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    05-28 09:03 AM

    Quite the same text in WP ...MSNBC has used WP text.

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  • anai
    04-03 10:53 AM
    Mr Anai.
    I am not asking you my questions..I am just asking IV if it is helping us in this regard..as this is imp problem for so many EB applicants....

    It is better for you just not to quote some nonsense here...


    Since I am a member of this fine volunteer organization that is IV, I shall do my best to answer any questions you have for IV. I look forward to answering many more of your questions.

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  • svn
    04-08 12:01 PM

    One irrelevant question: Why did you wait till Aug 15th, 2007 to file your 485 when your date was current in June and you could file in June 2007?

    Just noticed your question - I was actually one of those stuck in the notorious BEC. As luck would have it, my Labor cert which had been stuck in local office processing first and finally made it to the second stage of labor was stuck there as well for months until it seemed like they finally were processing applications that had been received at the same time as mine. Then it happened - all labor processing centers were scrapped and everything was shipped in boxes to the blackhole called BEC. Little did I know then the upfront delay of months would be insignificant compared to the delay of almost 4 years at the BEC. In fact, my labor cert hadn't been processed by BEC even when the Jun 07 window opened up. As luck would have it though, in the month when everything was rolled back, my labor was finally cleared (thank god for small mercies!) and I was able to apply for both I-140 and I-485 when the window opened back up temporarily between July 30th and Aug 17th. Of course, I am still last in the line since USCIS processes based on application received data and not priority date! However, as I mentioned earlier, I am thankful to all of the efforts of IV that led to the window opening back up, which actually enabled me to file my I-485 and eventually receive an EAD (if not, would have still bee completely dependant on H-1, 11th year, now)

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  • inthehole
    08-22 02:40 PM
    I am working on EAD and current one is expiring on Sep 26. I got an RFE for photos and it was received on Aug 7th.

    I called last week Aug 15th and requested to expedite the process. I got an email two days back saying that my request was accepted and will get the decision within 14 days.

    I been trying to get the infopass appoinment since past 2 weeks but so far I havn't been able to get any appointments.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed and waiting.

    Can I go to a different city to get an infopass appoinment ?.


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  • meridiani.planum
    08-29 03:20 PM
    i do wonder if the poll results from earlier polls if used to compare with the current one would help get an idea of the trend - kind of overlaying the snapshots in different points in time and then determining what the situation was and what is and then extrapolating based on data that is already known/ published by uscis applied to the trend. question is if we have the poll data from earlier polls?

    good idea. A google search beings up:


    almost the same sized sample (~450)... this was right before the july 2007 fiasco, but includes 485 not-yet-filed, so is in essence the same thing as this poll.
    2003 got somewhat cleaned up (used to be 15% is now 1%)
    2004 is more or less same, of slightly higher (98 votes (24%) now. was 84 votes(20%) then)

    so looks like big improvement in 2003, but 2004 barely changed overall?

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  • atlgc
    09-14 09:14 AM
    i bought mine after 140 approved but before 485 applied

    i enjoy a lot and took a chance let see how it turn out in a long run (good or bad choice).


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  • ksrk
    08-26 08:37 PM
    I guess the polling on PD basis is futile it will give people false hope....

    Only folks with ND prior to current processing times can expect to have a chance at appoval...I see many people over here beyond the processing date window and are still hoping to get approved....

    Let's see if this theory is right or not come september.....if only my lawyer had mentioned that ND over rides PD I'd have forced him to file on July 2nd and not wait till July end....

    My bad....


    Hey SoP,
    Your point of ND vs. RD (vs. PD even) is certainly valid, esp. given the randomness of dates that the USCIS follows. However, three things to keep in mind are -
    1. Last Aug and Sept ('08), neither ND nor RD theories worked, if you believed all the dates entered under .com. Approvals were quite random - some cases with ND beyond published dates were approved, which led us to believe they were processing in order of RD, but no FIFO was followed based on RD.
    2. The dates published recently (09/15/2007 at NSC and 08/30/2007 at TSC) are as of June 30, 2009. It has been nearly two months since and an update is possible. Also, by admission of the USCIS, these dates are not exact, only estimates of what cases are being worked on.
    3. Finally, these dates do not serve as guidance for IO to approve cases; they serve as an indication to us applicants as to which cases have been processed thus far. And they help determine if we can file an SR.

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  • chanduv23
    09-22 04:57 PM
    A very horrible psychopath who has proven himself to be a loser all his life has given me a red with the following " hehehehehhehehehehh" words for my above post.

    My message to whoever gave me a red - u r such a loser.

    Invoking AC21 is easy, but you need to know what you can expect and how to resolve it

    (1) If you decided to change to new employer using EAD - there is nothing you need to do. Just join and work.
    (2) As employer is asking what they need to do - tell them they need to provide an AC21 letter of support - you can find various formats on the web.
    (3) Your new job must be in same or similar category.
    (4) Call customer service to verify your address on file - also hire a personal attorney and make sure they file g 28 and have them on file too for USCIS communication
    (5) Your AC21 letter may/may not reach your file depending on the service center, officer and a lot of other factors.
    (6) Usually most AC21 cases go through just fine unless your ex employer requests a revoke on i 140 - in such a situation you may get an RFE, NOID or a straight denial on 485 - nothing to worry about - you can resolve all these and you will find yourself back on track.

