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  • neelu
    12-13 04:20 PM
    Great, thanx nycgal. Sent emails to three people myself.
    Will post responses here!

    One of the people I invited, said that she would join today. :)

    Everyone please add ONE member, just ONE member, by December 31st!

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  • snathan
    05-06 10:37 AM
    I asked the admin and other senior people. But no one bothers to respond.

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  • tonyHK12
    03-29 06:52 PM

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  • indianabacklog
    10-18 02:46 PM
    My dauther is 22 years and 8 month old.
    We have not received an official notification from CIS yet, but she is aged-out according to the way the formula is applied.
    I started my case (EB-3) with DOL in Sep.08,05 when she was 20 and a half years old; My I-140 was approved on Aug.02,05. I had to wait almost 1 year for a visa. On Jul.2,07 I sent I-485s and I-765s. We have received the Work Permits and the apointment notices for the biometrics for each member of my family, including my daughter.
    I live in Falls Church, Virginia, so I went to Jim Moran's office (my House representative) to explain my case, how the CSPA fails and ask him to request CIS to apply the law in a different way (I would say in the right way). I talked to one of his staffers but he said that the law is very clear about the time the case is considered in process (only considers the time the I-140 was in process). As you know, CSPA does not consider the time in DOL nor the time waintg for a visa (retrogression).
    Also my daughter has talked to Senator Webb and he wanted to know how many cases are beeing affected, particularly in Virginia, to see if there are several cases, then something can be done.
    I was wondering if any one has heard about any change on CSPA and if someone know where can I find how many cases are being affected by this nightmare or if someone has started something to have this law be doing the right thing: to protect children and families.
    Thanks for your help

    I have no idea how we can find out how many people are in this situation. From this site alone I think there are probably 'several' of us who would love to share our stories with Jim Moran's office. Surely where we live should make no difference since immigration law is fixed at the federal level.

    I had to wait three and a half years for my labor cert. My son was 18 when it was applied for. I never imagined he would age out. Shows how naive I was with regard to the long labor backlog caused by the 245i mini amnesty of 2001.

    I would be happy to share my case, for certain. It is refreshing to have a legislative office that seem interested and not just give their standard useless replies.


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  • gcgonewild
    01-12 12:10 PM
    Try tradeking

    I know some brokerages go deep.. but tradeking works out cool no minimum.

    Just a little hassle as it is not directly attached to your checking..

    Have a margin account and options account, but stay away from using margin and options.

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  • CSPAvictim
    07-11 05:53 PM
    We need to acknowledge her support and do something to convey our happiness/gratitude over her reaction to this mess.

    Before we ask Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren for any further help/support, don't you guys think it will be appropriate to first thank her in some kind of noble way? Any ideas?

    I personally think (at least to begin with) a letter expressing gratitude for and our faith in her efforts would be a nice gesture.:)


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  • eeezzz
    04-15 12:53 PM

    I guess next time you can ask "Will I hear from you in 60 days?", then you might know if you are closer.

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  • gsc999
    01-19 02:59 PM
    I am assuming that IV has resent the message to all members. However, I still got nothing in my mailbox:

    "Welcome, Spatial!
    You have 0 unread messages:"
    Spatial: Please check your e-mail address which you registered when you signed up with IV. It seems you are checking your IV inbox, that is not where the message was sent, it was sent to you personal e-mail address. Did I get this right?


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  • newuser
    05-15 09:37 AM
    How can you employer to sure that the dates will remain the same. He is trying to delay your I485 process. Yesterday I was talking to a friend of my mine and he mentioned the same. The employer want to squeeze more $$ and drag the process.

    Best of luck.

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  • bfadlia
    06-27 11:25 AM
    To all EB3 members whose PD is current:

    Monday is the last day. If you don't get your GC approved, you got to wait for at least 7/8 months before they start moving dates forward. Beginning of each fiscal year, the dates are generally very conservative.

    And for ROW EB3, if the bill passes to eliminate country quota, you will be getting your GC in not less than 5 years from now which you could have get it if your f**ing attorney/company would have file it 7 days earlier! Big time screwed! I am one of them!

    The good thing is eliminating the country quota is always lumped with doubling the total quota and/or recapturing previous years waste, so hopefully the affect evens itself out.. Eliminating the coutry qouta by itself is a disaster.


