets cleared in 6 months. Return of Visa revalidation. Begin of I-140 premium processing etc. etc. Skill bill is too good.

    This is just educated guesswork at this time. If you remember during the SJC deliberations on the CIR Sen. Durbin got the DREAM bill provisions inserted in the CIR as an amendment. On similar lines, I believe it is logical to asume that Sen. Cornyn, who basically is against the amnesty part of the CIR and an Republican will try to get his bill included as an amendment. My guess also is that in an effort to placate him and get his grudging approval for the entire bill, his amendment will pass the vote without much opposition, especially since he also has Sen. Lott (who I believe is the Dep. Maj. Leader) as a co-sponsor. Additionally, if the CIR were to pass, it would be almost impossible for any other legislation concerning immigration to pass this year or the next which also is an incentive for Sen. Cornyn to get this included in the CIR if he is serious about the SKIL bill.

    This being said...nothing is as it appears and only time will tell...but, even if the bill is not included, I still believe that the CIR is better than what we currently have. I just saw the [previous post and it actually includes Sen. Cornyn in the same list as Hagel, Martinez, McCain.... wow :)


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  • ivar
    09-14 05:26 AM
    My Priority date is April 09, I don't have I-140 and no EAD ofcourse. I bought a house last year.. whatever you say, i want to live every moment of my life. While coming to US 5 years back i came with just $500 never thought that i will stay in my own house one day in US.. I want to enjoy every moment of it. In future i am not sure what will happen you can't plan everything, atleast in my case, my plans never work out because destiny always plays its part and the plan gets Fcuk up. I don't want to rely on GC or EAD for happiness because its destiny.. if i am destined to get it i will get one day else forget it... i will go back.. If i had to get GC i would have got it long time back.. me and my friend applied for labor in Mar 06 he got is GC last year... but i am still stuck with my new PERM.. so there is no point in holding back your happiness.. just do what makes you happy.. after all it depends on each individual. Initially i did the same thing rented an apartment saved money and use to watch visa bulletins... its time to live life the way i want.

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  • nk2006
    11-08 06:57 AM
    Democrat majority in House; and evenly split Senate (2 seats are still at stake which will decide who is in control; democrats seems to have majority in both of them). Wow this is good and hopefully great for us.

    More than winning control, the list of people who lost (or almost lost) in senate/house shows that majority of Americans are not as against on immigration issues as some media people project very often. Of course the main issues of this election are different; but some of the lost candidates made a big issue out of immigration and hoped that would get them elected. Well�they are wrong.

    I was just listening to NPR about a discussion on Bush and how he/his administration would deal with these election reversals. One of the analysts was pointing out that this is in some way good for him and that he can push some of his measures more comfortably, the first one he mentioned is guest worker / CIR. The logic is, since majority of democrats are in favor of that measure and even the new senate will be comfortably in favor; he can push for the guest worker program. In fact this measure might be used to make friends with both houses and to divert some extended attention to war. I liked his analysis and hope that it will come true :) .

    As logiclife pointed above, CIR may be too controversial even with democrat leading house. They have a different set of agenda and might push the immigration issues to the back burner. Lets hope that some less controversial bill like SKIL will be taken up soon.

    One question for the experts: CIR was passed in the old senate but was not reconciled with house. Can this bill be taken up again or is it already considered dead. My understanding is the bill has to be discussed / voted again in both senate and house (assuming majority leader set this on agenda). Is that true? Instead can the house majority leader now decide to reconcile with CIR already passed in senate.


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  • chanduv23
    07-09 01:06 PM
    Would you please elaborate if the flower campaign has hit any mainstream media like CNN, Fox etc?? Or just the TOI and other small covers? I just want to know how famous this has become.. Thanks.

    Mainstream media seem to be cautious about these issues as it may work against their self interests.

    I am still surprised that CNN did not pick this though MSNBC (did a positive) and FOX (Did a negative) on this

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  • slc_ut
    03-04 01:33 AM
    Looking at the results IV has shown in the past 2 months, now i have a lot of confidence in IV. I have contributed my part. Great job IV volunteers !!!


