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Converse Shoes

People, who are in love with Converse sneakers, often make this somewhat trendy statement that these sneakers are really a lot more different than the other available sneakers from rivals like Puma and Adidas. Chuck Taylor sneakers were, undoubtedly, the number one sneakers from Converse as they were unique and elegant in almost each and every aspect.

Here is the list of some top sneakers picks from Converse Sneakers available these days.

Converse Rock ‘N Roll -Music Collection

This is, indeed, a nice collection of Converse sneakers for those who are a great fan of well-known rock bands. In this Music Collection designs celebrated the Black Sabbath, The Who, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and The Doors have been included. Black Sabbath and the Grateful Dead versions are available at stores now, while The Who, Ozzy and Pink Floyd will be available in January, February and March 09 respectively.

Chuck Taylor All Star Hi’s

These nice Converse sneakers feature an upper of perforated patent leather that gives a real nice and unique look to these cool sneakers. They will be available in red, black and white colors. It looks nice in every color, but a red pair is somewhat matchless.

Chuck Taylor Big Day Out

Converse has linked up with Big Day Out (The greatest outdoor music festival in Australia) to produce this nice Chuck Taylor Low edition. A Big Day Out logo has been accented at the white upper of these shoes. These nice sneakers are being released only for Australian retailers.

Chuck Taylor Leather Pack

Many of us have been seeing Chuck Taylor classic in canvas, and now you would find a totally different look with these Chuck Taylor Leather Pack. The colorway of these sneakers is quite simple but still somewhat special. These kicks are available in high as well as in low versions.

Mickey Vampire All Stars Converse

An off-white Converse All Stars pair has been turned into a real fun twist with Mickey Mouse innocent smiling image showing vampire pointy teeth. HelloDesign has done a good job by signifying some mischief rather than fun in Mickey’s eyes. It is quite evident that HelloDesign hasn’t wasted space with superfluous bright colors and abstract designs.