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  • H1B-GC
    02-24 03:13 PM

    I'm trying to post the IV Fliers at my Alumni School.But the issue is we need a 'sign off' from Facilities dept. at school.But again, the policy depends from School to School . Some dont need that at all.So i'm in the Final Process of completing the formalities and it is very simple.Just a simple courtesy phone call to the concerned to make this happen. All the international students are potential members to join IV and contribute to our cause. So i advise all the IV members/Core Members to think out of the Box like these as we have very little time left.but i really envy the Irish Lobby who are way ahead of us.Anyways, we need to bang it out hard or our life is gonna be dormant for lots of time.

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  • garybanz
    12-07 08:09 AM
    I have already waited 90 days, my RD is July 02, ND is July 27.

    Then IMHO you should give USCIS a visit.

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  • crazyAbtUS
    12-16 11:07 AM
    everyone loves their money....but think if nothing will change how much of your loved money you will spend every year to renew EAD and AP...just do the calculations and you will think that it is worth to part some of our loved money..

    No offense Nik..but dude my company actually pays for it..so no loss..in renewing EAD..but unfortunatly my EAD is not yet approved..so I am not yet there.....SAD

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  • chi_shark
    06-03 11:28 AM
    roy beck of numbersusa just said on the hearing that if 424 were to pass, his organization will feel better if 3 greencards from other categories are reduced for every greencard newly given out under 424... man... he should !@#!%#@$%@!@#$!@$$@#^#%^%^&&* *(!@#$@!$.


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  • eb3retro
    10-10 04:02 PM
    When I said this is a SCAM and they just don�t want us to have Greencard. Everybody got mad at me.
    Lets see when we will get Greencards��God Knows.

    KAKA will not say anything�

    kaka, we all agree, u are the best here..(u know best in what!!!)

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  • swaroopmukka
    07-19 01:09 PM
    As somebody said above, if we r getting married after Aug 17, and if we decide not to file my 485 now. My PD is May 2007 and my 140 would be approved before my H1B is expired for the second term, and if I didn't file my 485 by then, what kind of H1B extensions would I get ?? 1 year or 3 years.

    To be simple : PD May 2007
    140 approved by May 2010
    H1B expires Nov 2010.
    485 not filed.

    From Nov 2010, what kind of H1B extension I'd get (1 year or 3 years) ??



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  • Openarms
    01-21 01:46 PM
    Any hopes in EB3 India priority date movement? Hope they work on some legislation

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  • byeusa
    07-11 11:15 AM
    We need more friends, not less.

    USINPAC has been NOT helpful so far. It doesn't mean we should protest to them angrily and antagonize them. We can continue to seek their assistance (if they would offer any)

    they can only offer assistance in helping you learn how to do fraud if you are interested.


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  • sanju
    01-15 01:21 PM
    yeah.. So another reason to keep looking at the visa bulletins now. Once i get a GC I buy a house and get a gun. The american dream. ;-)

    Thats my kind of dream. Just one addition to my list of things to do upon receiving my GC.

    I will buy a house, get a gun and JOIN A LOCAL RELIGIOUS PLACE and choose my lord and savior. Hey, I want a passport to the heaven from here, I don't want to stand in green card line of heaven or go to hell.

    BTW, move over here to WA state and you can buy a gun.


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  • Saralayar
    05-02 01:06 PM
    Your sense of humor is pretty low class, crass and ill-informed.
    What is wrong in his statement?. It is the truth happening....


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  • map_boiler
    07-06 12:42 PM
    If the USCIS cashes the checks and then returns the packets (total $1490 in my case), is there any legal recourse to get a refund from them? Since they are pretty much doing whatever they want, this thought just occurred to me.

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  • Keeme
    06-02 06:31 PM
    We got heavy weights here supporting this bill... Kennedy and Schumer.. IV fights for all immigration issues, but not for this... then whom IV fighting for???

    One can see from these posts how one feels when they see a little 'Hope' and 'Help' coming their way when its needed the most and how desparate they are to get involved for this fight ! Even though, In past we have seen some thing similar leaving us at where we were, we were happy to see that someone with us and fighting for us! Disappointed, disheartened and frustrated, we looked forward and now here its again ! -A hope of help !

    IV core members must be having into their own games to help the community and can't blame them for not supporting this bill. But It would be a huge mistake if IV doesn't support it- if it has EB Visa recapture and not just for Family.

    Not even people who don't understand this country and its politics would bet on CIR. IF Dems had an advantage and have won recent elections because of CIR issue, they would loose the next one because of CIR - they know it very well ! Long story short, if this economy crisis was "Perl harbor' for this administration, CIR will be another one !

    THE BEST AND ONLY WAY for us to get out of this mess is to get Visa recapture bill passed ! Period.

    Time is in our favor, Dems have majority and controll all 3 executive braches ! Housing industry needs more buyers ! Economy needs more immigrants ! Dems need to make their base stronger ! What else ?

    There won't be better time than today, Let's bring a new energy in us, do everything we can to support it.


