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  • kumarc123
    06-12 12:59 PM
    Outlook is very very grim without a bill from what I understand. EB3 India is going to be in a hole and EB3 PDs that are 2006 and later have a really long wait time ahead that they are not imagining. We are all hopeful by nature and look forward to visa bulletins with a positive attitude but such PD folks may be disappointed month after month for several years. For EB2 India it is important to know number of ported cases. EB3ROW folks also need to worry now. Their journey may not be that smooth due to spillover rules and high demand. We need to get data via FOIA to make a better guesstimate. Without such data we will hear various theories, predictions and interpretations from various websites and blogs that may not be always true.

    I appreciate your input, but IV members have been talking about numbers and numbers and numbers for last 2 years in a row.

    What will the numbers reveal? I had been a regular blogger at IV, but I stopped coming up here because.

    1. All talk and no Walk
    2. New members come aboard, are rude and offer no pragmatic approach.
    3. All these bloggers give ideas and critique each other.
    4. What happened to the March1 09st rally in DC?

    Why has IV not taken a pragmatic approach, don't take me wrong I respect what you have done and other approaches in the past. But IV is using same approach for a new problem, the end result-----Failure

    I joined this community after july fiasco, and have kept close watch on dates, everyday members keep suggesting something or the other. I don't mind being a donor to IV or contributing little what I have, But I need to see some big movement and results.

    I did all the stupid calling to congress senators
    Did sending of letters to the White house

    what was the result? If IV wants core members and new members to donate and be a part of something bigger than a website, then please initiate something big like a rally.

    Just because their are less members to join, does not excuse a true purpose of a rally.

    Some of core members of IV keep telling other members:

    1. Join your local chapter
    2. Be a donor,

    I understand all this, but I as a visiting members and the people coming on here, want to see a true and real reason to be a part of IV and not just a website where immigrants come and breathe out their frusturations July Fiasco turned to be advantageous to a few members, but was a mistake for members like me and other members who could not file at that time.

    Please prove me wrong and IV to be something more than a website, please initiate something big and real, and not just comments. I an aware of the achievements in the past, but it was past 3 years ago. For last three years immigrant's feelings have been played around too many times. Same old talks will not bring upon a change, SOMETHING BIG NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW BEFORE THE CIR BILL takes place. So people are more aware.

    Show us IV core is more than words! Conduct something bigger that will attract new members and donors to this organization.

    I as a professional can tell you all now--- passive movement, sending letters, long term planning with no actions will not help

    People have left IV, who are so disheartened and believe this organization has lost its eedge and is all talk and no walk above all a money scam.

    Prove them wrong and do something big,

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  • srisri007
    05-06 09:29 AM
    $4000 sounds like a good deal for a Masters degree. Do you know which company hires people from Aspen though?

    Come on.. we are not talking about hiring.. No company is waiting in line to hire anybody coming out from Aspen University with Masters Degree.

    What we are talking here is whether One holding 3 yr bachelors Degree from India be eligible to apply under EB-2 category after completing Masters Degree from an accredited university.

    If the PERM Job description says " Masters Degree"

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  • aadimanav
    08-21 11:44 PM
    I have April 04 priority date (EB3/India). 485 received in Aug 07. The online status says 485 received and pending. What is the expected next status (whenever it will happen). For example, if your case (name) is for FBI Name Check process, will the status say something like that? What are the different status between receipt and APPROVAL(/denied)? Any experience holders???

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  • vagish
    04-29 03:23 PM
    the reason it will never work is not the lawyers. the immig lawyers for the most part are honest people.

    the problem is the employers. employee's loss is employer's gain. it is simple enough. if the point based immigrant is allowed in with a EAD or a green card (like in canada/australia), the employers lose out big time.

    The only reason h1 exists is because employers want cheap labour. That is why they want more h1s. Because h1s are justified from business point of view, that is why it is illegal to charge the employee for the h1 costs.

    But they never talk about how the h1s get screwed.

