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  • ranch99
    08-10 11:11 PM
    Is this some sorta privileged information that was leaked to this one law firm? Wouldnt it be illegal in some way?

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  • u.misc
    08-11 01:09 AM
    I don't believe that this is for real but i am really impressed with the hacker.
    He did one heck of the job and made people run on their heels and

    thanks to people on this forum he succeed 100%.

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  • styrum
    02-09 02:24 PM
    I couldn't really find any information about the appeal process on the LC once it is denied. the ironic thing is that my first LC was approved then after I got promoted to a senior position and applied for a second LC, the 2nd LC was denied because they think there is no difference between the 1st and 2nd position. does the DOL have an automatic system that processes the LC and that why it coudn't see the difference between the 2 positions??
    where can i find more info about the appeal process?? any links to go to??

    Styrum: did your lawyer give you any info on how long the appeal process takes? and the probability of success in the appeal?? Thanks
    The appeal process is described in PERM regulations:


    4-6 months that's what I heard from an attorney. The reason I am preparing 2nd filing is that the chance of approval of my first PERM on appeal is slim. Yes the initial reason for denial is bogus, but they may still deny it because of "too restrictive requirements"

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  • casinoroyale
    06-25 05:30 PM
    1)Now a days AP renewal is taking 6 months

    Which service center? Guys, is this the normal trend? I guess the processing times webpage is showing ~ 3 months.

    It looks like not many people are applying for AP renewals, this is simply my observation based on traffic on this topic in IV.


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  • xyzgc
    01-15 03:46 PM
    The earlier who mentioned about hard hitting a car on Tree/building to shake the robber and run away is absolutely misleading peoples. There is no reward for bravery or mental sharpness in US for folks who wins a fight with robber or outsmarts them.

    How much the Robber can steal from you - Couple of hundred cash, 5 credit cards ( which you can immediately cancel if you are not injured) and some important contacts. Be Nice with him and give him what he wants, tell them that you understand their situation and be sympathetic and polite with them.

    I once did that and the robber just took 20 bucks from my wallet, 3 Marlboro Lights cigarettes and returned me the rest of money,credit cards,my SSN card and important contact papers and my rest cigarette pack and told me "you look like a nice guy".

    Don't panic seeing robber or don't make the robber panic by shouting or banging your car on the building :) Robbers are just human beings like us with pathetic economic conditions ....

    He shouldn't have returned your ciggies :D

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  • hunkuncontrolled
    04-02 11:58 AM
    What the hell is wrong with you? Stop using Slurs. Eating Sambar Rice and curd rice does not make a life life with out pride.

    Take your Slavery argument some where else. if you truely believe so, go to your masters on the hill and fight for abolishing slavery.

    Not able to work does not directly cause loss of self esteem. Sorry to say this but this is the bitter truth. if you or your spouse's self esteem is so hurt because of the inability to work, fight for it and get H-4's the ability to work. Some thing like Lily ledbetter (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lilly_Ledbetter_Fair_Pay_Act) did. Just blaming that it hurts my self esteem does not win brownie points.

    You and Zen dont deserve reds. You guys are beyond red reds. So I will not give you a red so that your self esteem does not go down further.

    So here come the thing. Thats why i asked in my original post is IV just for people who have applied for Green card ? I wanted to know if they could address these issues as well . Regarding inability to work and self esteem , just stay in home for few days and then feel how much you loose. Man , its 21st century and ability to work is basic right.


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  • gk_2000
    04-21 03:12 PM
    Whether we like it or not...this is a reality.

    Have to agree.. there are many threads that complain that parents B1 got rejected when they said they were going to see newborn grandchild

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  • looivy
    01-30 10:43 PM

    This is for a broader discussion.

    Is it possible to move from Tech Consulting to Strategy Consulting or from Tech Consulting to Finance (I-Banking, Trading, Coporate Finance) related jobs on AC21. Non-availability of visa numbers should not be a roadblock to somebody's career aspirations.



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  • snathan
    04-21 03:01 PM
    Mother fucker I am not married and I dont have kids.

    huh...Now I understand why you are after PlainSpeak...Good luck.

    But if she already have kids...you will become a baby sitter. What
    a strange world though...:D:D:D

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  • qplearn
    10-10 03:29 PM
    I hope it does some good to you and makes your PD current/closer so that you dont eat/sleep/drink VB. C mon man... There are other things you can do. Dont get offended by what I am saying. If your PD is closer, I can understand your excitement. But a lot of people are just killing time in forums by working their ass off on predictions and call it comic relief. I hope IV core members stop encouraging this kind of behavior.