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  • vpa_2009
    03-17 09:44 PM
    You all are right that we should not divide ourselves on EB2 and EB3 basis. But it is true that there is no hope for EB3 unless the point is raised for it in IV drive. EB3 is a hopeless case. People are so frustated since they are unable to decide about their future. Let's do something for it too.

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  • dionysus
    01-04 05:33 PM
    Really a revolutionary idea. I like the idea of redrawing middle east map. It is over due now.

    While talking about rederawing of boundarie, there is another interesting proposal doing the rounds in the global political discourses. This one is not a prediction, but a proposal to redraw the boundaries of the middle east. The idea was initially proposed by someone called Ralph Peters in the Armed Forces Journal in an article titled "Blood Borders" .

    The core idea behind the proposal is that the state boundaries of middle east are unnatural, and it has given rise to artificial, nonviable and oppressive states. The only way to permanently solve the problems of islamic terrorism is to redraw the boundaries of the entire region.

    The idea has been floating around on the Internet for a couple of years now. No wonder, the nationalities set to benefit from this proposal (Baluchis, Pakhtuns, Kurds, Shia Arabs etc) are enthusiastically rooting for it, while the ruling elites of the so called artificial states like Pakistan and Sunni Iraqis are adamantly against it. Nevertheless, it is an interesting read.

    I am posting the links to the original article, as well the some sites which displays the altered map of middle east. For more information, the curious can do a google search for "Blood borders" phrase.



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  • BharatPremi
    10-10 08:25 PM
    What do you mean "heart, mind, soul, ethics were sold"? How do you know that? Just because someone called the U.S president "his president" does not mean he/she sold anything, let alone someone's soul and ethics. That is their right to call the U.S president his or hers.

    What you said is totally uncalled for. If you are so patriotic, why are you applying for a green card and going by your own words, doesn't that mean you sold your ethics, heart, mind and soul too?

    Are you kidding us? I do not know what level of education you have achieved so far in your life but it looks like you are not enough educated to differentiate between the definitions of permanent residency, citizenship and perhaps working on work visa as far as legal stay in USA by outsider is concerned.

    What would be the "legal" reply from US Supreme court,if you ask US supreme court that whether citizen of other country can call US president a "My president"? . And What would be the "legal" reply from Supreme court of country A,if you ask that whether citizen of country A can call US president a "his/her president"?

    USA expects someone to abide by the land of the law while s/he come to US to work legally. And what is expected legally is one is not involved in "Anti USA" activity whatsoever it may be.USA legally never expects citizen of other country "to love" or "show fidelity" towards USA when s/he is still the citizen of other country.

    PavanV is right in his argument, in a sense, that when some person is citizen of country A at this moment his/her fidelity naturally must be for his/her country A. This is the legally expected human behaviour in every society and country. It would have been perfectly o.k. and "legal" about rsharma's statement if he would have already been US citizen at the time when he stated what he stated.

    Such ridiculous, unnatural, premature, unethical and spineless behaviour can only be shown by the people who are already morally sold.

    First of all when somebody comes here in USA on work visa, s/he has come on invitation from USA base legal employer's willingness and is ethically, legally and morally obligated to provide professional class and quality of work for what s/he is hired. Nothing more or less is legally expected by USA and employment system within USA. USA and its whole society is well aware that these persons are citizen of other countries and so they never expects any kind of fidelity from them at least "legally" and at the same time they even do not grant the rights what US citizen nornmally have. Now out of that bunch many people prefer to go for permanent residency as permanent residency bring little bit stability in living and flexibility in employment and international travel. If one becomes a permanent resident of USA then also USA still only expects that person abide by the law of the land and do not involve in "anti USA" activity. It still does not expect "fidelity" towards USA in legal sense.There is no legal or social or political or any kind of pressure from USA or any governmental or non governmental institutes within USA on any particular person coming from other country to become its citizen. One can stay on permanent residency forever till death(At least based on current prevalent law) and legally work and s/he does not have to become a citizen for working legally. And I do not know about other countries but in India it is not considered "illegal" and/or "unpatriotic" to go in other country(Except Pakistan and Bangladesh) for legal work so coming to USA for legal work whether on work visa or becoming a permanent resident in USA while maintaining Indian citizenship simultaneously is not unpatriotic or illegal. Simultaneously USA's legal system allows an Indian to remain as citizen of India while residing in USA permanently for legal work.

    Now if somebody decides to become a US citizen, there is nothing wrong in that. I do not see anything wrong when rsharma states that "I have decided to become US citizen in future". But if he is mature and human enough then his fidelity at this moment should be towards India (Assuming he is a citizen of India currently) as he is a citizen of India at this moment. Showing this kind of behaviour perhaps may not be a outright unpatriotic in terms of "Indianness" but it certanily signals probable but strong disloyality towards India.

    And I do not think that USA citizens are that naive that they consider the people "not mingled" if citizen of other country do not call USA president a "My president" while holding the citizenship of other country.

    If calling US president a "My President" by non citizens would be the barometer of "mixing" / "mingling" then USA would not be today's USA. So please do not kid USA and us .

