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Petite Feet (No Binding Required)

We've had some new shoes in from LA-based Restricted and we're full of glee -- beaming, cackling shoe-glee. What we love about them is manifold:

(1) we've stocked a range of heel heights from 3-1/2" down to flats, which gives everyone a wide range of options.

(2) Texture mashing: snakeskin-stamped patent leather? Love. The syrupy gloss of the patent is chopped up by the stamped scales creating a lovely push and pull between skin and gloss, pattern and depth.

(3) (and most important!) They make your feet look smaller through some cobbly prestidigitation. Every shoe has a treatment near the very front of the toe box -- satin flowers, suede bows, patent double buckles -- that draws attention away from the length of the shoe and make the front of your foot appear shorter and more petite.

A perfect example of the is the Elite in black and red (pictured): the maryjane-inspired straps have been slid to the very front of the shoe, obscuring a rounded snub toe and making your feet appear more diminutive.

One of our absolute favorites is the Royalty, available in black and camel. It's a complex shoe that could easily fall into the realm of the overdone, but this one pulls up just shy. A silver footbed is swathed in black patent leather stamped with snakeskin.

Two subtle pleats both at the foot front and heel provide that signature Restricted distraction while echoing the 3-1/2" funnel heel.