    Because the h1s are screwed by them.
    no matter what , H1 are for employers for them to be competitive, how come all of a sudden employers are talking about illigal immigrants these days, because they have found out that they can get them at a very cheaper rates, the moment you try to put wage garuntee in any of the immigration bills, this what kenndy wants, republicans run by big business are not longer interested in the immigration. perfect example of modern day enslavery. if they make 400K H1B's as per the strive ACT, Green card will lose much of its significance, because most employers will find easy to hire H1B raher than paying 20% or 30% higher to somebody on green card, that is the reason employers are after H1B.



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  • eb3India
    04-09 02:37 PM
    I always wonder when Thackeray, Modi can become ministers after committing such atrocities and walk freely in India, why can't people like Dawood Ibrahim (after all he is also indian and successful in his own profession).

    You guys may think that I am racist by reading above lines. From bottom of my heart I vote for punishing all bad guys ( irrespective of their religion) who harm innocent human beings. Long live India����..

    itz politics and India is going thru itz phase, I totally agree with politicians like Modi and Bala thackeray are more harmfull to Secular India than Jaya or Lallu, you need to understand itz simply politics, as India matures and steps into next phase, general public preference will change from religious (atleast I hope so) so as these politicians agenda,

    However these gusy are a good test for Indian people and its secular phase, itz matter of time

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  • Milind123
    08-02 12:52 PM
    My company lawyer addressed this part. The way it works is that they will work on your file only when your PD is current. So even if you apply now, they most likely wont work on it after July as your PD wont be current. Then when next time (say in Jan 2008) when your PD becomes current, they will pick up all the files for that month and start working on it. It might be that they will work on your file on Jan1st or Jan 31st. You can send your wife AOS the moment your PD becomes current. So you want to make sure that it reaches there before they approve your AOS. In case you are extremely unlucky, then they would start working on your file on 1st day of the month and finish it before end of that day, making it impossible for your wife's application to go through. Thats rare though. So if you can make sure that her app reaches on 1st day of the month in which PD is current, then they should most likely add her to your AOS and work on those together and make your life go forward....its a chance which you will be taking...But again life is a chance

    Best answer so far. One more thing, you can hold back some silly thing making sure you get RFE, then you should have enough time to file her 485 when PD becomes current again. However, I don't know if they send out RFE's when your PD is not current. Also, send your application just before Aug 17th (say 15th). I also read somewhere that when dates are current for a given PD, receipt date is the driving date.
    Note: Not a lawyer, don't intent to be one (never).


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  • rongha_2000
    03-18 04:08 PM
    :confused:I am in same situtation. I want to reenter on AP and continue on H1-B. Can I do that? My company says its their policy that once I use AP to enter I will have to switch from H1-B to EAD. I dont want to do that. Can I still continue on H1-B?

    I intend to travel to my home country I have H1 (not stamped but valid till 2010) working for the same sponsor if I use AP to enter US do I lose my H1 status.I have EAD but did not use it.

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  • lvinaykumar
    04-12 01:00 PM
    calm down people IV is doing just fine.....we need to stay focused....


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  • India_USA
    06-30 11:43 AM
    Maybe his speech is geared toward the federal lawsuit against Arizona....
    Frank Sharry: AZ Legal Challenge: A Pivotal Moment for Federal Leadership on Immigration (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/frank-sharry/az-legal-challenge-a-pivo_b_630697.html)

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  • BharatPremi
    11-08 05:03 PM
    LOL...dude in the last two days you have 'united' the members/visitors of IV...alike for your Red dots....
    Way to go Brother!



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  • rajsand
    09-26 01:07 PM
    Now, lets think whats that thing proving our legality..
    I797 (H1 Petition)
    Lets make a template of it (it should be the same color and pattern but with different font) and remove all the vital information. (name, ssn etc.. ) and make a generic one. Lets download .. sign it by many and send it to them and Print it there on BOLD "Change our status and give us our residency soon"...
    this way we prove that we are LEGALS and we will create publicity

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  • gc_wow
    05-30 07:39 AM
    Spelling-Improves memory,for a growing kid that excercise is important.
    Pronunciation-Once again it is an excercise which enhances capability to differentiate.
    Root-Gives information on how words are formed.
    Language of Origin- Gives information about another language.
    Meaning-Gives information about the word and provides context to understand a word in better fashion.

