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Nike Zoom Kobe I Quickstrike China Edition

Several new editions of the Zoom Kobe III have been published in recent months, and now Nike has released a new limited edition Nike Zoom Kobe I. These shoes combine leather varsity purple patent leather with an upper limit for most whites. The patent leather swoosh and contrast well with the white tip stiff the rest of the shoe. The white "24" on the heel is purple. Get while you can because they are limited.

Surprised to see a new Nike Zoom Kobe I recently spent exclusively in China. The shoe has a color similar to the EP. This QK has a swoosh and purple cap entirely. In addition, the "24" is sewn on both shoes. However, the EP has a gradient fade swoosh and a tip, and "Kobe" is sewn into place. This shoe has a Kobe traditional colors white and purple is sure to please fans of Kobe. Although this shoe is a new account and only Nike Quickstrike China.