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  • gc28262
    02-15 07:13 PM
    Pleaassssssssse dont fight among oursleves ....

    Lets fight against immigration bureacracy and unfair policies...

    Yes we want more peace makers in the forum :) Thank You !

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  • PavanV
    10-09 08:18 PM
    From your profile,it seems that you are not a citizen neither a permanent resident, but Mr. Obama is "your" president ?, you need to greened first my friend before you can call him your president, until then Pratibha Patil is your president, and i dont think she won a Nobel prize, although i dont think she is any less deserving, heading the most populous and ancient democracy the world has ever known.
    Lastly, Congrats Obama, you da man.

    I am very thrilled at the news that our President has own the highest honor of this world.
    Hearty Congratulations Mr. President !!!!

    I and my family feel immensely proud that we are able to live in this country of freedom governed by a great leader like you.

    Mr President you are the symbol of hope not only for the citizens of USA but also for all of the immigrant community. You have raised our hopes that we will also be able to become a citizen of this great country soon. Your selection as the Nobel Peace Prize winner has strengthen this hope further. Sir, Please do not belie our hopes.

    Please revamp the current immigration rules and provide immidiate attention to the immigration reform. Sir, we all are looking up to you.

    Congratulations to you Mr President and Congratulations to all of the citizens and residents of USA.

    God Bless USA.


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  • pd_recapturing
    06-20 03:52 PM
    I am trying to efile an AP application right now. It always says following lines at the end of 131 form step.
    Note:There are still suggested fields not completed on the following forms:
    I really do not know as to why its doing so. I have checked several times that I have not left any field blank that is required. Did somebosy also see the same issue ?

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  • Marphad
    01-13 02:53 PM
    This train moves backwards too. So you never know.

    Shubh Shubh bol :)


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  • Openarms
    05-28 05:50 PM
    IV core needs to follow this and raise funds for this cause if necessary.... peace meal strategy is the only strategy that we can do in this economic conditions... do not go for CIR

    Attention all EB2 and EB3 folks who have I-485 pending at USCIS-

    Currently AILA is reporting that there are two bills pending for Employment-Visa Recapture.

    1.Reuniting Families Act (S. 1085) Introduced in the Senate(*)

    2. Senate Judiciary Committee to Hold a Hearing on the Uniting American Families Act(**)

    Reference-(*)(**) www.aila.org/

    The S.1085 in the US Senate caters to specifically recapturing visa numbers for employment based category; i.e. ALL lost visas from 1997-2007 in the employment based category.

    Also to remember is that re-captured employment based visas can only be used in the employment category. They CANNOT be used; repeat CANNOT be used in the Family category; however the vice-versa is true; i.e. unused Family Visas can be used in the employment category as happened last year 2008.

    The second bill Uniting American Families Act is in the US House. Though the intent of this bill is not the same as the senate bill S.1085 noted above; an amendment can be made to make it the same. Currently, they are scheduling a House hearing on 3rd. June, 2009 for that bill.

    We need HIGH level of action on the above two bills from IV Core and the Community; because of two reasons-
    1. Adminstration has CHANGED; so one cannot assume that things which happened in past years will be the same. i.e. No action will be taken by lawmakers on the Immigration front. Remember it is the Democrats and we are back in the good Clinton year politics (which passed AC-21).
    2. We need our Green Cards soon. India is the ONLY nation where 80% of EB folks are waiting for two years or more after I-485 submission, given security checkas and pre-processing has already been made for applications pending for two years.


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  • casinoroyale
    08-27 09:34 AM
    1) 2-passport size photographs with your A#, name written on the back.
    2) Letter justifying the need for AP.
    3) Copy of I-485 receipt
    4) Copy of old AP.
    5) Copy of Passport information page (or) DL
    6) Copy of Confirmation notice of e-file.

    please post the list of document required for E-file AP ?



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  • punjabi
    12-31 02:12 PM
    I always loved this board for what it does - especially the Gurus who always spend their precious time giving input to member's queries. Well... this is not query. I just want to vent my frustration, helplessness to
    ...but I am one real unlucky individual !

