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Sex and the City Movie

While I was in Mexico I had the pleasure of seeing the Sex and the City Movie. I know there were mixed reviews of the movie, but if you enjoyed the show you will like the movie. It was basically like watching an entire season of Sex and the City in one siting. For me the best part of the movie was the clothing. Patricia Fields knows how to dress a movie. I, like probably every other woman who has seen the movie, am currently coveting Carrie's Dior Cutout sandals! I love that she pairs them with the soft floral dress and jacket. The juxtaposition's of the soft and hard is great. What's not great is the $780 price tag associated with the shoes.Also if we are being realistic (I know... who wants to be realistic about shoes?) the heel on those Dior's is a bit terrifying for me. So even if I won the lotto and could afford them I probably couldn't walk very far in them. This Delusional Fashionista knows her limits with Stilettos and she is no Carrie Bradshaw. So I set out to find a similar pair for much less $ and a more comfortable shoe for walking in. Here is what I have come up with so far.

Steve Madden Max II on Zappo's for $115

This pair is a pretty good knock off of the original Dior pair. The grommets are a bit different but I am pretty impressed with how similar they are.

I also found this pair from BCBG:

BCBG Nickole on Zappos for $99

This pair is more inpired by the Dior shoes. I like them because they are under $100 (just barely) But they also dip down lower in the front creating a more elongated look for your leg, rather than chopping you off at the ankle. It is a good option for those thicker legged ladies out there like myself. It does have staggering 4" heel making it almost as high as the original Dior.

Lastly I found these Nine West for $93. This pair a sturdier looking heal and a similar shape minus the grommeting. I miss the grommets though, don't you?
Nine West Zanja on Zappos for $93