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  • mali03
    05-09 11:39 AM
    As long as we get heard......And we might be in the final edited version (very good chance) for a few minutes

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  • humsuplou
    07-02 05:40 PM
    Tnks for the quick response. a couple more questions :D
    1) Eligibility Status?

    2)Please provide information concerning your eligibility status.

    Do I need to put anything in there? Or I can just leave it blank?

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  • WeShallOvercome
    10-30 01:36 PM
    Today, our AP status has changed to "Document mailed to applicant". Does this mean that they have mailed the approval document or is it an RFE document?

    For most of the applicants the status has turned to "Approval Notice sent" but mine is different. Is anyone in the same boat.

    I got the same status yesterday. No email. I guess it is approval.

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  • sgudge
    02-13 06:04 PM
    ya i know exactly what you want to say , its easy for them follow the pattern.

    maybe its best that 1 year i go to visit her and 1 year i call her over here .



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  • sonia_sd
    11-10 03:35 PM
    Tareek pe Tareek, Tareek pe Tareek...GC dene wala nahi rehta...GC lene wala nahi rehta....sirf reh jaati hai TAREEEK!!! ;)

    If you don't know what I'm talking about...

    YouTube - DAMINI - Tareekh Pe Tareekh (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tHLAQVPZ48)

    I want to play sunny deols role but who will be My lord here ?? USCIS / DOS :)))

    Nice post thx

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  • phillyimmigrant
    07-18 01:23 PM
    I am a newbie as well and have filed I-485, I-131, and I-765, and they reached USCIS by July 2nd. What happens now?:confused: I mean, I understand we will get I-485 receipt and AP and EAD and might even be called for finger printing. What after that?

    EB2 India
    PERM submitted in Oct 2006, I140 approved

    After the show down of the USCIS and all the high skilled immigrats. USCIS posted that they are withdrawing the July 2nd board. This is great news.

    I have filed my I-485, I-131, and I-765, and they reached USCIS by July 13th. According to the new board, USCIS will no long reject them.

    So what will happen from now on? What is the procedure after this?

    I guess this might be a newbie question. If someone can post some answers for me, it will be very helpful.



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  • belmontboy
    04-12 02:54 AM
    Hi all, I need help in explaining my situation if someone can help me . Here is my info that I know
    EB3 ROW
    PD : April 6, 2006 (PERM)
    July Filer.
    i140 and i485 July 2007 (Received by USCIS Texas Center September 10, 2007)
    AP and EAD received September 2007

    I want to understand the process so I can know the meaning of the Visa bulletin based on my situation.
    I am guessing that right now I will have to wait for my i140 to be approved first before I can talk about i485. I checked the processing time for i140 at TSC and it is August 15, 2007. Any crazy estimate when I should get the approval?

    Once my i140 is approved then I can look and match my PD with the visa bulletin EB3 ROW for adjustment of status.

    I know there would be some more steps than these above. But are these statement above correct/incorrect?

    Thank you very much

    you can check the status of ur I-140 on uscis by providing ur receipt #

    you would get more information on processing steps by going through the posts in this forum.

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  • copsmart
    02-26 10:32 PM
    4. Consult an immigration lawyer ASAP

    Today, My H1B transfer got denied and waiting for denial notice. Employer is planning to appeal on denial case. (I am assuming that "Denial could be becasue of client letter was not furnished)

    My Layer: Employer->Company A-> Primary Vendor -> Client

    My I-94 is valid Nov-09-2009 based on previous employer petition. Previous employer notified USCIS on H1B termination.

    On this, What would be best option.

    1. File a new H1B case thru current employer (while is waiting for appeal result, as a back up plan)?

    2. can I continue work for current employer since my I-94 is valid till 11/09/2009 and filling MTR?

    3. Apply for H1B transfer thru primary vendor's sister concern?


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  • nik.patelc
    04-08 01:08 PM
    How long it take (in terms day) to receive actual RFE mail notice after LUD status update online about RFE?