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  • hunkuncontrolled
    04-02 01:31 PM
    Then call senator grassley and ask these questions and prove you have the BALLS!!!! Otherwise you know what it means.

    I am not sure abt Senator Grassley and others but someone in your home could answer your curiosity about my balls. lol...Take your shot man


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  • vdlrao
    02-15 02:56 PM
    The real problem has been the l1 visa..and ignorant americans do not know the difference and they think everything is h1b but it is the L1 which has caused wages to drop....

    Infact theres no limit on L1 quota like H1B.

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  • nixstor
    10-12 01:45 PM
    [QUOTE=nelsonagn]"So who ever were able to sneak in under that category, will get their GC."

    Not if they are the 50,001st they won't.

    -> I am totally with you on that. I am sure pmpforgc and bluekayal filed way ahead of the 50K limit.

    Only 50,000 Schedule A's will be approved. Any who submitted I-485s above that number will have to be approved under another category.

    -> I was refering to people who have filed in Jul of Aug of this year under Schedule A. Do you think that their 485 will be frozen as well? I dont think so. I know a PT who filed hers in Aug. I will ask her what USCIS is gonna say.

    Just because someone submits an I-485 when a category is available does not mean they are guaranteed to see it through to end.

    -> So what you are saying is, If a person whose EB2 PD is Jun 02 files 485 by the end of this month and lets say EB2 retrogresses to Apr 02 after 5 months from now, his/her application will be left at that point. So an Analyst will basically check if the PD is current every time they take up the file.

    How ever, I doubt thats the same with Schedule A as it is a one time category. They will mark the 1st 50K apps into schedule A and give the overflow back to the applications for reg processing.

    Remember that when Sched A started, those who were already in the system (in EB2 or 3) were switched to that category, if their petition was considered Schedule A.

    -> Sure, lot of nurses and PT's might have jumped into Schedule A from EB3 and as you said all of those applications from 50,001 will go into EB3. I mean nurses and PT's. Who ever filed under Schedule A EB2 will go to EB2.

    USCIS will just as easily switch those left to another category when the 50K are used up.

    Your earlier statemement that 'once you have a receipt number your I-485 will either be approved or denied' is also misleading. Mere issuance of a receipt does not guarantee continuous processing unless until the cut-off for that category is later that your PD (and yes, even those who don't go thru LC have a PD: it's their I-140 RD). If not, your I-485 just sits.

    -> My understanding of PD's being current is you can file for 485 and can get some decision sooner or later. I am not aware of the fact that 485 processing becomes stop and go as PD for that category oscillates back and forth.

    That's what retrogression does: it takes I-485s already in the system and freezes them.

    -> may be you are right. How ever my post wasnt intended to mislead any one. I felt that the 2 members who filed in Jul and Aug under Schedule A should be fine.

    So what do you think will happen to these folks who have filed for 485 when Schedule A is removed from the VB? Does that mean that their PD's have become current? From what you are saying, all the unadjuciated 485's filed on after the cutoff date in VB (in this case 10/05 for schedule A as of now ) will not be processed and will be freezed. What will happen to the 765/131 that were filed along with the 485?

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  • gc101
    08-01 06:44 PM
    I think most important things you need to consider: (Considering the fact that PD will be pushed back to stone ages in September Bulletin)

    a) Hope that your I-485 Application is not approved before your PD becomes current. If this happens, it's a royal screw up until your wife keep's her own status (F1, H1).

    b) Earlier, it was predicatable when your PD would become current and it allowed most of the folks to add their spouses at later time.

    c) Bigger question is whether they would process on the basis of PD or RD. I think it's unfair to do it on basis of RD as most of the people would be jumping lines. Currently it's done on the basis of RD, but USCIS might change their SOP because of this July VB Fiasco.

    d) As others suggested, make sure to maintain your H1B status as long as possible without invoking your EAD. This way, you can continue to keep your wife on H4 status (Unless she can keep her own status for atleast another 2-3 years).

    I am in the same boat with EB-2 PD of Aug 2005. My spouse is outside US to get her F1-H1B stamping as her OPT Expired few weeks back.

    Hope, USCIS would allow filing for dependents at a later stage even your PD is not current. :confused:

    a) That is what I am hoping. If not, I am screwed. I planned to go ahead apply for I-485.

    b) ??? :(

    c) If USCIS doesn't go by PD, everybody is screwed....

    d) as long as possible --- What does this mean? I have to keep on extending my H1B , that's all , right. Or while coming back from India, will the Immigration officer force you to start using EAD?

    Comments would be appreciated.


    06-12 01:00 PM

    The case is not in his wife's hand anymore. As soon as the police came on site the case is People Vs Terriblething. Only thing is that the DA may be a little weary of pushing too much if his only eye witness (the Wife) does not want to push the matter.


    You really really need to consult another lawyer who has better relationship with the DA.

    07-11 11:41 AM
    I dont think we need to waste our time about such non competent organizations , let them take the credit , it just shows that this was a great idea. Looking at their website it does look like they have some good contacts .

    I think immigration voice should write them a formal letter and ask them to publicise this to their "contacts" ..

    If they got themselves into this picture well,lets put them to work!