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Have an adventurous weekend!

My lovelies, happy Easter weekend! What are you up to? We're having two friends over tonight to watch a documentary, and my mom is coming for a surprise 24-hour visit tomorrow! Hope you have fun adventures this weekend and treat yourself to some chocolate bunnies. :) Meanwhile, here are a few great posts from around the web...

This Met exhibition looks lovely.

Oh, the '90s. Hilarious.

Sleeping in the air.

Awesome slideshow of wedding moments.

Life-size photos of whales.

Ten pretty things.

Daydreaming of Ireland.

What a romantic print.

Genius bike parking.

Great advertisement for reading books.

Traveler's notebook + striped backpacks.

Such a bright and airy living room.

Ooh la la, the loveliest flower cupcakes.

A few additions to my spring wishlist. (So many pretty things out there!)

And fellow bike lovers: Alex, Toby and I are going to the New Amsterdam Bike Show next weekend! See you there? xoxo

(Photo by Max Wanger)