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Where do I even start? 2009 was crazy. Lol. I quit law school, restarted my art school thing, met a bunch of people, and created and released my best material to date...it's been a crazy year...I wouldn't undo any of it. Well, almost none.

Law schools whatever, I'll leave that on Adams St. The first quarter of 09 was dope though. I did a college radio tour courtesy of Jroc -- word to Jroc. In January Lim and Co, with a few extras, went on a ski trip. We crashed the whip in the mountains...and then drank, there's a video of it somewhere on youtube. I tried to snowboard...I fell. There's a video of that somewhere too.

I don't really need to tell the whoooole story of how I started work on the sicktape...its all on the outro. However I will say it was an arduous journey. The people I met, got to know and worked with throughout the whole process are invaluable to me. People say if you don't blow you aint shit but in reality some of the closest people to me have come as a result of music...

Fast forward to the summertime...coolin...not doin shit but workin on the tape. Fun. Met the dope in august though. She never knew how much I cared. Anyway, my september and october were a rush of school and music. People played my music...people played me...its all gravy though. People that I thoight were my friends revealed their true colors, which in a way I'm thankful for, it forced my hand in a number of situations and made me confront things I previosuly hadn't.

We're now at november like...8th. The sicktape is done and a lot of people whose opinions I greatly respect say its dope. I'm happy. Literally the first time in a while that I could truly truly say that. I remember hearing Amanda Diva's hook to "Home" for the first time and straight cheesin! I remember blackin' on "Still Fly" maaad as hell. I remember "The Weird One" and the inspiration. (Insert chuckle) I remember all of it. Everyone that was there whether directly or indirectly. To everyone that helped me literally, figuratively, emotionall, creatively, spiritually or motivationally...I can't really express my gratitude well enough through words.

December flew by. I got the greatest christmas gift in early december...and you know who you are and what you did. So now we're at the end of my nine. I'm sorry this is so abbreviated...a lot of my self is private and a lot is boring...the highlights? Sick. Tape. Two.

I got recognized several times lol, felt kinda nice. Fell. Got back up. Twice. The ups and downs, here's the point and how you gonna tell me's. Doin the etchasketch on full tilt off the vaporizer. Saw Lupe rock like 9 times. Watched groupies try. Watched groupies failed. Got played...moved on. The bottom line is that 2009 was dope. I barely remember 08 but ill never forget the nine. How could I forget my birthday 09-09-09? I loved this year, for al its flaws. I look forward to 20X. To everyone comin' with me...we finna do things. Build shit...and tear shit the fuck down. To everyone I'm leavin in 2009...you rock too.

I wrote a song about starting a new year, and the third verse is the most fitting way to end this.

The toast is cool, put the glasses down
Winter break is over let's resume the class now
There's learning to be done, and lessons to be had
Cuz if its too much in existence then less of it was never bad
And please plug it in, never let yourself get gassed
Cuz that way if you make it, you can really make it last
And really make it worthwhile, and really make it count
But you don't have to hide every time the sun comes out
Check it
I am tall tree, you niggas all flowers
I am outer space, you barely touchin' clouds
I am so dirigible, you are unoriginal
That means you lookin' up while I am fly you on the ground...


Whatup 2010, show me what you got