    Natural to be curious about the Nov bulletin, right?


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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-18 12:26 PM
    Was there a bill to create this category or this was decision taken by the USCIS.

    Its a good move, I know that this initiative was started by an Officer from US Army whose interpreter was getting death threats for helping the US. When he saw that it was not an isolated incidence he started lobbying the state department to create a separate category. I have been following that story for a couple of months, but was not aware that a bill was passed to create a new category or visas. (i am sure, that USCIS cannot take a unilateral decision to add more visas or else why would we be begging for recapture bills)


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  • 21stIcon
    02-19 04:35 PM
    Not that you know , you should have bought it before or you should have done through research before wasting others time.

    I have 7 polices with LIC in India, One 700k term life with prudential and 300k whole life for my wife, but whole life in US Prudential is bad experience with one of well known company then done research on this topic. Whole life insurance policy all over the world has surrender charges(including LIC in India). you would not get full benefit if you do not complete 10/20/30 years term on your policy,you would get part of your money and loosing a lot.


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  • unitednations
    08-16 01:36 PM
    I personally think that 6 month rule-of-thumb is nonsense.

    AC21 clearly states you can switch employers 6 months after your green card application has been pending. On what legal basis could USCIS then come back and deny citizenship to anyone for switching employers too soon after getting their green card?

    I'd really be interested to hear if someone has specific knowledge of a case where someone had their citizenship denied due to switching companies too soon after getting their green card.

    I'm just curious as to how many postings you see on these boards where a persons case has been denied; DOL/USCIS has visited their home; their visa got cancelled by consultate when h-4 went for stamping; got caught in interview lying; DOL investigating companies, etc...

    People do not post these types of issues on immigration forums.

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  • ianlock
    07-27 02:11 AM
    Hi guys,

    well me visa processing fee bill finally got to the soliciters yesterday.

    Thats 24 DAYS!!! from the time NVC says it genertaed it, to us getting it.

    Sending the money order out today.

    Now lets see how long it takes to process that and then send me packet 3!?!?!

    The saga continues......


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  • belmontboy
    02-15 12:11 PM
    Some American citizens/anti-immigrant will tell you you are taking their jobs with your H1.

    For them, this is their country. All jobs should go to them rather than a foreigner like you.

    What is your response for that ?

    Much of the fuel for anti-immigrant community against H1B's have been hiring low wage worker over qualified American in the same area.

    That's what is under the scanner. Once the abuses are addressed, anti-immigrants would run out of fuel.

    Also a side effect of these could be Desi consultant employees getting better salary.

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  • 24fps
    02-23 10:01 AM
    I'm sure many Bollywood movies now have a bigger budget than Slumdog...

    i was talking about an average hollywood budget film with marketing cost is close to about 85 million (lower average)

    bollywood is about a 1/10th of that


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  • gc28262
    01-14 02:57 PM
    Anyway USCIS queue has to be cleared of us ( IV members and others) already in the queue, before illegal's applications can be processed by USCIS.

    Probably they are trying to do that here.

    IMO everybody becoming current during july fiasco had something to do with the 2007 CIR.

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  • chantu
    11-08 11:53 AM
    msgs like this help establish the notion that this is an indian website dedicated to indian immigration issues. I didnt see any post wishing happy Eid/ Eid Mubarak nor did I notice last year that anyone wished a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays, nor do we wish our Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year.

    You are a typical Indian Secular person (dhimmi).

    HAPPY DIWALI to ALL (to people of all nationalities, religions, race, color).

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  • anilnag
    01-23 04:46 PM
    All the positive comments about EB3 I cutoff movement seem to emnate from the possibility of passing the Senate Bill 9 sometime this year. Below links have more information about these.



    Reading the posts, it looks like immigration reform is on priority for new congress because it is one the first 10 placeholder Bills.

    06-19 10:35 AM
    The dates came back to normal...What a relief!!!!!:) :) :) :)

    You might want to change the thread heading, just to dispel some anxiety.

    01-01 05:35 PM
    Follow this with the Rocky song:
    YouTube - Survivor - Rocky- Eye of the Tiger (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS4giqtbRBM)

    of course don't forget to read the books on Dalai lama and Gandhi

    Like I said in the last post, I did have a blast partying new year's eve and did not annoy my frds nor my brain with any of this $hit. Thanks jumanji and tonyHK12 for starting this new year with very inspiring and genuine quotes from Rocky.

    There are two forces: fate and human effort - All men depend on and are bound by these, there is nothing else.
    -- Krpa (The Book of the Sleeping Warriors)

    I pray to God and beg Him to help me with my fate !