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Fresh New Balance Shoe - Brown Nubuck

The Funk Deli crew caught these fresh Brown Nubuck New Balance Shoes while strolling through the shopping malls of Manila. For $2900 Phillipine Pesos (about $72 bucks), the price seemed a little steep. We thought it best to wait it out so we could head online and check for a better price. Sure enough, it wasn’t hard to find.

OnlineShoes.com is selling the same Brown Nubuck New Balance shoes for $49.95.

Which means something interesting — everything (everything) in the Philippines is cheaper than it is anywhere else. $500 pesos can last you a day, and once you realize you’re spending $12.33, you start to want to live it up a bit. Shoes just cost way more for some reason. We’d love to hear a crafty, macro-economical explanation as to why.

But relax on the impulsive buying. Just wait till you get home, and look on the Net for the best price. At Funk Deli, we’ll do our best to share all the funky bargains we come across.