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Women Leopoldo Giordano

of which we recently talked often with the proposed look of Nicky Hilton, will present at the next Pitti Woman in January 2010, the new shoe collection for autumn / winter 2011.
An urban style and rigorous but decided tones soft and intimate.
The main features of this collection that will have as always a certain penalty associated with contemporary or a more bucolic.
We can still see the creations but we must content ourselves with a sketch.
A modern woman, exuberant, idipendente not surrender to seduction.
And 'the woman Leopoldo Giordano for next autumn-winter 2011 has developed a collection with contemporary rigor bucolic atmosphere combine to give and life style to a very metropolitan.
short form by the slight retro in different solutions heel.
Sandals, shoes and boots.
Average reported to the 40s heels with elegance and etiquette featuring the entire collection and creating a modern style, sober and while young, joyful, fun.
Deep colors and tones marked mind to decide on: blue, green, burgundy, with their soft light just become versatile enough to be the natural replacement of black and brown.