    You create your own luck, my friend!! God is not working against you or anybody else.

    Very unexpectedly, just last year in a hospital, the doctor told me that unless I get operated ASAP, there is not much chance for me to live. As I was still trying to digest that news, I was thinking...

    ***k the Green card. ***k my job. I just want to live few more years until my son grows to at least 18 (he was just 1-and-a-half at that time).

    And I really laugh about the whole incident now. And when I see others vent or getting upset about something, I can't help but get a smile. Because I learnt the hard way that we never appreciate what we have got and always complains about what we haven't got.

    It's New Year time!! Enjoy and cherish your presence. And forget about the job/visa for a day or two.

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  • shimul99
    10-24 03:56 PM
    It was current for July. so i mailed my application on june 29, 2007, expected to reach USCIS on july 2nd, 2007.


    first of all congrats. but i have a question.

    you said you are EB3 ROW (Bangladesh) but you applied your I-485 on June 29, 2007 with a Priority Date of Feb 06.

    But on June 2007 (just before the VB fiasco) the Visa Bulletin for EB3 ROW was caught up to June 05 (http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_3236.html). But your EB3 ROW PD is Feb 06. So how is that possible?

    Only EB2 ROW is current. Are you sure you are not EB2? You can confirm this by looking at your 140 notice. Otherwise you must have sent out your application June 29 (Fri) in the hope of reaching USCIS by July 1 or 2 (Sun or Mon). That's the only way I could make sense of this.

    Either way man, your stars must all lined up or something man. You are indeed very lucky.

    the reason I am pestering you is becoz I too am EB3 ROW with PD of Mar 06 and I filed on Aug with an approved 140. I am now kicking myself for not mailing out June 29 Fri.

    FU*K*NG USCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • glimmerOfHope
    08-11 04:34 AM
    the actual March '09 bulletin is 4428.

    Visa Bulletin March 2009 (http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_4428.html)

    they also link to official site (which doesn't exist yet) :http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_4427.html

    Not only they got info but non-existent links too?

    Pederson Immigration Law Group, P.C. - Visa Bulletin (http://www.usvisainfo.com/content/view/37/44/)


    Per google 4427 is march 09 bulletin ? search (http://www.google.com/#hl=en&source=hp&q=bulletin_4427.html&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=CcSAss09iTKqPGIGgjgO3jYmQCQAAAKoEBU_Qocve&pbx=1&fp=c370202d9debab36)

    But again this date is in sync with the date someone reported from some other site, so guess that's it. :-(

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  • ianlock
    06-14 10:59 AM
    So what do we think the time frame might be from the PD becoming curent, to the the packet 3 arring at you door?? how long does it normally take NVC to do this.

    If it matters im EB-3 ROW
    would be london Consulate
    PD 19 June 2006.

    Any ideas. i figured it would be a copuple of weeks before i heard anything.

    What do you think.??


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  • GCOP
    09-22 03:04 PM
    I already called all of them today. Guys, please keep calling for Support of HR 5882 . We have seen , that phone calls work.( They have rescheduled this Mark up of the Bill on 9/23/08, after many of us, called Judiciary Committee Office, last week)

    07-02 11:12 AM
    I have followed it up with AILF and 3 more attorneys just in case to see if a law suit is feasible. All of them said, it is not possible. Only option left is to write to Dept. of Justice to see if this law holds a constitutional test. I wrote once, but never got any reply on that.

    But if we could take this as a group and mobilise on a mass scale to reach out to DOJ and have them review this INA law we might get attention.

    Couple of points to Nay sayers.. that this is not racial descrimination

    INA even though uses country of birth instead of color of skin It is still considered raical because, Under the same INA, if someone is born in a retro. country and their parents are not from that country, One could use parents country of birth.

    So if a family from UK on a business to India gave birth to a child, this child is not subjected to India limits. Which means this applies only to natives from India.

    I tried explaining this in my writing to DOJ. But one letter didn't do the job required.

    03-09 12:00 PM
    184 members and guests viewing this thread.
    Do we have at least 150 people registered for the advocacy days in DC?