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Have an adventurous weekend!

My sweets, what are you doing this weekend? My mom is coming from Michigan to visit tomorrow, and Alex and I are taking a staycation in New York next week! Alex is staying home from work, and my mom will hang out with Toby while Alex and I go on adventures, like taking snowy bike rides, going to a speakeasy in Queens and having long dinners with friends. We're even considering staying in a hotel for a night (is that crazy?). I'm so excited for a breather and want to give my mom a huge kiss for letting us galavant around the city!

Meanwhile, one of my favorite bloggers will be guest posting next week. And here are a few fun posts from around the web...

Adorable family frame wall.

Tightrope walking sculptures.

Remember this pitch-perfect wedding? Well, Emma wrote a book!

A lovely way to spend a rainy day with a little dude.

How to look like Bonnie and Clyde.

Have you ever tried milk soap? It's on my wishlist.

Pixel pour = rad street art.

A treehouse bed.

Have a great weekend, and a big hug to you all!

(Photo of seriously brave painters on the Brooklyn Bridge.)