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Strut Your Stuff In Style With This Season's Fabulous Shoes

It may be politically incorrect to say this, but let's face it: women are genetically predisposed to lust after shoes. While the closet may already be overflowing with shoes that are rarely worn, they're nonetheless always on the lookout for more. And when there's a sale, today's woman will be there, no matter what, because...well, they're on sale. And if she comes across a pair of shoes she truly falls in love with, consider them sold-even if it means peanut butter and jelly lunches and spaghetti or tuna casserole dinners for a month.

Women are well aware that what they put on their feet can either make an outfit or destroy it. So can anything be done about this mad obsession with footwear? Fortunately, current styles are paving the way toward shoes that fit the most discerning woman's criteria for fashion while at the same time remaining surprisingly affordable. And at the same time they're keeping costs down, designers are finally making shoes designed for comfort as well as looks. Sandal heels have been shortened considerably, with some sporting a paper-thin platform heel. The hottest shoes this season will feature more attention to price and comfort then ever before.

Flip-flops are the first harbinger of warm weather. They're nice and flat, and since they're now being worn by many men as well as women, they're quite affordable. Of course, there are also more expensive varieties featuring jewelry, and many designs show their South American influence that has already been integrated into handbags, clothing, and other accessories. The current trend for flip-flops is a small heel with an ankle strap, possibly including a rhinestone buckle. Keep in mind that your feet will be the center of attention when wearing an open-toed shoe, so be sure to keep your pedicure up to date.

A good buy can also be had this summer on ballet flats, in anything from plain and sweet to leopard print. You can go from the boardwalk to the boardroom in these shoes and still look great, and the best part is you really will be able to wear them everywhere because a shoe of such simple construction is exceptionally comfortable. These shoes provide the versatility to be worn literally anywhere, as either casual or business attire. They can make you imagine yourself a demure princess or a graceful ballerina as you slip your feet into them.

A low-key style that bridges the gap between complete practicality and sexy femininity is sling-back flats. A prerequisite of any great summer shoe is that it can be worn with anything from a business suit to shorts and a tank top or peasant blouse. The popularity of last summer's big hit, espadrille sandals, continues this season as well. For a look with staying power, try pairing this shoe's sexy style with a cork or bamboo wedge heel. This type of shoe, with a solid heel construction, provides great support and will enable you to wear them all day long in comfort. This style of shoe is available in canvas, cotton, linen, and a variety of other materials, so you're sure to find a color and style that pleases.

Well, there's a good start for the summer season-you're sure to find some great shoes that won't require a home equity loan but will still be great looking and comfortable. Let your feet to the walking AND the talking during this carefree time of the year.

by: Vince Nitti