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  • Steven-T
    July 9th, 2004, 09:33 AM
    Do any equipment savy forum members have any views on the Nikon Nikkor 28-200mm f/3.5 - 5.6D IF AF Zoom lens positive, negitive or otherwise? Target camera will be my D70. Thanks in advance.On 1.5x sensor, the 28mm becomes 42mm 35mm-camera equivalent. That's definitely not wide enough. To me, attaching a wide-range and large lens to my camera, and carrying it in hiking, rain forest, desert, etc is not preferred unless you packed inside the backpack and take it out only when taking pictures. Then I would prefer two lenses, something of 18-35mm, and 70-200mm. That's was my Nikon days for 25+ years prior to changing over to canon one month ago.


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  • manderson
    11-05 02:19 PM
    and i thought i was alone...


    Looking at this 180 rule. I feel getting through this 180 days is being hell.

    All this becuase we need freedom and going through rough times.

    Good luck to one and all.

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  • enrique iglesias wallpaper. enrique iglesias new wallpaper; enrique iglesias new wallpaper. liketom. Apr 10, 03:45 AM

  • gimme_GC2006
    01-05 11:22 AM
    any predictions for Feb 2009 :D:D

    enrique iglesias wallpaper. Enrique Iglesias
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  • bo12b
    11-24 02:00 PM

    Hello all,

    My 6 year H1B is ending on May 21, 2009. I am eligible to file for a 3 year extension since my 140 is approved and I485 has been filed in Aug 2007. However, my current job situation is pretty shaky and I could be laid off anytime. I have an EAD but would like to continue my H1 because my priority date is Jan 2007 (EB3 India)...i.e. a long GC wait. I have been told by my current employer's attorney that I can start the process of extension 6 months prior to current H1B expiring.

    But given my job situation, I was thinking of looking for employment with another employer as soon as possible. Will the new employer be able to file for my H1 transfer AND H1 extension at the same time?
    Will they have to file for a transfer first (valid from date of switching to May 21, 2009), then wait for approval and then file for the 3 year extension??

    I tried looking around for my question but could not find good thread for answer. Please let me know your views and/or point me to a good source for this information.



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  • saileshdude
    10-06 05:06 PM
    We(My wife and I) recently (July 2009) got our FPs done. immediately after that our cases got transferred from TSC to VSC.

    PD: Feb 14, 2005.

    I thought VSC is not processing any I-485 applications. Is anyone else in the same status ?

    Also, I have to apply for EAD and AP.. Do I apply in TSC or VSC ?:confused:

    Please help! :(

    Do you know why your case got transfered to VSC. Do you live in Vermont or NH?

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  • Leo07
    05-19 10:24 AM


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  • venkat1247
    10-29 03:26 PM
    hi i got the some question how to open NRI acc

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  • smisachu
    05-16 10:23 AM
    Please call the reps..Lets get these things through. We finally have critical mass.


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  • GCBy3000
    04-10 03:58 PM
    I am from Wisconsin. I sent an email expressing to volunteer from WI State.

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  • vikki76
    04-10 10:28 PM
    My company lawyer had advised me that it is perfectly legal to do moonlighting using EAD card while holding down permanent job on H1-B.


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  • mayhemt
    10-10 08:53 AM
    tarikh pe tarikh.... tarikh pe tarikh.... kaab taak?????

    Thanks, got a good chuckle out of this. Maybe we should bring Sunny in to plead our case.

    enrique iglesias wallpaper. Enrique Iglesias
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  • pappu
    07-12 02:59 PM
    I got different answers from Khanna and Murthy.

    Khanna office saying we can apply for 485 with old priority date(140 will be approved with new pritority date), murthy office said it's better to get 140 approval with old priority date and then go for 485.

    check with your attorney.
    when you file for the 485 you can use old priority date. priority dates can be transferred if old 140 was approved and you changed the company to restart the process all over again.


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  • rangaswamy
    07-28 05:01 PM

    -- Is this really true? I have heard different opinions on this. I have also heard that once you use your travel doc, you become a parole and the H4/H1 status is no longer valid. I have the luxury to use both H4 or travel doc but I would rather use H4 to avoid entering as a parole.

    -- This doesn't apply to me because I already have a valid visa stamp in the passport so visa revalidation shouldn't be necessary. All I am trying to figure out is whether to show the H4 or the travel doc at POE.

    When i asked my lawyer, they said that this is not true. You can come back with travel documents and still continue on h1/h4. You lose your h1/h4 status only if you use your ead card.


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  • gbof
    06-03 06:35 PM
    Sorry... I thought he was a genuine person who turned to IV for help. Anyways, I didnt tell him anything illegal.

    For how long AOS primary applicant can be job-less?


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  • ragz4u
    04-10 09:30 AM
    Bump ^^^

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  • InTheMoment
    04-29 08:40 PM
    and now TOI has a big headline that the Swine Flu has now reached India, thanks to its carrier from Texas who flew into Hyderabad a couple of days ago.



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  • bsbawa10
    05-31 07:43 PM
    Yes, they do. The timeline after which they file is 1 yr but clarify this after all ur 3 rounds are done with the HR. This is something u can discuss at the end after u have the offer letter in hand.

    Thanks so much sumggymba, just one more thing if you know. Do they file eb2 ?

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  • adi787
    12-02 09:11 PM
    Thanks for your replies....

    I was asking... 3 year extn AFTER 6th year... anyway.

    to kris04:: Was your case like you never worked for sponsoring company?

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  • amar123
    07-29 12:37 AM
    I have PD of Nov 2006, 140-Approved, 485-July 2nd. I have not got any LUD on any of my applications. So, this soft LUD might not be for everybody.

    Ah, now this brings up interesting questions, where is your 485 being processed?:o

    If it is texas as per your profile, then , maybe only NSC had the update?

    02-26 01:51 PM
    There is no question like a dumb question. You definitely are dumb for questioning her.

    08-23 02:58 AM
    Please can you tell me which service centre i yours . I also got CPO mail on 08/14 and 08/15 and on 08/19/ I-485 approval sent by mail and soft lud on 08/20 ,but no physical card

    NSC. BTW I too has a soft LUD on August 20th. I am sure you wil get it next day or two.