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  • doesntmatter
    04-12 12:01 AM
    Can you please let us know the procedure? I'm very much interested in filing a formal complaint with the CIS and Ombudsman. I'm not against genuine candidates getting their GC through MNC executive category, but would like to stop this malpractice.

    fighting for justice online ! you know, the losing team always plays the game "for the game", however the other team wins - am just saying

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  • PlainSpeak
    01-13 12:35 PM
    There is no point in dignifying "plainspeak"'s hatred and abuses with a response since wallowing in the dirt with a rotten pig like him would only cause more harm. He has been sending me abusive and threatening PMs as well which I have been ignoring. Maybe that's his definition of being productive for the community. Being a "senior" member in name only doesn't count. Bringing down the efforts of your own EB community is worse than being an anti- immigrant.
    Wow forever_waiting you have really cleared up the mystery for me

    Till now i was under and impression that all EB2 on this forum were just selfish people (which can be understood as a basic human nature sad but understood nevertheless) and i was always under an impresssion that IV Core had got their heart in the right place and are genuinly interested in resolving this issue but from your statements some things are made clear

    He has been sending me abusive and threatening PMs as well which I have been ignoring. Maybe that's his definition of being productive for the community.

    Are you serious.... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    Is that the best you could come up with in defence of yiour argument

    You know what I dont even know how to send a IM to anyone on this forum. All i know is to read posts and reply to post and create new posts. Wow this takes the cake. Now things makes sense.

    I did not send im to anyone but since forever_waiting says i did there could be only 3 explanations

    1. forever_waiting cannot hold a discussion and is losing a disucssion and is abusing me and lying to everyone else that i sent him abusive messages. This could be because he has to lie to prove himself better than me and show me in bad light.

    2. Some one else this forum has sent abusive messages to forever_waiting to use him as a cats paw against me without divulging their own motives to discredit me.
    A. Could it be someone else on the forum who does not like my arguments and wants to diss me. But if that would be the case that person would abuse me directly in reply to my posts and IM me directly because if someone is genuinly angry with someone else that person will say it out in the open but will NOT try to do something behind the back

    B. Could it be some one who is in a position of authority in IV and cannot argue with me face to face cause that will show their opinion in the open forum to everyone and is using forever_waiting without him knowing about it or is in collusion with forever_waiting and playing this game

    Hmmm the plot thickens ..................

    My friend forever_waiting even after seeing your latest message saying wallowing in the dirt with a rotten pig like him i am not angry and do you know why. That is the advantage of age and maturity.

    U know what i think... My last message to you was sent today morning but now must be when you saw it the first time and knowing you i am sure you could not control your anger and stated what ever you stated. No harm my friend, it is better to lose and argument as long as you pick up something beneficial from it.

    And by the way i might be senior member because of the number of post i made (isn't that how it works) but i am still a junior member nay i am not even a member when i compare my contributions to the contributions made by donating, activly working members like yourselves

    As is stated before i respect you and all the other participants in IV who are volunetering and donating and taking part in advocacy


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  • koteswari
    06-28 07:54 AM
    Is it possible to get data on the number of people who have moved to eb2 so that some of the eb3 numbers get released?

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  • shantak
    08-16 07:08 PM
    I have e-filed on May 22
    FP done on 06/17
    LUD on 07/22
    No updates later .

    I have an infopass appt on Aug 19 as I pass my 90 days .Can you please tell us your Infopass experince ? Hopefully this would help me and others in similar situation.

    Hey indian111, see my previous posts for the infopass exp. Just to give you a gist, it was a useless appointment. They did not offer me any kind of help. After reading through different forums, I have noticed that there were quite a few CPO emails yesterday for people filed within the same time frame. So I think the infopass appointment did not in any way impact the decision. This is just my assumption.
    But I would definitely have the infopass done and then go to the local congressman or senator office to get things resolved.
    That was my original plan too. I never expected miracles to happen with the infopass appointment. That would have just given me an additional proof on my part to show that I was diligent in getting the issue resolved
    Let me know if you need more details and I will be happy to provide them.


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  • conchshell
    05-18 10:20 AM
    we have almost as many folks that have not called as those that did. why? oh why? just pick up the phone and leave at least 1 VM today!
    Various reasons may be possible: some people may think that phone campaign may not be an effective method. However, all of them who decided not to participate, did not post a message and explained why do they think so. It happened initially for the flower campaign too ... however when momentum build, lots of no sayers also started sending flowers.

