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  • indyanguy
    09-09 12:42 PM
    I Where did you find this information about limiting EB2 to managers only?

    Check out this post - http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum2-retrogression-priority-dates-and-visa-bulletins/20720-calling-us-educated-and-eb2-people-14.html#post300225

    I am not sure what came out of this campaign (I really haven't read the entire thread), but it appears that at first glance, it had to do with limiting EB2s to certain job titles.

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  • transpass
    08-04 11:34 AM
    Yep, how about a rally in front of Nebraska Service Center ;)

    Yeah, may be a cycle rally...:p

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  • needhelp!
    10-25 11:23 AM
    If you live in DFW, you are wanted at the IV booth!

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  • Kodi
    06-18 09:32 AM
    Yeah, Atlanta is hatching eggs with our PERM applications.


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  • yabadaba
    08-14 02:02 PM
    Hi All

    Did anyone got Receipt # from this Pile?

    Allpication Reached NSC on July 2 @ 7.55 AM and was received by R Williams?

    with this tension i m jusst going to end up with piles. then paskal will have to look at my piles :(

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  • jsb
    08-13 09:26 PM
    EB2 India
    PD 5/2004
    I-140 approved 6/2006 TSC
    I-485 delivered Jul 2, NSC
    LUD on I-140 7/28/2007
    No receipts or check cashing yet


    My application reached NSC on july 2nd 10.25 am & the LUD on my I-140 was changed on July 28th still no receipt notice or the cheque got cashed. No idea whatz going????

    So I guess the LUD change is nothing relevant to I-485 filing.

    Thanks & Regds


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  • a_yaja
    12-17 10:08 AM
    Dear Yaja,

    Thanks for your detailed response and i see that there is a valid point in yours.

    Pl. let me know If i go for stamping even with out any paystub from the new employer? (joining after 15 days(1-15)) My new employer has agreed to give a letter of employment. Is that enough for the stamping?. If the consulate officer asks for the latest pay stub in my case, can I tell him that I do not have and I have only the old employers pay stub?

    Thanks in anticipation.


    Yes - that should be good enough. You can tell the visa officer that you just joined the new employer and still do not have any paystubs from them. Get a letter from the new employer with the starting date. That should be good enough. Take all the paystubs from the old employer. Just be truthful and honest and don't worry - you should get your visa without any problem.

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  • smakur
    07-16 05:24 PM
    Some of my friends did this. A common example is if you work in company A and your spouse works in Company B. Since you typicaly go through the company's lawyers and you do not know who is going to file when, it is generally a good idea to list one spouse a dependant of the other. So you get he earliest receipt date possible.

    If USCIS receives both the applications, it will return the second application as a duplicate. I don't kow if they keep the money though

    However, if the same lawyer is preparing both your applications, then there is nothing to gain. So you should just file your own 485s (why risk losing the filing fee) or file one 485 (earlier PD with the spouse listed as a dependant).


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  • Bobby Digital
    May 19th, 2005, 09:24 AM
    J. is right. Manual focus and exposure bracketing are what you need to do. I have a D70 and have learned quite a lot with it, as you will. I take a meter reading in the auto mode and then switch to manual mode enter in the same settings and adjust as needed. Usually with a smaller aperture (larger number).

    Hope this helps.

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  • gc@waiting
    08-21 06:51 PM
    My corporate attorney told me that one is okay as long as one doesn't sya beyond 180 days from expiry without applying for a renewal, so you have 6 months to apply.

    Better check with an attorney, but I am sure you are just fine.

    Also, we had a 'nunc-pro-tunk' situation, but that kicks in only after 180 days , so I told.


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  • mohitb272
    03-20 06:25 PM

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  • 2008FebEb2
    09-22 11:28 AM
    Not many cases in 2007 and 2008.

    Looks like people got p1ssed off and not applying anymore in EB2 2008:p


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  • greenmonster
    11-30 08:05 AM

    I am on EAD with my GC sponsor, 485 pending - PD Dec2006. I was a Sr.QA Analyst while my Labor was filed. Those job responsibilities were submitted in labor along with generic titles like programmer analyst etc.

    Now that I have planned a technology change, I am moving into SAP BI. As it is getting tough to get contract positions and lot of FTE opportunities. I am wondering what my options are. Having said that I am also anticipating my PD to be current in july/aug/sep 2011.

    I was told by my employer that I could temporarily resign , take a FT with another company and join back within 6 months.
    During this time they would continue with my green process.

    In this situation while I am very close ( 6-9 months) for my PD to be current, what are my best options?

    1. AC21 - get it all done with new company ? Job title from Sr.Qa to SAP BI would it be a problem?

    2. Temporary resignation and rejoining - is it really feasible?

    3. Stay with current company - try for contract positions even if it means that I have to stay long on bench. I have been already out since Aug.

    Please pour in your thoughts.

    Thanks for your help.
    Hello Guru's

    Please help on this. Need your suggestions/ thoughts.


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  • tigerk
    10-02 09:57 AM
    Yes you can apply, but you need to have a Co-signee who is either a US citizen or Permanent resident


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  • indyanguy
    09-18 08:33 PM
    july 2nd filer. transfer notice receipt date is aug 30th. This is confusing! Can someone please clarify:mad:

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  • ksrk
    08-15 02:13 PM
    Thank you ksrk for your reply on validity of I-94.
    I know I become paroled if i enter using AP.
    As my H1 extension is pending.. What happens to my H1B status when I return in following scenareos?
    1) If H1 approval comes after I arrive
    2) If H1 is approved when I am in India.


    1) If H1 approval comes through after you arrive in the US AND the attached I-94 is dated after your date of entry, then that I-94 becomes effective and you will be on H1B status in the US.

    2) Else, the I-94 you receive when you enter the US becomes effective and you will be a parolee.


    DISCLAIMER - Not legal advice. Based on personal anecodes, opinions and preferences.


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  • gc_kaavaali
    03-12 03:40 PM
    First off all on what basis you can say there are no jobs for H1B's.

    If anybody who already done/experienced any of above cases, please advise on all above quetions with all options/possibilities. Your great experience helps lot of people like me. Please advise.


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  • srarao
    07-23 12:05 PM

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  • EndlessWait
    01-15 07:53 AM
    we've had way too many :mad:

    10-20 08:34 AM
    Thanx dessoya ;) you were good, it was tough :)

    09-23 09:51 PM

    Voice of America coverage. (in Hindi)

    lol funny to see myself in there..i have a shaky voice lol...eeks..wish i could hide...