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  • vikramy
    06-10 02:58 PM
    Good to know i can file a new H1 based on 140 irrespective of who filed 140 and i am in H status or not. This way i don't need to be always tensed about a possible RFE on 485.

    Hi Vikram -

    Since your H-1B transfer petition is denied, you are not in H1 status anymore. However, I would suggest consider applying for 3 year H1 based on approved I-140 (and PD is not current). It does not matter who applied for that I-140.

    There is a chance that USCIS may approve this H1 without I-94. In that case, you need to get new visa stamp and reenter into US to get back into H-1B status.

    Good Luck.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin


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  • pthoko
    07-13 12:04 AM
    Would going to Canada and re-entering without going for visa stamping count as lawful entry??

    Or one has to go and get the visa stamped to qualify as lawful entry??

    Also when you go to Canada and come back Without VISA stamping, he gets the same I-94 or different I-94??


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  • jonty_11
    07-25 04:07 PM
    wouldnt it be better to check the earliest apptt available on the INFOPASS website rather than here..Just a thought.


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  • go_guy123
    10-08 10:29 AM
    Hi .. I am on L1 with my current employer. I applied H1B through a consultancy and my petition got approved. My current employer told me that they can transfer my approved H1B to them. Is it really possible to transfer H1B to my current employer, just by having the approved petition?

    Yes transfer is possible. However your current employer's h1b petition also
    needs to be approved (RFEs replied to etc).

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  • ps57002
    09-16 11:19 AM
    This plea is for people who are still undecided about the rally and have lot of friends in the same situation. If there is a group of friends in the same situation it only takes one brave soul to make a decision and every one will jump in. We all seen this in trivial matters like going for vacation, movies etc..

    I see the problem is in taking the first step and others will jump right in immediately. So if your friends look up for you to make the decision, please be a leader and do it now. You will not only make a difference in their life and their life as well.

    Can you take that elusive first step?????. People in and around DC area it's only a day trip. Atlanta/NC/SC folks, not too late. Please PM either me or ramus.

    Very true...be the brave one, be the wise one, be the one to think of your future...be the one to take that step and be an example. Others will follow.


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  • ameryki
    01-07 04:17 PM
    I don't think its the same plane that will take you all the way. If I am not mistaken AI has a code share flying in to Paris and then you switch planes. the only transit destinations that you don't change planes according me with Air India are Frankfurt and London.

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  • gc4vk
    12-13 04:43 PM
    Have another question regarding AP, we have filed 485 in jul 07, we got Recept for AP, but no other updated on AP, in case of Emargency can we go to the local office to get AP, is there any Rule that poeple applied AP for the first time will not get the same from local office.

    Pd: EB3, Aug 04
    I 140 : Jan 07
    485: Jul 07


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  • bombay707
    11-16 08:10 AM

    Is there a time limit to transfer a H1-B visa ? If the previous company revokes the H1-B visa how long do we have or is the H1-B canceled at that point ? Please let me know at your earliest.


    I think it is 2 weeks. Also confirm the same with the lawyer.

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  • excogitator
    04-13 06:31 AM
    Congratulations Everyone!!! :)

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  • vxb2004
    08-27 08:20 PM
    I called USCIS regardng my I-140 approval notice and I was told that "It normally takes upto 30 days to receive any approval/receipt notices". Hope it helps!

    Green Card Aspirant
    05-01 12:05 AM
    Congrats and enjoy your freedom of mobility

    09-12 04:16 PM
    Ivan is a doctor from Mexico. He did his resiidency at Mainmonaides in New York and now works as an attending physician at Cleveland Clinic. Clevland clinic is planning to promote him as a program director but Ivan wont be here next year, his Green Card petition has been pending FBI checks for 3 years now and he is frustrated about the process and plans to move back to Mexico and start his own hospital.

    Lets strive to keep Pablo and Ivan in the US.

    Lets March to DC on September 18th for the Legal highly skilled immigrants rally