    Second, its quite possible that anti-immigration people are creating the account and voting against the campaign. Some one should take a look at the accounts who voted against, and see when exactly they joined IV? At the same time, some people who are EB2/EB3 ROW, think that if these bill pass, their GC will take more time.

    Another aspect is: majority of people still do not realize how grave the situation is. I was talking to one of my good friend (EB3 India), I am chasing him from last one year to join the fight. He nodes his head and says Yes every time I talk to him, but never comes forward. Yesterday, when I urged him to participate in CHC campaign, he told me "Don't worry, I will help you". This one sentence clarified a lot. He still doesn't see himself impacted by this situation, and still believes that some day his GC will appear magically. He is just living in a fools paradise and enjoying his EAD/AP. BTW, his PD is April 2004 EB3 India. Afterwards, I had to be a little straight with him, and convey him in bitter words that I am not asking his support for my GC, but I a asking this so that he can help himself. Hope someday he will realize this.

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  • glus
    02-02 11:30 AM
    Looks like i got confused.....deleted this. The provisions to reduce the backlog were included in S.AMDT.180 , which has not even been voted..... the s.amdt.187 is something different. I guess we all got confused. The S.AMDT.180 has not passed senate.


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  • actaccord
    02-23 08:42 AM

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  • waitsolong
    01-12 03:25 PM
    If the IV core and its advisory board don't want to do that, they must have some reason. I trust the IV core and its advisory board. I am sure they know how politics works better than you and me. The existing bill may have a small chance to pass. EB3 can still benefit from that at least to some extent.The idea you preferred has no chance, given the harsh economic situation and anti-immigration sentiment at this time. In this case, EB3 will have to wait forever. Now, which one do you like? I think people should be realistic.

    My friend there is no need for you to get antoganized with me because what i said in my previous post is more a message to everyone on this forum and is not anything personal against you. In fact i am surpirsed that you are even discussing opening up teh 55K to everyone.

    I know you did not write this bill (Would have been nice if you did because you listen to the other persons argument which is sadly lacking in this forum from a long time)

    There is no way we can challenge Rep Issa on this clause. We are just individuals. Yes a forum like IV can but question is will IV core do that? And the fact that you are perfectly OK with IV Core modifying the bill only shows good intention on your side but sorry to say this (You would be very naive to think IV Core will entertain such ideas)

    Lets just say if IV Core does what you had proposed it will show maturity of thinking of of the group and i for one will be pleasently surprised. Not to say i am waiting with bated breath for that to happen. Call me cynical but thats the way i have seen things happen here

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  • gsc999
    04-07 09:25 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I know some of you may have concerns about the distances at the three events we have picked so far. If you are new to walking/running, this would be a really good opportunity for you to start training with the support of Team IV members as well as two personal trainers who are going to give us support and feedback on a weekly basis. These trainers are doing this for Team IV for free, to help our Team. So we should really take advantage of such a bonus feature.

    Starting your walking/running goals by attempting a 5K is a very good target to aim for. A 5K is 3.12 miles and you can walk this distance at a moderate pace, no not race walking, just a moderate pace in 45 mins. So this is quite a do-able distance. Also, you can train to jog or run the 5K in as little as a 6 or 8 weeks. Once you sign up with Team IV, we can provide you with more guidance. We have got the support of a couple of major names in the walking/running field.:)

    So come on, join Team IV and lets get this ball running, or jogging, defintely walking.
    This is the part I like, training advise is included. I have never run 5K. So I am picking the San Francisco 5K event to get started.

    China 2008 Olympics here I come ;), maybe not.

    People in Nor. Cal. PM me if you are a newbie at this, I am one too. Lets do this together.

    04-11 12:27 PM
    My wife and son are going to India on vacation this summer. Their current H4 visa got expired (June 2006) on their passports. They have a valid I-797 notice expiring Oct 2007.

    However, I am applying my H1B extension next month and will get 3 years extension sometime in May 2007. I want to get them visa stamp based on my new approval notice.

    For dependent H4 visa stamp, do they need their own approval notice 797 or principal's approval notice be sufficient to get the stamping?



    H4 approval notice is not valid once she is out of the country. She needs to stamp her H4 visa based on your H1 approval notice.

    05-20 08:42 AM
    So what is happening here? Is this in IV agenda?