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Nike Dunk High 6.0 Premium Women Metallic Rainbow Red Pink Gold

Nike Metallic Rainbow will give you a number of colors and metallics. Giving a red top teams composed of university, rave pink, bronze, green and turquoise, metallic Nike Dunks Rainbow deviates from the simple look that we are accustomed to seeing women Nike dunks. Since the rainbow is a metallic Nike Premium also feature Nike Zoom Air cushioning. And using a clean white swoosh and a full white toebox this pair adding the finishing touches needed to contrast the rest of the top colors.

Just when you think the Dunk can not be more cowardly, this head turner multicolor appears and reminds us how endless the possibilities really. With six different colors, excluding white and gray, women Dunk High Premium Metallic Rainbow edition will take care to draw attention wherever they go. Rave pink, varsity red, yellow, cyan and green grass for each command in a different section of the upper leather, but the orange-metallic heel really makes this shoe stand out with a beautiful sheen that falls somewhere place between the gold and copper. Of course, the extravagant appearance of this shoe is distracted, but do not overlook the fact that this model has a single Dunk Zoom is designed for maximum comfort.