    Hope this helps


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  • deba
    10-23 09:38 PM
    This is all very interesting indeed. Your had your FP in Sep and it got cleared that fast? within a month? I am a July 2nd applicant and had FP in Sep too. Please post your details after receiving your GC.

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  • msreddy_c
    08-20 05:43 PM
    sent to 2 representatives in TX


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  • thankgod
    06-03 12:20 PM
    Ronhia, I appreciate your comments. It needs conviction, dedication and consistent efforts to make such accomplishments. Moreover it also demonstrates the character of a person, who can motivate and inspire other kids in a positive way.. especially in an environment full of negative distractions.

    If spelling bee competition is considered merely as just cramming the dictionary, as you rightly said we need to really spend some time looking beyond your own shell.

    When you open a magazine, for sure, you tend to come across pages that may not be of interest to you. We skip the page and move on rather whining with words (yucky, stupid, senseless) that are inappropriate.

    "Winning a national competition is not so great"... again it depends on what is so great to you !!!..

    Cool baby cool.....

    You dont know english. Follow the complete thread and what we are talking here about.

    You guys go to a media portal and do all your appreciation there.

    Why do you bark here. This is meant for immigration purpose.

    Between loooks like you took the the help of word for spellings in your post.

    Thanks to Microsoft for making such a great tool.

    Happy Barking.

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  • miththoo
    11-07 11:35 PM
    Yes I did do quite a bit of trading, sometimes on phone from here...It all stopped when they suspended my account for lack of PAN information.

    Thanks. But then how did you deal with the tax liability in India ? Did you file the tax return at the end of year or was the capital gain tax deducted at source by the bank itself ?


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  • gcnotfiledyet
    02-25 12:28 PM
    Ya, expect others to show maturity while you continue to be a child.


    Is criticising me instead of my ideas going to help? I wonder who the child is.

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  • eb_retrogession
    02-25 05:06 PM
    Sent my second contribution in the last 3 weeks! I will keep contributing till I can, God willing!

    Thanx buddy


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  • ultimo
    11-04 12:12 AM
    all the options said here are the best & legal . but i will tell you one thing .
    if u know any indian grocery near by they deal money also . u can pay the money to thier people in india & they will give it here taking 1 or 2% commission . but u should know the people , otherwise they will cheat

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  • Raju
    02-24 11:37 AM
    Dear friends,

    We are in immediate need of funds for that very purpose. We are seriously low on gas right now, for the journey ahead that we are only just starting on. We have only raised $30,000 in the last 50 days; even more alarming, fund raising has gone down drastically in the last 2 weeks. At our current burn rate, we will be out of money in a month or so, just when we expect the bills to come up for discussion on the Senate floors. As you can expect and appreciate, there is a cost for achieving anything politically. IV has already demonstrated a great deal of leadership and persistence to work on retrogression relief and labor backlog elimination. Many IV members will start making trips to DC in the coming weeks to meet lawmakers at the hill. We need your help NOW!

    Members that have not yet contribute money, please do so TODAY! And members that have already contributed please consider another contribution. We need all hands on deck. Also pass on the message of the immediate need of funds to your friends.

    If you have questions, as always, please send a note to info@immigrationvoice.org

    This is my third post regarding this topic. I have made my contibution and urged all my friends to do the same. [B]Can we sell some add space[B]. If we can have more broad immigartion related topics like proceesing times, more people visit and we can probably sell some add space


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  • floridasun
    12-30 09:45 PM
    thats the problem.... I cannot switch to another job as I am in the 7th year of H1B and I-140 approved but did not apply for I-485 yet. friends told me its risky to switch jobs now as I may be out of status.

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  • skdskd
    08-26 11:58 AM
    My drivers License is expiring 01/01/2008 , My H1 expires on 03/20/2008.

    So will I just get drivers license extended till that

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  • tonyHK12
    05-06 01:10 PM
    What we are talking here is whether One holding 3 yr bachelors Degree from India be eligible to apply under EB-2 category after completing Masters Degree from an accredited university.

    If the PERM Job description says " Masters Degree"

    The cheapest place to get a masters is still in India. The IGNOU MCA costs $1000 in India, and they plan to let you take exams in the future in the US. Or maybe you could do everything online and just visit to take the exam.
    MKU, another well known online university has a US branch. I heard an MS is less than $2000.
    Both these are generally recognized in the US

    10-02 11:19 AM
    Think they revamp their systems before starting off with the new year.

    Dec Bulletin will see EB categories being opened up. Don't think there will be any change in Nov Visa bulletin.

    06-28 01:49 PM
    You should get your EAD within 3 months of your application provided your I485 is already applied or applied along with EAD; EAD is independent of your I-140 approval.
    This is wrong. EAD can be issued when both of the following conditions MUST meet:

    I140 has been approved
    I485 application is 180 days old