    The top 10 kids in the competetion already are equivalent to a phd. It is not complete memorization.


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  • gotgc?
    12-31 03:14 PM
    Unfortunately, I can't leave the US for the following reasons
    a) AOS pending
    b) H1 expiring soon
    c) Won't get any vacation time as just joined a new job.

    If you have applied for AOS in July 07, you probably would have got your EAD by now. Why dont you use your EAD to get a DL renewed?

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  • n_2006
    02-20 09:01 AM
    I took from AAA for 250K. Monthly premium is $20. Initially they said it will be around $13. But after medical test they raised to $20. They asked me whether I applied for my GC.


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  • franklin
    12-09 09:06 PM
    wait, Franklin,

    1. Did you get already your GC approved?

    2. I think you DO need PD to be current for GC approval. In best case scenario, GC could be approved in matter of 10-15 days, so for July filers there were some GC numbers available, and few lucky ones got their approvals. This is how I see it... please correct me if I'm wrong.
    I thought the same too, and I think it was the incredibly rare exception - I must have been assigned a visa number VERY quickly and probably benefited from the confusion at the agencies in the summer. AOS applied early June, FP was completed early July, and I am lucky to have a pretty unusual name. My PD was April 04, my card was received before the DC rally - Visa Bulletin for my category was Aug 02 at the time of approval... .

    3. It would be interesting if shimul99 would share with us as when exactly his status was adjudicated. I've read somewhere that there are cases, that people got their GCs approved by mistake and lawyers suggested to inform CIS and return the GC. These people were then having their statuses adjudicated when their PDs were becoming current.

    Sorry - I missed these questions...

    The system is unfair and broken. Just because I benefited from the current system, doesn't make that statement false

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  • aadimanav
    08-22 12:21 PM
    just a routine bump


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  • gc28262
    02-22 08:12 PM
    Hi All,

    I filed my I485 in 08/05 and my labor date is 07/05 in perm. My I140 got approved in 2007.
    I was in bench for around 6 months in 2008 starting from Jan 1st to 06/20th. I took full time position in last week of 06/08 and continuing in the same job. I got RFE on my I485 and asked for employment verification in 12/09. My attorney replied with presnt employment letter and applied for AC21 also at the same time. Now i got another RFE asking for last 5 years employment letter, w-2 forms and tax returns.

    Can some one please let me know how i can handle the period that i was in bench in 2008.


    If you entered US on a valid Visa through a POE after June 2008, you are covered. You need to prove your legal status only since your last entry to US (Entering using AP does not count). If your employer didn't pay on bench, that is your employer's problem.

    Some links:



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  • chanduv23
    10-04 10:21 PM
    Now I am definitely in! :D Haven't still heard back from the travel coordinator but requested the flight to be moved to Saturday. So you will have representation from Louisiana!

    Most welcome :) see u there

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  • akgind
    11-06 12:50 PM
    Congratulations! How come it got approved when your dates are not current?

    Please see my signature. "earlier PD successfully ported"
    EB2 Aug 2002

    10-13 08:13 PM
    Meeting at hindu center in flushing on Sun evenings would not work so well due to the prayers being held during Sun evenings at the temple. I think we should poll people on when it's most conveninent for them to meet and go from there...

    and yes prayers do help too but as they say "god helps those who help themselves...so both prayers and actions are needed :)

    07-11 11:41 AM
    I dont think we need to waste our time about such non competent organizations , let them take the credit , it just shows that this was a great idea. Looking at their website it does look like they have some good contacts .

    I think immigration voice should write them a formal letter and ask them to publicise this to their "contacts" ..

    If they got themselves into this picture well,lets put them to work!